Review: My Life With the Movie Star by Meaghan Hoffmann

Reviewed by Debz

After taking about a month to read this, the one word I can use to summarize this story is juvenile. I feel like the author was confused; she couldn’t figure out whether the characters were full grown adults or teenagers, and I could just feel that confusion throughout the book. The characters were in their early twenties but acted like teenagers, or even preteens.

The books follows the life of Abby Smith (very hard to remember by the way, it just blends into the pages), a young 20 something career woman living in Midwest America when she meets and falls in love with Grayson Edwards, the current heartthrob and star of Texas High

I felt like they never had time to even connect on an emotional and intellectual level, so it was hard for me to believe the love I was being sold. I’ve read so many of these type of books that I have come to expect a certain threshold of maturity from the heroine, especially when she’s the normal one getting into a relationship with a public figure. 

The author made sure to tell us frequently that Abby loved Grayson in spite of his fame, but that was the classic case of telling and not showing. I didn’t feel like the relationship was that of two people who fell in love, but that of a lady meeting a cute guy, finding out that he’s a celebrity and falling in love with him.

I also had problems with the secondary characters. They all felt one dimensional to me. Even the mean girls, I’ll be hard pressed to differentiate them from each other. It was as if the author needed a couple plots to go into the book and created these characters to ONLY establish those plot points. I didn’t connect with anyone really, even the best friend, Lisa. There was no back story. At first, there were three casual girlfriends hanging out, suddenly one becomes a psycho and the other becomes the best friend. It was not believable. 

Now let’s get into the main conflict. Without giving away too many spoilers, Abby is accused of using Grey for notoriety and fame. When he finds out, he doesn’t even ask for her explanation and just kicks her out. He changes his number and email and just completely ghosts her. That, for sure, is prime dick move. Any rational woman after clearing her name should forget such a douche and Abby seemed like she was going to be a rational person. Alas, all was for naught. After the barest of bare apologies, she takes him back in front of the guy she was supposed to have moved on with. In short, they deserve each other. Ugh…

I was frustrated that the story building especially for the identity theft situation was very weak. It started out strong and could have been the star plot point of the book, but the author just dropped the ball and wrapped everything quickly. I’m left with feelings of what could have been and disappointment. 

Something so random happened in this book that made me chuckle. As I stated previously, the hero is the star of the teenage romantic movie Texas High and in one chapter, Abby begins to read the novels that inspire the movie once she gets into a relationship. We’re reading this book and suddenly we’re also reading chapter 1 of Texas High. I was so confused and skipped it. This book was not interesting enough to make me want to read a chapter from a fictional book inside a fictional universe. She could have skipped all those pages and beefed up the identity theft allegations more.

Finally, even with all my frustrations, this is the Author’s first book and I’m not going to begrudge her of her success. Not many people get to this stage and I congratulate her. I just hope this book becomes a stepping stone for her to write many more better crafted and developed romances in the future. 

Rating: D

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My Life With the Movie Star
by Meaghan Hoffmann
Release Date: December 4, 2011

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