Review: Queen Fae by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve

Reviewed by Debz

It has taken me a hot minute to get back into rereading this book for the umpteenth time just for this review, so sorry for the delay. After reading so many books with espionage, fantasy, suspense and the very intense fear on my part that a character I love would die, I have to take a break and watch a bubblegum drama or read a romantic comedy. 

If you’ve read the last two books with me, you would know that the last book ended with Violet, Arianna’s best friend being kidnapped by the Fae and now Arianna, Kade and co have journeyed through the veil to the Fae kingdoms to find her. 

Most of this book is the journey through the Fae lands to get to the winter court and rescue Violet. It honestly reads like an episode of Game of Thrones (or at least what I assume an episode of GOT is about seeing as I’ve not come round to watching it). They have to wear disguises to make sure they are not found out as humans and batter with trolls and brownies and ogres. It is such good, suspenseful fun and I was at the edge of my seat praying they don’t get caught before they reached their destination. 

They were aided by the people from the Summer court, and it was nice to see them form friendships with some of the fae. Not all of the Fae were bad people. On getting into the Winter court, Arianna is thrown into jail for one thing or the other and she finds out that the baddies from the winter court are her family and that she is half Fae. This doesn’t stop the Winter Royal Family from trying to kill her though. Now they’ve doubled down on wanting to take over the earth side of the Mecca as well.

We also find out why Violet has been kidnapped. The Winter Royal Family need her to help then unlock some powers into the Winter Queen in order to kick start this stupid war they’re bent on starting. Violet informs Arianna that this secret power about to be used to fuel this war is actually her Far half and through some ingenious maneuvering, they are able to not only save Violet, but also get back Arianna’s powers. 

While Arianna and Violet are on one side of the Fae Kingdom, we get some information on Kade’s older brother who disappeared a while ago. We find out that he got stuck in the fae kingdom after finding his mate and could not come back. It was so sweet to get such good news in the midst of all the shit show going down in the Fae Kingdom. 

After getting back to the normal world, it was time to face Selene and her spineless scheming and get back the throne and prepare for the upcoming war with the Winter Kingdom. Imagine having to tell shifters (bear and wolves alike) not to fight each other and rather fight the Fae wile you are so very obviously half Fae (with pointed ears and everything). It was an ordeal. 

I also appreciate the fact that the Authors made is crystal clear that Violet was not okay after her ordeal in the Fae Kingdom. Most often, after characters go through emotionally and physically destructive/draining situations, they just bounce back without any PTSD or side effects. It’s unrealistic and it’s refreshing to see that Violet is very ‘not okay’ after her tortue at the hands of the winter court. They could have gone into more detail though about what she was going through. They kinda just swept it under the umbrella of ‘she has always been mysterious and weird and this just added to her weirdness’. It would have been a perfect 100% for me it they addressed her PTSD and then showed her taking steps to work on it. But that’s just me. 

Again, I loved my baby Winne in this book as well. I have never connected with a child character as much as I do with her and I just wish she was real so I could play with her for a couple hours every week. 

In conclusion, this was a very good 3rdinstallment of this series. 3rdbooks usually fall into this stupor where it seems like the author is waiting to get to the finale very quickly but just needs to write something boring before the epic saga that concludes the book (big example of this- Twilight: Eclipse; it was a travesty, and I loved the books so much). In order to combat that, the authors decided to change the setting of this book, introduce new characters and circumstances and that made all the difference. Again superb. 

Rating: A (at the point, it’ll be more weird if I didn’t give it an A right!!)

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Queen Fae
by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve
Release Date: April 8, 2017

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