Review: Legs by Kelly Siskind

Reviewed by Joanna

Rachel is a little bit lost. She careens from job to job with stints at university collecting diplomas, but she’s never quite found her calling. On a birthday night out with her girlfriends, they each make a secret wish, and Rachel decides to sort her life out. She also gets rather drunk, yells Pussy loudly in a gap in the music, and ends up going home with a hot bad boy she pursues to the next bar.

Enter Jimmy. Said bad boy is tattooed, pierced and rides a motorcycle. Oh mama. He is happy with one-night stands as he’s in a hiatus from life and can’t handle anything heavy. Two years ago, he became estranged from his family, got dumped by his fiancé and walked away from his career. Now he works in a bar and wallows in his pit of misery. [Read more…]

Review: The Homecoming by S. Doyle

Reviewed by Joanna

I was excited about this book as I love this series hard, and now we’ve got a new couple in the frame: Ruby and Cody. This is standalone, but go back and start at The Bride for a heartfelt great read.

She’s ranch owner Jake’s unknown sister who showed up out of the blue in the last book. Ruby is scared, beaten up and determined not to make the same mistakes again. He’s the ranch hand and an ex rodeo rider. Cody is big, grumpy, and dealing with an alcoholic father who’s also his foreman. He’s worried about losing his job and he’s worried about Ruby taking his friends Jake and Ellie for a ride. [Read more…]

Review: Burn For You by JT Geissinger

Reviewed by Joanna

I love a book with sass, and this tale of an unlikely arranged marriage set in the Deep South, has sass coming out of its you know where.

Bianca Hardwick runs a busy restaurant in New Orleans’ touristy French Quarter. She’s busting her backside to build her reputation and has designed a menu based on bourbon made by a Tennessee family. One busy evening a stranger walks into her restaurant. A huge man, dark, glowering, and known locally as The Beast. Jackson Boudreaux is heir to said bourbon dynasty, though he despises everything about his name. [Read more…]

Review: Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Reviewed by Joanna

This is the prequel to Obsidian, a teen alien love/hate romance, and focuses on Dawson and Beth. In Obsidian, this couple is reportedly dead after being caught by the bad aliens. Here we get to see their love story and, more importantly, understand just why Daemon (the main Lux hero) is just such a douche. [Read more…]

Review: Scandalous by LJ Shen

Reviewed by Joanna

Last I heard this book wasn’t coming out until next year so when I got notified, I one clicked the sucker faster than the speed of light. This is the latest in the series that brought you the filthy-mouthed Hotholes, and this edition offers Trent Rexroth, single dad and last man standing. He’s bad tempered, morally dubious and likes to hurt the women he sleeps with. No sweet kisses from this guy. The only people he cares about are his immediate family and his three friends who he runs a highly successful business with. But it’s the fifth partner in the business who’s causing him trouble. As well as the guy’s eighteen-year-old daughter. [Read more…]

Review: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Reviewed by Joanna

Book one in this series gave us Katy, a seventeen-year-old relocating to West Virginia, and finding out her neighbors were aliens. One particular alien, Daemon, was super mean to her all the time so of course he’s the love interest, except they settled on being frenemies by the end of the tale.

Because of an interaction they’d had fighting the Arum, the alien bad guys, Katy now shares some of Daemon’s magical powers as well as a connection with him where they can sense each another and speak to one another inside their heads (when he’s in his pure light alien form). So it’s safe to say her life has changed forever. [Read more…]

Review: Royal Pain by Tracy Wolff

Reviewed by Joanna

Prince Kian of Wildemar is a horny goat. He’s a tattooed woman-magnet, and has enjoyed more than his fair share of the ladies. The book starts with his hands inserted in places, and ladies strewn all over him as he enjoys his freedom. Roll forward three months, and his older twin, Garrett, next in line to the throne, has vanished. Kian has to step up and give up his wild life to take on the role of Crown Prince. He does not fit nicely into the job.

At a boring reception one evening, a waitress spills champagne on him as he’s being accosted by some awful society ma with her social climbing daughter. The waitress drags Prince Kian away to clean him up, and they end up kissing on a balcony.

Kian stalks, I mean locates, said waitress after the event, to convince her to go out with him. However, Savannah ‘Savvy’ has history he can’t possibly know about, and she thinks it best not to let the hunk of princely love too near. [Read more…]

Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout

Reviewed by Joanna

Alien romance is a new one on me. I don’t read much space fantasy so don’t often see aliens as heroes. Aren’t they usually the bad guys? Well for Katy, new resident of nowheresville, West Virginia, this proves both true and false. For one thing, her new neighbor—incredibly hot and frequently topless Daemon—is just such an ass. He is perma-scowling and rude, and can move faster than any human should. His twin sister Dee is his polar opposite in terms of attitude and as much as she and Katy want to be besties, the douchebag brother doesn’t like this plan one bit.

This story is set in high school and sits firmly in the YA category. The protagonists are seventeen and dealing with issues like exams, friendships, dating and social status. Except for Daemon, Dee and their crew they have the extra fun element to their torturous teenage years of being so very different to everyone. Like, light years away from their peers as, um, they’re aliens. [Read more…]

Review: After the End by Katie Ruggle

Reviewed by Joanna

This is a short catch up with the four couples of the Search and Rescue series (which I loved). It also launches the new Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series. You know, I think more authors should do this. I just adored seeing a little glimpse of the futures for these lovely people, alongside a mini adventure for each.

Each of the four ‘seasons’ (chapters) is told from the male main character’s point of view, which is nice as you get to see just how in love, dedicated and content each is with his lady love.

We start with Winter and Callum, who is happy adoring Lou. He’s nervous, and about to ask Lou a *very* important question, but their radio goes off and they get called out on an ice dive call. The question has to wait while three silly people are rescued from the frozen reservoir. I don’t get why anyone would walk out on a frozen body of water. *Shakes my head.* Anyway, this little bit of drama keeps us waiting for the big moment, but it’s sweet when it comes. [Read more…]

Review: Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

Reviewed by Joanna

This is the third and last in this series of royal romances, and it’s the turn of the younger sister of book one’s heroine. Ellie Hammond isn’t royal, but she’s sister to a princess. Her options are wide open, but there’s only one guy for her: bodyguard, Logan St James.

Logan is twenty-two but lied about his age to get into the military at fifteen. He’s strong, fit and eagle eyed. He’s also fully aware that his seventeen-year-old charge has a crush on him, and is more than capable of keeping her safe while keeping his distance. Until he isn’t.

This can be read as standalone, but it would make more sense if you’ve read the first two in this series. There’s quite a lot of the lives of books’ one and two heroes and heroines dictating the plot of this story, e.g. royal babies and royal weddings. The location is split between the US, where Ellie lives and goes to college, and Wessco, the England/Scotland hybrid country where Logan (and the invented royal family) come from. [Read more…]