Carrie’s Most Anticipated Books of 2015

I know I’m going to miss a bunch after I send this list to post, but these are just a few of the books that have me biting my nails until they release.   I ordered them by release date to let you manage your excitement.

Tell me in the comments what you can’t wait for! [Read more…]

Carrie’s Favorite Books of 2015

To be honest, this year was a difficult one, both personally and reading-wise.  I found it harder to connect to characters and had little patience for plots to roll out. Thankfully, this year is ending on a high note and I very much look forward to 2016!  Listed are a few of my favorite books this year…. [Read more…]

Review: The Skeleton King by Lauren Gilley

skeleton kingReviewed by Carrie

By now you’ve all realized my love for this contemporary series.  The author calls it a “southern family drama with bikers” and I think that’s a pretty fair scant description.  I think of it more as a romantic suspense with richly drawn characters who happen to be outlaw bikers.  This is the fourth story in the series and is not a standalone. Start at the beginning and come thank me later.

Kingston Walsh, Lean Dogs MC Vice President and resident magic money man, usually has a solution for most problems the MC comes up against.  He’s the mastermind behind the Dartmoor complex, having successfully acquired legitimate diverse businesses to bolster the MC’s coffers.  Walsh is the first person that the club turns to when they find out that there are developers looking to buy the horse farm that the club’s “graveyard” property abuts.  As a former jockey, Walsh knows all about horse farms.  He convinces the club that their best shot at protecting their interests would be to buy the farm. [Read more…]

Review: Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

walk through fireReviewed by Carrie

Although I’ve had issues with some of Kristen Ashley’s latest releases, her Chaos MC series has always worked for me. I was really excited to review the fourth book in the series because it is a second chance romance with older characters – a trope I love.  It started out promising, but it quickly became apparent that this was the same old Ashley story/ plot/ characters.

Twenty years ago, Millie Cross “made” the only man she’d ever love walk away from her so he could have a better life. Ever since then, Millie’s been a shell of a person just going through the motions.  She thought she had made peace with her choices until one day, by chance, she runs into her old flame.  All the feelings that Millie had locked down tight roar to the surface as she feels compelled to make sure that her ex really did get the life he deserved. [Read more…]

Review: Pucked Up by Helena Hunting

Profile portrait of businessman working on laptop in black suit at studioReviewed by Carrie

I was pleasantly taken by surprise by the first book in this series, Pucked, when it turned out to be sweet and raunchy at the same time.  I was hoping the author would tone down the coarseness just a titch to not be so much of a distraction to the story.

Miller “Buck” Butterson is finding out that overcoming your playboy reputation is no easy feat.  His pursuit of Sunny Waters started as a way to get back at her brother, teammate Alex Waters, for hooking up with Buck’s sister, Violet. Very quickly, Buck realized that Sunny was someone special, a woman he actually wanted to talk to and spend time with.  Buck is determined to show Sunny he can be a one-woman man… if she’d only give him the chance. [Read more…]

Review: The Fifteenth Minute by Sarina Bowen

fifteenth minuteReviewed by Carrie

I’ve really enjoyed Sarina Bowen’s new adult books because she tells a well-balanced story and this one is no different.  This is the fifth book in the series, but they can all be read as stand-alones.

Lianne Challice hoped that college would be her chance to escape from the insanity of growing up in Hollywood.  Sadly, it’s not exactly going the way she planned, because when you spend your childhood traipsing around Europe or being home schooled in lot trailers and the only friends you have are those that are on the set, it’s difficult to figure out how “normal” is supposed to work.  Lianne holed herself up in her dorm room until Bella, her suite mate, finally broke her out of her shell.  Little by little, Lianne has opened up to new experiences, like going to parties and hockey games where a certain sexy guy spins music during the game.  After their first meeting was foiled by too much liquid courage, Lianne is determined to try and get closer to the only guy who’s ever made her heart pound. [Read more…]

Review: Price of Angels by Lauren Gilley

price of angelsReviewed by Carrie

I recently gushed about the epic and gritty MC book, Fearless. It was a doozy!! Even though I took a little time apart from Dartmoor, I was eager to get back into the series.  This book is about half the length of the first but provided plenty of time to spend with the Lean Dogs MC; and that is really the heart of this series.   The story is almost divided in half, with romance one part and the MC/suspense the other.   This is not a standalone book. [Read more…]

Review: Keep You by Lauren Gilley

keep youReviewed by Carrie

Ever since I fell in love with Lauren Gilley’s Dartmoor motorcycle series, I’ve been itching to hit her back list.  Gilley seems to like to write about extended families, which is awesome because they are usually my favorite kind of books. This is the first book in her contemporary series where readers are introduced to the blue collar southern Walker family.

Joanna “Jo” Walker has always felt fortunate to have her family.  As the youngest of the five siblings and proud tomboy, Jo often tagged along with her two older brothers, Mike and Jordan, growing up.  Cupid’s arrow hit Jo at the tender age of 10 when Mike brought home his friend, Tammeron “Tam” Wales, for their regular yard football game.  As time went on, Tam became a constant fixture in the Walker household and Jo’s feelings only intensified until one day she found out that the feelings were mutual. [Read more…]

Review: Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh

rock redemptionReviewed by Carrie

I get so frustrated when a series is hit or miss for me because it just leaves me confused. Did I miss something? Was I just in a weird mood?  I haven’t come to an exact conclusion yet.  The first book in the series, Rock Addiction, was disappointing for me. However, I really loved the second, Rock Hard. When I got this book, I was so hopeful. Unfortunately, the story was a bit of a let down for me. [Read more…]

Joint Review: The Shameless Hour by Sarina Bowen

shameless hourReviewed by Carrie & Janell

Bella Hall is a confident self-assured college student and manager of the Harkness men’s hockey team.  She doesn’t flinch in a room full of naked hockey players in order to get the job she love’s done. She has no problem putting any of the hockey guys or coaches in their place and asserting her position. Bella also is a very sex positive woman who pays no mind to those who deem her “promiscuous”.  She loves life and is mostly happy with her life until suffering a bit of a hit when she discovered that her friend-with-benefits, Graham, finally came out of the closet. [Read more…]