Review: That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert

Reviewed by Sara

That Kind of Guy is the third and final book in Talia Hibbert’s Ravenswood series. It uses the fake boyfriend trope but gives it a twist to keep the story from feeling stale and overdone.

Zach Davis has learned a lot in the last year or so. He’s learned that the friends he thought he could count on disappeared as soon as his mother got sick, and that there’s a reason being the manwhore of Ravenswood left him feeling empty and unfulfilled: he’s demisexual and only experiences sexual attraction when he has a strong emotional connection with his partner. Now, Zach spends his time being the best uncle, trying only to invest in friendships that are reciprocal and lurking on a demisexual message board instead of at the local pub looking for sex to fill the void. He’s happier now, but would be even happier still if he felt comfortable enough to share his sexuality with his friends and family.

Rae, not her real name, McRae, is known through Ravenswood as the scarred and sarcastic divorcee. Here she’s seen as cool and confident to her close-knit group of friends, but in truth she’s conflict-averse and still hurt at the betrayal of her ex-husband. An upcoming convention and awards ceremony that her ex husband will also be attending has her particularly on edge, so much so that she nearly ruins her friendship with Zach Davis by coming on to him while drunk.

Thankfully, Zach accepts Rae’s apology and decides to share with her his secret about his sexuality. Rae in turn shares her concerns about seeing her ex again. Zach, because of his lack of sexual attraction to Rae, hatches a plan to be Rae’s fake boyfriend at her convention, bolster her confidence and make her ex jealous. However, platonic feelings soon turn to desire and the couple face the challenge of a fake relationship becoming all too real.

I love the fake boyfriend trope. I don’t know why and I think in real life it would be a complete disaster, but in a book with fictional characters I can’t get enough of it. That Kind of Guy, and particularly Zach and his newly discovered demisexuality, turns this trope on its head. In most fake boyfriend books both characters become so overcome with sexual desire, from faking it, that they end up messing around and taking things to a point where the relationship is no longer fake. In That Kind Of Guy the deep friendship Zach and Rae have grows first and then the sexual attraction comes. By the time the characters start any kind of bedroom activities the relationship is already there and has the strength of more than just a physical connection.

Another thing I really enjoyed about That Kind of Guy is the fantastic dialogue. Talia Hibbert gets how real people talk. The characters in her stories speak, use sarcasm, flirt and encourage each other how the very real people in my life would and it makes the characters easy to relate to and easy to invest in.

If I had any issue with That Kind of Guy it would probably be that it’s considered by some to be an May-December Romance with Rae as the older woman. My problem with this is that when Rae’s age is revealed she is the exact same age as me. For this 40 year old reader it was a bit much to take in. The greys and random chin hairs just aren’t enough of a kick in the teeth? Now, I’m old enough to be the old lady in a May-December Romance? Thanks a lot Talia Hibbert!!

Faux outrage aside, That Kind of Guy is a terrific book. It’s inclusivity of Zach’s sexuality turns tropes on their head and the great, true to life dialogue kept the characters relatable. A fantastic finale to a fantastic series.

Rating: A+

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That Kind of Guy
by Talia Hibbert
Release Date: May 2, 2019
Publisher: Nixon House


  1. Excellent review! Got me intrigued but question…Is Rae part black? She looks Asian on the cover. Yes, this is a serious question. lol

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