Review: At His Lady’s Command by Nicola Davidson

Reviewed by Caitlin

I have been waiting for the story of the 38-year-old sexually-experienced domme and her very muscular, very masculine submissive lover. Life got in the way a bit – new job, moved to a new place, etc – but when I finally had time to sit down and read this novella, I was thrilled to find it was worth the wait.

Lady Portia Butler is the founder of the Surrey Sexual Freedom Society (or Surrey SFS) and has enjoyed a life of relative freedom for a women in the Regency era. But her brother has the title now, and he is not nearly as open-minded about a woman’s place in Society as their father was. He insists she marry a peer or lose her income. And she will most definitely lose her bodyguard, Captain Randall Denham.

Randall has been secretly in love with Lady Portia for years. A military man who retired after 25 years of service, Randall is a, well, fan of taking orders. And Lady Portia, an iconoclast who enjoys making waves, certainly knows how to give them. He adores her strength, her brash opinions, and her various charitable works. When her brother asks him to spy on her, Randall doesn’t even consider the idea.

Lady Portia only realizes her lust for Randall might not be so one-sided when her brother makes his awful pronouncement, and so begins an affair they both know must end. But Randall has secrets, and Lady Portia is learning that she might not be so opposed to marriage after all – as long as it’s with the right man.

Davidson is such an entertaining writer. I always giggle at the playfulness of her love scenes, and I’m always grinning about how much fun I’m having reading her books. It’s like she’s found a series of tropes I never knew I needed and made them as good a time as possible to read. I love Captain Randall. I love Lady Portia. I love that they found their HEA.

The way to their HEA might be a bit of a deus ex machina, but I don’t care. I was squeeing too hard when it happened. Some characters you root for no matter what. It’s why I read romance.

Rating: A-

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At His Lady’s Command
by Nicola Davidson
Release Date: January 3, 2019

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