Review: Wild Country by Anne Bishop

Reviewed by Jen

When Ann Bishop kicked off The Others series, I was so blown away by how much I loved Written in Red. As new installments published, I enjoyed some more than others. Generally, the earlier books were my favorites. While I think I liked this book more than I expected, it didn’t enthrall me quite so much as this series is capable of. Don’t get me wrong. It was good. It was just missing the kind of connection you get from a strong central main character.

I would say all of the Bishop of books I have read were ensemble pieces. But, I still felt like I knew who the story was mainly about. Generally, the first part of the series was about Meg. Lake Silence was primarily about Vicki. Here, I couldn’t tell you who the lead is. Maybe Jana (?) the new police officer who has come to the town of Bennett to serve under a wolf Sheriff. She’s probably the closest, although her POV scenes only make up a fraction of the book. The characters are interesting and eclectic, and they all weave together for a cohesive story, but I was missing some of my emotional investment.

This book takes place in a different town they open the first spin off does and is a little further back in the timeline of the series than that book is. If you go in knowing that, I don’t think you will be confused, but it is an interesting choice on the author’s part you go back and revisit the events of Etched in Bone from another perspective.

This is one of the towns essentially wiped away of humans by the elders and now Tolya Sanguinati is responsible for working out whether it can exist as a highbred place for humans to live alongside with the terra indigene. It features a wolfguard sheriff, Virgil, and his brother Kane, along with a new Harvester who is trying to control her powers while opening a frontier-style saloon. You may remember Barb, the sister of the cop from the original series who got placed somewhere safe. Bennett is that place and she is featured prominently. All these folks along with some Intuit people are just trying to feel their way through making a life together. The foil comes in the form of an outlaw group determined to make a haven for themselves.

There is a tiny romance thread, but it is indeed tiny. Because with so many characters taking a turn at the microphone, it’s a small piece of an already small piece of the pie. But what the book lacks in a deep connection to one character, it makes up for in it’s outstanding worldbuilding. We get such a great cross section of Others here and Bishop does an amazing job really fleshing out the various terra indigene. As always, their “otherness” makes the books sing.

Worth reading, for sure. But it for me, it felt like the one-off it is.

Rating: B

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Wild Country
by Anne Bishop
Release Date: March 5, 2019
Publisher: Ace

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