Blood Oath by Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare

Reviewed by Ericka

I loved this book more that I thought I would. It is labeled as Y.A. but not once did I think that I was reading a Y.A. book. It was dark, gritty, and on much deeper level than you would expect.

Ryn is a peasant that is lives in a kingdom that is under the rule of a ruthless king that has the people living in harsh and devastating situations. Irrik is the King’s Drae (dragon)and was bound to the King years before. His only duty is to carry out whatever ruthless order that the king gives without giving any thought to it. Ryn gets caught up and is mistaken as a rebel. Irrik notices Ryn and sees something special in her. Something that makes him question everything he was sworn to destroy.

This was not a light read. It is quick but not light. The normal Y.A. elements that are sanitized for a younger audience was evident in this story. It read as if I was reaching the adult audience. Don’t get attached because the author clearly does not mind killing off characters. It had torture and deception in its purest form (which I love). The betrayals will tug at your heart. Reading this really was like riding a roller coaster. In the beginning it does have a slow start but it doesn’t last long. This is more of a fantasy than a shape shifting romance. It is full of magic and dragons. That is a really good combo. It does have a trope that I personally do not like which is love triangles but it only fits when there is an exception. This love triangle fits the exception. That is all I can say on that note.

Ryn is such a likable character. She does have some growing up to do but it is expected of her to act certain ways. She can get a bit frustrating to read just a little. However, she is a strong character and I enjoyed her. Irrik is just a tortured soul and my heart broke for him. He is rumored to be able to be able to block out the light from the moon with his wings and devour anyone caught out after curfew. He can also control anyone with just a thought. Everyone trembles at just the thought of the king’s dragon. The King is the definition of a tyrant. He steals power from the healers to make himself immortal and forces his kingdom to live on the brink of starvation. There is a strict curfew that he forces and has his Drae surveillance the night.

The world building was great. I felt like it only gave glimpses of what this world is really like.It is not as complex as a high fantasy but there are elements of the world that you can get lost in. It also some comedic elements as well.

Rating B+

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Blood Oath
by Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare
Release Date: November 9, 2017

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