Review: The Lying Game by Mickey Miller

Reviewed by Ericka

Best friends turned enemies then back to semi friends? I had moments of feeling like I was on a roller coaster with this one. There was so much angst and tension until it felt like a knife could cut right through it.

Carter and Lacy grew up together as best friends. Both of their moms were best friends so it was a given that Lacy and Carter would be too. They each grew up in a single parent household and there was a lot that both families struggled with financially. Lacy accidentally found out a secret about Carter and his mom by overhearing her mom talking to Carter’s mom. Lacy felt like she should tell Carter the secret and that it was wrong to keep something very important from him. Her mom convinced her that it wasn’t Lacy’s place to tell and that in time Carter’s mom will eventually come clean. After a while the secret comes to the surface and Carter finds out that Lacy knew all along. They break up and the friendship ends. Years later Lacy needs a place to stay for the summer while she attends a dance school and Carter’s mom convinces him to let Lacy stay since Lacy’s living arrangements didn’t work out. Now the friends turned enemies have a lot of pent up anger and unfinished business that neither one of them wants to have to deal with.

Carter was one guy that I wanted to literally shake the hell out of. He was so arrogant and played the victim card until I could not stand it. He did good for himself and his mom. He went on to become a professional basketball player. He wanted to make sure that he and his mom never had a reason to ever financially struggle again. So I can give him a lot of credit and props for that because he did work hard. He and Lacy kept the appearances that they still were friendly for the sake of their moms. Neither one of them had it in them to tell that they were not friends anymore or that they could not stand each other. The jealousy was there in so many ways with Carter. One minute he would be so mean to Lacy and the next show compassion. It was a cycle with him. He used the guilt card over and over on Lacy. A part of me gets why he felt like she lied or hid from him the truth because of the status of their friendship/relationship but she was doing what she felt was best. Plus they were 16 when it happen. They are well off in their mid to late 20s at this point. Carter had a lot of his own problems that he really needed to face for his mentality.

Lacy showed a lot of swallowed pride. Her living arrangements did not work out because of a cheating boyfriend and the only other option was to live with Carter for the summer. She was accepted in a dance school that was going to determine if she would get into a dance program in New York that she had been dreaming of since forever. So in order to catch her dream, she did whatever she needed to do. That included having to tolerate Carter. She did make other friends so I was extremely happy over that. Guy friends at that too. Was Carter jealous?? Yes. I was also glad that Lacy said to hell with him. (internally high fives her). She tried so hard to want to start over with Carter and to at least get her try and understand where she was coming from. Like I said, it worked for a little while and then it went right back to the bickering and fighting.

The good thing was that if Lacy never came back home then some things would have never been revealed. I know some may not have liked the ending but I was really pleased with it. It showed just how strong and determined Lacy was and I commend her. It does set up nice for book two.

As always I like Mickey Miller’s writing style. It flows so nicely and even though sometimes I want to throw something at his characters I can’t ever seem to put the books down.

Rating A-

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The Lying Game
by Mickey Miller
Release Date: August 28, 2018

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