Review: The Unrequited by Saffron A. Kent

Reviewed by Ericka

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this story because it has a trope that I try to stay away from (Infidelity). This was recommended to me and I am so glad that I decided to give it a chance read for myself because this book really surprised me. 

Layla is a college student that is trying to start over. She hurt her family in the worst way which caused her mom to resent her and give her the ultimatum of leaving home with nothing or going to school far from where she lives with financial support. She distanced herself from everyone because she believes that her past will come to the surface and they will leave her like those that she loves. Layla then meets a guy that she feels drawn to. She feels as if he is just like her. Lonely, depressed, and needing something to feel alive. She follows him on campus for a few days and then discovers that he is actually her poetry professor. Thomas is a poet that is struggling with his marriage. He moved to the small town and took a teaching job just so he could save his marriage. He knows that things are bad and his wife is fading from him but he is willing to give up everything including his writing.

At first I did not want to read this story because of the infidelity. It was wrong but I could understand why it happened. Layla is a lonely soul. She fell in love with her stepbrother and the feeling was not mutual. How she tried to get him to “notice” her was messed up on so many levels. The next day he left without saying anything to her. She wasn’t able to say goodbye or try to fix what happened. Her mom sent her off because of the shame. Her mom wasn’t much of a mother to begin with. She didn’t want Layla at any family functions or gatherings at all. For two years Layla had just been existing instead of living. She was living with so much guilt and blame for everything and her family always reminded her of it. She truly felt sorry and my heart broke. She labeled herself as a lonely soul. This caused her to not make friends. She was so worried about people being a part of her life then leaving. She is a strong character and I wanted nothing but the best for her.

Thomas is an award winning poet that loves his wife but the marriage is dead. He moved to a small town that he and his wife grew up in and took a job as poet professor. Everything that he loved he gave it up for his wife. Even writing. His wife suffers from postpartum depression. She doesn’t want her child or Thomas. She leaves and stays gone for several days. Thomas does not want to acknowledge the situation because he is focused on trying to fix her instead of getting the help she needs. He was so lost with trying to deal with everything that he literally did not know how to handle.

I felt like Thomas and his wife should have divorced at the very beginning because Thomas was still married to his wife. He even still had on his wedding ring while he and Layla were together. I could understand why Thomas did what he did because his wife was so distant and did not want the marriage or the child. He and Layla were each other’s balance that wove together very nicely towards the end.

I loved her writing style. I read this in one day. She used metaphors very beautifully when explaining the characters feelings. Its original and I look forward to more from this author.

Rating A-

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The Unrequited
by Saffron A Kent
Release Date: July 13, 2017

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