Review: Breaking His Rules by Aliza Mann

Reviewed by Debz

So, I just started using my twitter to get more book recommendations and not just to troll/hype my friends and I’ve newly gotten super immersed into romancelandia on twitter. It has been a hot mess month there guys, a hot mess. However, I was still able to get book recommendations from authors and book bloggers and this is my first foray into a book  I saw solely on twitter. 

First thing I have to say is that it feels like the author is my friend. I have never met or spoken to her before, but she and the book sounds like a conversation I’m having with my friends. The words used and the tone just seem so familiar to me and I dig it.

This book is about Terra and Ashton and their road to happy ever after (super obvs Debz). Ashton is a playboy with an expired British accent who has rules for his form of dating/man-whore shenanigans. His very clear on not letting  any of his flings get into his heart, or even his memory. Honestly, he preys (in the most non-rapey way possible) on newly divorced and depressed women and is living the life. He frequents an upscale restaurant for his exploits and that is where he meets Terra.

Their meet cute is super cliché but still cute. While prowling for women as he is wont to, he notices and hears the conversation of the couple close by with a super smarmy man and a super good looking lady and he very reluctantly decides to help. He pretends to be a long lost friend and pulls her out of the awkward situation. They go on to have drinks and he propositions her like the man-whore he is LOL. She declines, she tries to leave and mistakenly punches him in the nose and from then on, a grand romance is born. 

I found it super interesting how both characters were very convinced they didn’t want relationships because of their past experiences but still fell into bed and a relationship with each other so quickly. I’m not super sure about the timeline for the first 75% of the book but I’m kinda sure everything took place within a month…….and MAN did things happen.

They were a good couple, I have to admit. I feel like they complemented each other very well. She helped him deal with his abandonment and Daddy issues. He, on the other hand, gave her the love, stability and structure she needed and he even got a bullet in the chest for all his effort (read the book for more context LOL).

Although they fell into a relationship pretty quickly, and spent most of the formative period of their relationship having sex everywhere, the author is very capable in showing the journey from strangers to reluctant friends with benefits to a couple. The banter was super witty and zingy and the cast of side characters present both real and in memories made a rich and robust background to the love story. I liked it.  

I enjoyed this book overall. It wasn’t anything spectacular or novel, but it was a good read. We finally got some sun and warmth this week and it was very relaxing for me to read this book while topping up my melanin on the balcony.  I would definitely recommend. 

Rating: B- (perfect for those very few warm spring days)

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Breaking His Rules
by Aliza Mann
Release Date: April 2, 2019
Publisher: Loveswept

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