Review: Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs

Reviewed by Jen

The Mercy Thompson series is one which continues to be a winner for me. Mercy is such a fantastic heroine. I love how her gifts keep evolving, while she still considers herself one of the weakest supernaturals in any given room. But what she may lack in brute strength, she makes up for in smarts and her ability to read a situation. This installment is no exception.

In many of the past books, the storyline surrounded a Mercy-in-Danger plot. That’s not so here. There is danger, to be sure, but Mercy is no more at risk than the pack as a whole.

Someone is raising zombie animals and since Mercy claimed the Tri-Cities under the protection of her pack, she is tapped to neutralize the threat. Somehow, though, Patricia Briggs makes the zombies here cute. They are miniature zombie goats. Zombie cows. Mercy not only has to take the animals out, but must figure out who raised them and why.

This ends up being a very witch-centric book. Although the fae do hover on the edge of the story. Leaders of the Grey Lords want to meet with the human government and Adam’s pack is part of the negotiations. But the witches are planning something nefarious and Elizaveta’s family is collateral damage. There are a lot of moving pieces, from the new wolf Sherwood to Stephan, to even Coyote. I loved it all.

Bonus points. Christy is gone from the picture. None of the squicky Bran stuff from the last Alpha and Omega book comes up. And we even get a little quality time with Mary Jo and Ben. Plus, I am reminded of how much I like Mercy and Adam together. They are so much stronger together than apart.

Over all, this was a really solid book and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Fans will not be disappointed.

Rating: A

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Storm Cursed
by Patricia Briggs
Release Date: May 7, 2019
Publisher: Ace


  1. Ooh, this makes me so happy. I love this series. Patricia Briggs is one of the few authors for whom I will pay the outrageous price of a new ebook, just because I can’t wait to read it (and I know I will re-read it).

  2. Dear Red Hot Books Gang,

    Is it me? Did you change your url without passing it along? Please know that you are missed. I continue to stop by several times a day in hope of signs of life. In any event, thanks for this review of Storm Cursed. And all the books. Hope to see you again soon.

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