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This is my third Mariana Zapata book, so I feel like I’m kind of an expert. I’ve read Kulti and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, and I’ll gladly say I enjoyed them immensely. When I heard a new book was out, I very eagerly picked it up and these are some of my thoughts.

As we’ve previously discussed, I consider myself an expert in her work, with this book, I’ve begun to notice a pattern with her male main characters. They’re big. I mean, very large men and that in an of itself is not a problem. When it becomes a tad disconcerting is in the way she describes them. They have ‘ham’ sized fists, their legs are like tree trunks, their clothes are always about to burst due to their size and it honestly just feels a little uncomfortable.

Especially considering that the female main character/love interest is usually normal sized or petite. I want to understand the logistics of this relationship and the picture forming in my head seems very weird. I feel bad for the tiny women that have to have sex with these self admitted giants. I’m also shocked that none of them have died or even passed out dealing with these fairy tale giants.

The last thing I’m going to say is that the author has a very keen interest or fetish about large men (and to each their own) and once you’ve read a couple of her books and notice the pattern, it becomes just a smidge off. 

Now back to the book. I really loved Luna, the protagonist. She is so compassionate and selfless and full of love and she’s too good for this world, honestly. After being abused by her parents, she took in her three younger sisters when she was no more than a baby herself, raised them and ensured they became functioning members of society.

On that note, there is nothing more annoying to me than an ingrate. Her sisters, two out of three were the worst. How do I sacrifice all I have for you and they way you pay me is to go back to our abusive parents behind my back and distance yourself from me. WHAT!!!!!!! Luna is too good for this world guys. 

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Luna and the Lie
by Mariana Zapata
Release Date: December 12, 2018

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