Review: The Hookup By Kristen Ashley

Reviewed by Sara

The Hookup is the first book in Kristen Ashley’s Moonlight and Motor Oil series. In it, Eliza, Izzy, Forrester, a newcomer to the small town of Matlock, wakes up in the bed of alpha male, hot mechanic, Johnny Gamble. Izzy, who’s fairly inexperienced and has had several problematic relationships, isn’t a game player, has never hooked up, and is a bit of a dreamer. She had a great time with Johnny and wants more, but isn’t sure quite how to go about getting it or even if Johnny’s interested. Add to this the sudden and unexpected arrival of her sister and infant nephew, without her ne’er do well brother in law and Izzy’s life is in disarray. Thankfully, she has her best friend, her devoted sister, an adorable baby boy and a good portion of the town of Matlock at her back. Good things are on the horizon for Izzy if she can just push through.

Johnny Gamble isn’t looking for a relationship…is he? Abandoned by his mother and left by the woman he was set to spend the rest of his life with, Johnny is wary of relationships and all the game playing that comes with them. Izzy, with her sweet demeanor and lack of artifice, seems too good to be true, but she’s also someone he sees potential happiness in. Just as Johnny decides to move forward with Izzy his past blows back into Matlock creating chaos and tension.

The Hookup is classic Kristen Ashley. Alpha male guy connects with pretty, shy, but with a backbone of steel woman and the two of them learn to set aside the issues of their past while building their future. Throw in some sassy girlfriends, some more manly men, sexy times, a bit of humor and a threat to the couple’s relationship and/or lives at almost exactly 80-85% mark and Boom! You’ve got a Kristen Ashley novel. This formula isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I read Kristen Ashley books because I know what I’m going to get. I enjoy the formula. However it does make it a bit more difficult to review, because what is there to say really? If my above description appeals to you or you’ve read and enjoyed any of Ashley’s Contemporary Romance series like The Rock Chicks series or the Magdalene series you’ll enjoy The Hookup.

Ashley novels, for me, are like putting on a pair of worn in sweats. The books are comfortably predictable and make me feel good. The Hookup is no exception. While there’s nothing new or ground breaking in the book’s plot or its characters, it left me feeling uplifted and happy at the end and really, that’s what a good Romance should do.

Rating: A-

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The Hookup
by Kristen Ashley
Release Date: December 19, 2017

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