Review: Storm the Castle by Jolie Vines

Reviewed by Jen

I’m so incredibly proud and excited for Jolie Vines as her first book goes out into the world. As a romance lover, I’ve read tons of books with a Highland hero, but interestingly, almost all of them were historical or involved time travel. This is my first contemporary Highlander and Callum gave me everything I wanted.

As the story begins, Mathilda is contemplating marriage to her father’s business partner. Not because she loves him—she barely knows the man. But she desperately wants to build a home where she can invite her sister to come live, and her father would only allow it if she were married and could provide a stable environment. Her younger sister has a terrible home-life with her parents and Mathilda feels she is the only one who can save her. The would-be fiancé needs her as much as she needs him, to help him with some personal PR.

Anyway, she’s not looking for a relationship when she meets Callum, but sometimes, the best things in life are surprises. The hulking Scot is a laird of his own castle, raising his two teenage brothers, and he is instantly struck by the mutual attraction to Mathilda. He becomes quickly intent on wooing her, all as he struggles to save his estate…one in dire straits, largely because Mathilda’s own father has reneged on a business deal with him. Obviously, things are complicated.

As I said, Callum is a marvelous hero. He is sexy and strong, but more importantly, so loyal and steady. Though he isn’t perfect, he tries to be. He puts the people he loves first, and even though he’s under 30, he is a father figure to all the young men around him. Of course, Mathilda can’t help but fall for him.

The heroine has the same kind of loyalty…albeit to her sister. But I appreciate the fact that she is honest from the beginning with Callum and I never had to wait for a big secret to blow up in her face.

Great secondary characters have me excited to keep reading: especially James and Beth in the next book. (Is she a little older than he is? I’m curious. –And I want to know about those scars.) I’m also wondering if Ally and Scarlet might have their own book when they get a bit older. Lots of breadcrumbs to follow, but don’t worry, this book will give you a complete and satisfying HEA.

*ARC provided by author

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Storm the Castle
by Jolie Vines
Release Date: March 14, 2019

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