Review: Marriage Mistake by RS Lively

Reviewed by Debz

I’m always fascinated when I see books set in small town America. It’s has always been interesting to see the difference between them and how they always strive to keep the small town vibe going whilst still growing the economy. Also, the last couple years, it has been doubly fascinating to realize that most of these cutesy, nosy, southern charm small town people would have voted for Donald Trump….I digress guys.

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Review: Fatal Invasion by Marie Force

Reviewed by Debz

I had to give myself a week to calm down after reading this book. Otherwise, all you would have gotten was the delusional ravings to an avid fan girl. After a week of introspection and rereading, I have to say I still love it. 

This might be the best Fatal book yet. It had everything I wanted; action, police procedural, witty banter, stable family life and it just felt very well rounded. You can tell the author is very comfortable in the story now. That does not mean that the story has become boring and repetitive, but on the other hand, the characters have become more well rounded and lovely. 

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Review: The Player Gets Coached by Janet Nissenson

Reviewed by Debz

I like Janet Nissenson’s work. I’ve read two or three other pieces of her work and I really liked them so I picked this book up without doing too much research. So, I place myself firmly in the wrong for that. 

There is nothing weirder than a middle aged man who refuses to act his age and just relieves his glory days over and over to anyone who would care to listen. It’s weird in real life and comes off weird in prose too. The hero is a glorified manchild. Honestly, if you didn’t calculate his age from clues and timelines the author gave, I would not be surprised if you thought he was in his 20s. This is a 40 year old man. WOW. 

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Review: Resisting the Boss by Whitney G

Reviewed by Debz

There’s nothing more gross than your spouse cheating on you with your best friend. I always wonder, don’t the cheaters feel like common clichés cheating??? There are more than 7 billion people in the world and you decide to cheat with your spouse’s best friend?? LAME

Anyway, our heroine, Claire, is forced into a seniors single cruise on New Years Eve, and she’s obviously hating it. One, she is too young to be a senior, so all the men at the cruise are super older than her and it’s weird, while the men closer to her age would all prefer a younger woman with no children. After a frustrating couple disastrous introductions, she decides to leave.

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Joint Review: How to Live an Undead Lie by Hailey Edwards

Reviewed by Debz & Jen

Debz: Normally Jen would have reviewed this book, but I just saw her tweet that she didn’t even know it was coming out so I’m going to shoot my shot and write one anyway. I came out of my friend’s wedding rehearsal for this so it better get published lol.

Jen: Yes. Imagine my surprise when I came here to write my own review and Debz had already done it. You’ve got stones, lady. Let it be known I am squatting on this author’s stuff from here to eternity.

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Review: Billionaire’s Unwanted Black Twin Babies by Ciara Cole

Reviewed by Debz

Honestly, I have no idea why I read this book. I really don’t. It’s just that when I enter a mini reading slump, I have to find a ridiculous book to jog me out of my funk. And buy was this ridiculous. First of all, the name guys…’s a bit much.

The story telling wasn’t any better. As someone who has been blessed with the opportunity to beta read for authors and friends alike, it’s very obvious to me now when a book is at it’s first draft stage and when it has been refined numerously to be fit for public consumption. This books reads like a first draft, and it’s annoying. The way the words are strung together feels clunky and inorganic.

Don’t even get me started on the objectification of both men and women in this story. The characters refer to the other sex as ‘male’ or ‘female’ and I don’t know if this bugs only me, but it feels dehumanizing and patronizing to me. You might as well just go the extra mile and call them men or women. Plot twist….I’m one chapter into this book, guys. [Read more…]

Review: The Switch by Nia Arthurs

Reviewed by Debz

I’ve never been to Belize before, but it does sound amazing from everyone raving about the beautiful beaches and food. This means that I have only thought about it in terms of the country being a tourist destination and not a place with natives who go about their daily lives. This book finally put everything in perspective for me.

As y’all know, I love me a good best friends to lovers trope, so I was sure going to be read this. The beginning was super similar to another book I’ve reviewed in the past. It’s nice to know that a leaky kitchen pipe has brought so many couples together.

This book revolves around Ashanti Lane, an amazing soon to be awarded newspaper reporter and Luke Zhang, a coffee barista and soon to be coffee shop owner. Basically, she’s killing it, and he’s a bum and she’s too good for him. [Read more…]

Review: The Dollmaker by Mary Burton

Reviewed by Debz

Ah, finally a murder mystery I can sink my teeth into. I have been looking for some slasher romance all year and I just keep getting disappointed. This one has been such a joy for me to read. An author who knows how to write about serial killers and keep me interested. I’m in LOVE.

I’m kinda tempted to say the protagonist is not the heroine in this book. Even though it all points to her, she feels like more of a passive character compared to the hero. But I like them just the same. Dakota Sharp and Tessa McGowan have been married for about 16 months and separated for half as long. This is because Dakota is kind of a dickhead. He’s cold, brusque and only has time for his job as an Agent in the Virginia state police. [Read more…]

Review: Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

Reviewed by Debz

Don’t judge me guys, but this is hands down one of my favorite books to read, ever. I was on twitter yesterday and there was an ongoing conversation about books that bring you out of a reading slump, and this is it for me. It never fails to bring me out of that dark place when books have to meaning and I’m unmotivated. I absolutely love it.

This book is about this amazing human Ella Rodriguez and her online bff and real life celebrity hottie Brian Oliver (unbeknownst to Ella of course). They met on her blog when she wrote a post bashing the casting of Brian as the main character in her favorite book series and have been friends ever since.

It’s super heartbreaking what Ella goes through in this book. On her birthday, she and her mum, her only parent and her rock get into an accident that kills her mum and leaves her almost crippled and scarred. She’s not only forced to live without her mum, she has to move to California with her father who abandoned her and his resentful new family. I honestly couldn’t do it. [Read more…]

Review: Saved by the Rockstar by Michelle Pennington

Reviewed by Debz

Full disclosure guys, I just started binging Korean Dramas thanks to my sister and my best friend and I would love to announce to the world, right now, that I’m in love with Park Bo Gum. In addition to Chris Evans of course. You can watch Moonlight Drawn by Cloud to see why I’m super smitten.

That’s why I’m always drawn to celebrity romances. It is always super interesting to see how two very different people get together, fall in love and overcome rabid fangirls. And the premise of this book was even more interesting since the heroine is a bestselling author with an anxiety disorder and debilitating fear of crowds. It had my two favorite tropes; bad boy rock star and women with well explained and well rounded mental disorders. [Read more…]