Review: Not Fade Away by SE Jakes

Reviewed by Jen

SE Jakes takes the best of what the Hell or Highwater series has to offer and gives it to readers in one undiluted dose in this little slice-of-life novella. This is set after the events of book three, but it doesn’t get into any of the complicated series arc or backstory, and it doesn’t feature the enormous cast of characters. Just Tom and Prophet, loving, fighting, fu—well, you get the idea.

The story begins with the couple reminiscing about a sex-tacular game of truth or dare they played after the events of book two. But as usual, Tommy is looking for new nuggets about the hidden truths of Prophet’s life. In particular, he wants to know the favors Prophet does for Mal. If you’ve read Mal’s book, you know all about his penchant for BDSM clubs. Apparently, Prophet takes him there sometimes. It’s not sexual for Prophet—he just wants to make sure his friend doesn’t go too far down the rabbit hole.

From there, Tom gets it into his head to visit on of those clubs himself, and you can guess out that plays out with these two.

There’s a lot of sex in these four chapters. But there is also a continued deepening of trust, understanding, and acceptance between these two. I think fans of the series would enjoy it, especially knowing that they can jump into book four, now that it’s available for a deeper dive.

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Not Fade Away
by SE Jakes
Release Date: August 18, 2014
Publisher: Riptide

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