Review: The Human Omega by JL Wilder

Reviewed by Debz

This year, I made the executive decision to read more fantasies and paranormal romances because they make me happy. The vast possibilities in world building always takes my breath away, so I want to read as many as I can and just marvel at how far we can go with this. A staple in my PNR read list is shifter romances and I’m always willing to give one a go.

I’m just going to casually observe that this book was very short. I prefer my books to cross the 450 page mark so whenever I see a short full length novel, I feel a little bit sad because I know the story’s going to end too quickly. Moral of the story, this could have been longer.

This one was kinda fascinating to read honestly. I’m used to reading about thriving shifter communities where the pack is super rich, with a large body of members and it’s so flashy and noticeable I often wonder how no one has found them out in reality. Shifters are usually so rich and super healthy/forever young, it’s hard to believe that we nosy humans haven’t found out about them and dissected them by now. So, it was refreshing to see a pack in dire straits and dying out.

Not going to lie, this book felt kinda depressing. All the characters were not financially well off. The houses were described as sagging with paints peeling off and I felt really sad reading about it. I wonder how people who have to live in such circumstances manage to get out of bed everyday. It must take such guts and strength to just continue fighting everyday for a measly paycheck that just doesn’t cut it. I have to give the author props for really nailing the despondency some people go through.

It was all in all a nice love affirmation story about 2 people who have been in love with each other since they were kids, and who want to be together again despite any and every obstacle.

The book also dealt with prejudice and discrimination. The heroine is discriminated upon because she is the only human living with a pack of werewolves. The female werewolves in this book were honestly some of the worst people I’ve encountered fictionally. It just blows my mind when someone hates another for no substantial reason other than the fact that they were different from you. I understand (super grudgingly though) if you hate a person because they for example, talk too loud, or even for some petty reason like  stinky breath…..but to hate a person for who they are fundamentally, and cannot/shouldn’t change!!!!! It blows my mind.

Although very short, the Author was able to include just the right amount of information to make it interesting, fast paced and complete. I do feel like the ending was a little bit rushed and could have been fleshed out better. But that is just my preference.

On a final note, and this is PSA to all authors, if you’re just going to put a couple sentences in the epilogue with a random wedding scene or birth scene that makes the reader feel frustrated, confused or just irritated because it could have been omitted or fleshed out better, it’s best not to include it.

Rating: C (there was nothing special about it really)

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The Human Omega
by JL Wilder
Release Date: February 14, 2019

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