Review: Fatal Reckoning by Marie Force

Reviewed by Debz

I knew this was going to be a tearjerker and man did it deliver. I don’t think I stopped crying for the first half of this book, but I would totally read it again and again. It was exceptional as expected.

In this installment of the Fatal series, Sam finally gets to close the case of the person who shot, paralyzed, and ultimately killed her father, Skip Holland. It was not rocket science to guess that Skip would ultimately die in one of the books and the author made it clear about 5 months ago that this was the book it would happen, but I was still floored when I read it. It really put me through the wringer and I enjoyed so much. (I’m a sucker for pain.)

Skip’s death was awful, but what came after was just as heart breaking. Having to make the decision to accept and enforce a DNR when there’s a slim chance your loved one could have lived for a little bit longer must be traumatic. Having to watch your father basically die in front of you and not be able to do anything must be traumatic. I applaud the Author’s ability to express these emotions so clearly that I felt that I, too, witnessed his death.

The funeral was so poignant and the DC Metro Police Department really went all out for Skip, who died (ultimately) on the job. The solidarity of the officers in the DC area and nationwide during the funeral must have been a sight and slight comfort for his family.

I want to cautiously address an issue I had with all the pageantry that happened before and during the funeral. I kinda felt that the reverence given to police officers sometimes goes just a smidge over the top. This is due to the fact that as a minority, I know that people who look like me don’t really have the best interactions with the police, especially in America. So the deifying of the brotherhood and sisterhood of the men in blue and talk of the thin blue line wasn’t particularly to my taste. It just highlighted the fact that many police officers think of themselves as a sacred collective and would rather cover up their wrongdoings and unjustified used of force due to this brotherhood bond they share. That’s it. Rant over…..

I think that the author understood that whilst many police officers have the best intentions, there are a few bad apples (I absolutely detest this saying by the way) that make the police force as flawed and human as any other institution. That’s why, in my opinion, she went the way she did with the culprit of Skips’ homicide. I think she wanted to highlight the fact that whilst there are extremely good officers in the force, serving their communities with their lives on the line, the police force is not infallible. There are and will always be the bad, sketchy, power hungry and shady cops who would betray their so called brothers and sisters for the smallest thing. I really appreciate that.

In the book before this, Sam and Nick kinda sorta took in twins after the brutal murder of their parents and the status of their relationship with Sam and Nick was not clarified. In this book, we get to see the twins or ‘littles’ get settled into the Cappuano household permanently. The opposition from the other party due to the added secret service costs for protecting the twins seemed like a weird argument to me, but with the way politics is going in the world right now, it seems like the kind of petty thing some people would decide to nitpick. I was not surprised is what I’m saying. Not at all surprised.

I think Sam is super blessed with the best family consisting of her friends, co-workers and actual relatives. They are showed up and showed out when she needed them and I hope to have and keep such a group of friends with me as I grow older.

The culprits in this book came out of left field for me. A close superior  and family friend of Sam’s turned of to be one of the men responsible for her father’s death and honestly I was super shocked. I could not have guessed that he wasn’t on the straight and narrow from all the previous books I’ve read. It was super impactful, though. It hurts more when the person betraying you is someone you know rather than some random stranger, so I get the reasoning behind the author’s decision.

I didn’t plan on reading this book in one sitting. I had every plan on savoring the emotions by reading it chapter by chapter, but by the time I remembered to curtail myself, I was done with it. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. LOL

Rating: A (superb!!!! Must read)

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Fatal Reckoning
by Marie Force
Release Date: March 26, 2019
Publisher: HQN Books

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