Review: Gods and Monsters by Saffron Kent

Reviewed by Ericka

I’ve only read two books by this author recently and this one is in a different ballpark than those. I didn’t really know what to expect of this story. It was darker and intense. It is a coming of age story that shows characters that are flawed and strong. The growth was probably my favorite part because I love to see how the characters move on from haunting pasts.

Able and Evie’s journey began when Evie was twelve. She was considered the town princess. Able was fourteen and the two developed a friendship. Able was everyone’s villain but Evie saw something else in him. Before I get more into the review I want to point out that this is not an exactly healthy relationship and there are some problematic situations. For these type of stories the writing saves the characters because it is interesting to see how they get out of certain situations and how it is made justifiable.

The relationship started out as friends when they were younger and it turned into a really intense “love”. I feel like they really did love each other but it was where it turned into more obsessive and a need. As they got older it only got more problematic. Every problem was fixed with sex instead of talking it over and at the end of the day nothing really gets resolved. Some readers may see this as some trigger warnings because it got to where it seemed like rape almost. They both have a lot of self re-evaluating to do. I think that this would definitely be a hit or miss with readers. Evie didn’t do show a lot of “gowth” towards the second half of the story. The first part I could understand because she was twelve but I did expect more from her. I did want Able to have a happy life. He was held accountable for things that his parents did which he had no control over.

I really did enjoy reading this story considering everything else. It was good that the author decided to take a few risks with the characters and the overall story arc. Just like her previous books, the writing was the best part! Her unique writing style is filled with passion and lures the reader in. You can really tell how much thought and time that is put into the characters and the story. There isn’t much that I could tell without giving away spoilers for the plot but I will say that is unpredictable. The things that were happening I had no clue or didn’t even think that certain things would happen.

I would recommend this book but keep in mind that there are some trigger warnings and a lot of intense problematic situations in the relationship.

Rating B-

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Gods & Monsters
by Saffron A Kent
Release Date: February 22, 2018

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