Review: Circle of the Moon by Faith Hunter

Reviewed by Jen

Faith Hunter is such a master craftsman of urban fantasy. All of her books in her Jane Yellowrock/Soulwood world are just so dense and layered… in plot, in backstory, and in the characters. The Soulwood books are the spinoffs and if you have not read Dark Queen, the latest Yellowrock book, be prepared for some spoilers because there is some overlap.

Nell, our heroine, has grown so much over the course of this series. She started off as this— I don’t want to say backward, but off-grid woman who has never known I truly modern life. She grew up as part of a polygamist cult and lives in the middle of the woods in a house off the power and water lines. But while she may never truly be free of her upbringing and the impact of its effects, she has now embraced a lot of the modern world in her job as a probationary Psy-Led agent. Not only that, she is bringing her sister, Mud, along with her. Nell is working towards adopting the 12-year-old, but has to make a few more changes to her lifestyle in order for that to happen.

In the meantime, she is continuing to develop a relationship with Occam and I absolutely adore these two together. Occam is really the perfect hero for her. He is so respectful and patient and willing to be beta to her alpha, to let her set all of the terms of their relationship so that she can feel comfortable with it. It is just lovely.

And while this budding romance wrapped up a lot of my heartstrings, believe it or not, the real star of this story is Rick Lefleur. I hated Rick so much in the Jane Yellowrock books, that in conversation about him I would call him Rick the Dick. I thought I would never be able to have any sympathy for him at all, but it is amazing how the different perspective from a different narrator changes how I feel about him. I would never, never want him with Jane. And I hate him through her lens. But through Nell’s eyes, he is actually quite tragic.

Someone or something is targeting Rick or maybe Rick is just getting caught in the crosshairs, but either way something is making him lose control of his cat. Something is aging him. And Nell and her coworkers need to dig deep into Rick’s past to try to solve the mystery. We learn more details about things we’ve been introduced to in previous books and novellas, but a much more complete picture of Rick is painted here than ever before. And I’ll admit, I’m kind of sad for him.

The book features some great love to hate villains. Not only in Rick’s past, but with Nell’s old church as well.

Awesome secondary characters, as always, from the other members of the Psy Led team, to Yummy and Ming’s vampires, Nell’s family, and even a few new faces.

A very very well-crafted book, with the amazing detail I’ve come to expect from Faith Hunter. A lot of threads here, but I was able to follow it better than some of the more intricate Jane Yellowrock books from the past. Overall, a fantastic book and I am so glad there is at least another one still to come in this series. I highly recommend.

Rating: A

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Circle of the Moon
by Faith Hunter
Release Date: February 26, 2019
Publisher: Ace

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