Review: Queen Alpha by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone

Reviewed by Debz

These books are so seamless, I swear you could just read them as one book. There’s virtually no time lapse between the end of the first book and the beginning of the second. 

Arianna as the new Queen of the wolves has to delve deeper into the death of the Red Queen because it seems like their new foe, the fae, have plans to take over the earth in order to gain and control the powers of the Mecca used by the shifters.

She also has to balance being Queen and dealing with the outdated Council of elders who would stifle her powers with being a sister/mother to her baby sister Winne. She also has to figure out how to train and plan with Kade, King of the bear shifters, while disregarding her growing feelings towards him. Mainly this book was about growth and it didn’t disappoint me.

We get to see more of the side characters here, from Kades’ family, to Winne (who I absolutely adore) to best friend Violet and Arianna’s inner circle. Every character is unique and brings something to the table.

Even though Arianna won the Queen games fair and square, they gave her fiercest rival and enemy, Selene, the title of spare Queen in case anything happened to Arianna, and you can bet for damn sure she tried her best to make sure something happened.

Most of the story centers on Arianna trying to control her affinity with the Mecca to make sure she doesn’t get killed and planning the annual festival of both shifter clans. She still has to figure out what the fae want on earth and defeat them.

If I was Arianna, I would be exhausted on a daily basis. Like no one gave this girl breathing space in this whole series. She always had fires to put out, one after the other and she was bad ass about it.

During the festival, everything comes to head because Selene sets Arianna and Kade up, captures them making out, and gives a faery army entrance into the festival, causing a blood bath of the shifters all to gain a crown. Once the Council finds out about her forbidden feelings for Kade, she is stripped of her Queen-ship and immediately banned from the lands occupied by the wolves. She then moves in with Kade and the complete betrayal by her people  give her the push she needed to pursue her relationship with Kade and I think it was perfect.

I do think it was telling how it was easier for the bear shifters to accept that their King was in love and mated with a wolf shifter than the wolves. It just reminded me that although the women in the wolves clan and ergo the Queen had more powers, a secret gang of old men were still running the show. 

In their Quest to get Arianna back her crown, they discover that the shifters were never meant to be separated but were meant to intermarry hence the Queen of Wolves and King of Bears thing. 

After the faery attack on the shifters, Arianna’s best friend and witch/shifter Violet is kidnapped and Arianna vows to get her back. I loved that it ended on this note because you cannot resist reading the next book to find out the fate of Selene and Violet. 

Again, I really liked this book as well. It started off slow and shit got real at the end. I liked the pacing. It didn’t make me feel rushed or cheated. Again, I loved Arianna’s little sister Winne and I would adopt her if anyone was willing to conjure and send her to me. 

Rating: A- (just so I don’t seem like too much of a fangirl)

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Queen Alpha
by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone
Release Date: January 30, 2017

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