Review: His Rock by Ashlee Price

Reviewed by Debz

I made myself a New Year’s resolution to be more selective with the books I pick up and spend my hard earned money on. So I don’t know how this hot mess happened. The first month of this year was a very hard one for me, if you look closely, you will see that I have not posted many reviews since December. I went into a depression and anxiety fueled spiral and I just hated the world. You need to see the review I wrote on this book during that time. It was filled with words like shit, nitwit, dumbass, idiot…..I just went to town cursing the characters and the author that wrote them. After reading it, I decided that this author shouldn’t bear the brunt of my depression and decided to delete the review and re-read the book when I got better.

I can tell you now that after a 2nd read, this book doesn’t fare any better. I just now have the presence of mind not to curse and burn the house down. The premise and blurb drew me into the book and it still sounds interesting. A world class swimmer agrees to be on a show where he is married to a stranger for 7 days and they complete tasks and have fun. At the end of the show, they get a divorce and go their separate ways. However, the contestants fall in love and live happily ever after. Sounds new right!!!!!! WRONG.

The author packed as many clichéd tropes as she could into this short length novel and it was exhausting to jump through all of them. First, the female protagonist Lena is an executive for the show and she gets drafted into this show against her will after the actual contestant gets into an unspecified accident that conveniently never gets mentioned again.

Secondly, she’s a virgin and decides that she doesn’t want to have sex with the male lead and her co-star Riley on the show. This makes sense; she literally just met him and he makes it clear he was to have non-committal sex with her. After letting Riley know about her decision, she decides to start flip flopping with her emotions and getting angry and sad if he doesn’t behave like he’s in love with her. Pssstttt Riley!!!!! You met him on TV a couple days ago??? Why are you like this sis???

This should come as no surprise to you now, but she caved and had sex with him and then was unceremoniously dumped on live TV. As if that was not enough, she fell pregnant, because how else were we supposed to progress this ridiculous plot? Hold on to your horses guys, we’re not done. Not only is she pregnant, the divorce papers she signed were invalid because, get it…the production assistant just gave them  fake divorce papers from the show next door. Oh my God. At this point, I know you’re wondering why I was still reading this book. But it’s basically a train wreck you can’t help but watch.

I’m not finished with the whiplash inducing storylines though; we then find out that Riley is secretly the son of a very wealthy billionaire who forces him to give up his swimming career to run the business. This leads to a weird but shittier Fifty Shades of Grey type of situation where Riley becomes an obnoxious, domineering asshole who basically kidnaps Lena and locks her up in a room in his house to become his wife and sex slave, forever, I assume.

But that’s not all. There is another woman. Riley’s best friend’s younger sister who always thought that she would get married to him and tries her absolute best to sabotage the relationship. It even involves some light kidnapping if you can believe it.

I swear I’ve not even listed all the different directions this book went to, but I’m exhausted now. If you’re looking for an unintentional laugh or if you’re frustrated with the world and need fictional characters to take out your frustrations on, this is the book for you. Happy reading lol. 

I totally know I should have DNF’d this. It’s my fault.

Rating: F

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His Rock
by Ashlee Price
Release Date: December 27, 2018


  1. Fab review – it made me smile. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill. Hugs!

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