Review: Hate You Less by Aubrey Wright

Reviewed by Ericka

I probably should have paid attention to the ratings for this book but I really wanted to give it the benefit of doubt. The synopsis was vague and good, but it all was a good click-bait.

Rick and Anne were high school sweethearts that everyone thought would stay together long after high school, including Anne. After Rick pulled a really dick move by taking her virginity and leaving suddenly, Anne feels devastated and is left with a broken heart. Years later, Anne and Rick are back in town for Rick’s little sister wedding which is also Anne’s best friend.

This was predictable on so many levels. There were some plot points that left no understanding to what was going on. Especially the reason behind Rick leaving. Early on, you discover that there really wasn’t a reason. It raised so many questions that never really got answered. Since this is a standalone, there will never be any answers, which is frustrating. The two main characters were definitely overshadowed by the secondary characters. Honestly, Jess was the most likable character out of all of them.

The slow burn that is described for Anne and Rick was not a slow burn. Anne needed to give herself more credit and keep herself in check. She gave in too easily and too early on. The tension was obviously there, but neither one of them took the time out to really talk about what happened with the both of them and how they felt. Especially Anne. The only chemistry that they shared was how they worked together on the whole situation involving his sister and her fiance.

The plot of the story was easy to figure out early on. There was no anticipation or waiting for the moment for things to finally click into place. The only thing that was worth waiting for was the end result. Also it was so repetitive with using the word “prick” as a person and to describe his member. There are plenty of other adjectives to use.

I have read my fair share of second chance novels and this one has got to be at the very bottom.

Rating D+

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Hate You Less
by Aubrey Wright
Release Date: January 8, 2019

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