Review: Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

Reviewed by Victoria

Let’s start with THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE. Jane Doe is a fantastic book, with one of the most interesting, motivated protagonists I’ve ever read, but it is NOT A ROMANCE. You’ve been warned.

This book is not my usual thing. It’s not a romance, and it’s a first-person narrative. Any other author, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second glance. But Stone, aka Victoria Dahl, writes some excellent romances. Her previous work, combined with my dreaded Book Slump, prompted me to give Jane Doe a try. And I loved it. This book is about revenge. Deliberate, meticulous, cold-hearted revenge.

The book opens with Jane subtly gaining the attention of a manager at her new job. Jane knows exactly who he is: charming at work, controlling in a relationship. The job is beneath her education and experience level, and Jane is there for one thing: to ruin Stephen’s life. [Read more…]

Review: The Summer I Loved You by J. L. Lora

Reviewed by Victoria

After years of living the life his oppressive parents wanted for him, Cameron Blake is ready to pursue his dreams of being a reclusive artist. Pleasing the faithful baseball fans of the New York Emperors has been rewarding, but now all he wants is peace and quiet. That and an irreversible vasectomy. Because there’s no way he’s passing on the heavy burden of the Blake genes to an innocent child. But Cameron never gets what he wants. Ever.

The last thing Adrianna Arenas needs is for her ex to slide back into her life. Not when she can throw a nine-year-old curve ball that will change his game. Not when his father could tear her world apart with a simple phone call. Especially not when, despite everything that stands between them, her insides go wild when Cameron walks into a room. But Adri never gets to keep things the way she needs them.


After ten years, fate brings Cameron face-to-face with Adrianna, the woman he never forgot, and the little girl that ties them forever.

It all goes back to the secrets, jealousy, and heartache that destroyed the magical summer when they loved each other madly, broke each other’s hearts, and changed each other’s lives. [Read more…]

Review: Crashed Out by Tessa Bailey

Reviewed by Victoria

This book is the beginning of the Made in Jersey series from Dirty Talk Queen Tessa Bailey. Guys, this book is hot. How hot? I was trying to read it while making dinner, and chapter 4 was so hot, I burned the whole thing. That hot.

The story opens with our hero, Sarge Purcell, returning to the factory town he was raised in after a 4-year absence. As Sarge is amusedly noting all the things that are the same, he quickly realizes that one thing is very different. His sister, single-mother River, is having a hard time. She sends Sarge to stay with her best friend Jasmine Taveras, not wanting her daughter to get too attached to an uncle who isn’t sticking around. Sarge immediately realizes his error, and begins helping his sister in more ways than just sending money.  [Read more…]