Review: Moonsworn by Amber Renard

Reviewed by Jen

It has been a while since I read a good shifter PNR and this debut from Amber Renard delivered in spades. It features a dominant, headstrong heroine and an equally dominant, headstrong hero. You can see right away where the conflict will come in.

Kel is heir to her father’s werewolf pack, Steel Valley, but she does not live with them. Instead she is just finishing up her training as a veterinarian. It is her dream to serve as a doctor to the supernaturals in the area. Of course, the school she has to attend is not exactly in her own backyard. It is in the backyard of the neighboring pack, the Pine Richland Wolves, and she had to get permission to be there under somewhat false pretenses. She pretends to be a barren lone wolf and she barters her medical abilities to stay there long enough to finish her education.

No one from the Pine Richland Pack ever cashes in on the deal until one of their own gets ambushed and they need Kel to treat him. Tavis is the wolf who brings the injured Ben to her door and he is the Pine Richland heir.  Right away, there are two problems. There is something unusual about the nature of the injured wolf’s gunshots, and the Alpha of Tavis’s pack puts a moon curse on Kel. If Ben dies, Tavis will take Kel’s life.

Obviously, things go south. The only way to get around the curse is to create a bond Tavis cannot break. A mating bond. From there, they must work together to figure out who targeted Ben and is trying to exterminate supernaturals in the area.

It’s a pretty good mystery that unfolds, but at the forefront of the story is the relationship between Kel and Tavis and their respective places among their packs. Kel is not exactly what the stereotypical female wolf is in the hierarchy and both packs struggle with it, Pine Richland in particular. In fact, her dominance is hard for Tavis as well. Thankfully, the bond helps with that. Some.

I don’t want to spoil too much. It is a fun ride and I enjoyed watching these to figure out their places, both as wolves and as a couple. The mystery arc is resolved well and I look forward to more in the series, seeing how these two fair and delving into the next romance.

Would read from this author again.

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by Amber Renard
Release Date: February 20, 2019
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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