RT Giveaway. Better Late Than Never

Yes. I know it’s been almost a month since RT, but in my defense, it has taken me almost this long to realign my life from being away for a week. That being said, you’ve probably heard from all the other attendees by now about how many books were just there for the taking. I tried not to go crazy in accepting the freebies, but some came in handout bags. Others are literally put in your hands by authors.  And still others, I have no idea how I ended up with.

So, fabulous people, I am sharing some of my bounty with you.  I’ll post a few giveaways this week to spread out the goodies. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form if you want to enter to win. This is US/ CAN only, though, due to shipping costs.

The first two books I am giving away are Immortally Yours by Angie Fox and For Her Pleasure by Maya Banks. Check out the deets.


No one patches up the incoming wounded like Dr. Petra Robichaud. Recruited by the gods for her uncanny medical skills, she’s the best M*A*S*H surgeon in the army. Along with a nosy guard sphinx,vegetarian werewolf, and otherparanormal paramedics, she bandages soldiers who are built like Greek gods (literally). But when one sexy immortal ends up on her operating table—half dead and totally to-die-for—Petra’s afraid she’ll lose her patient and her heart…


Commander Galen of Delphi is one gorgeous but stubborn demi-god. When his spirit tries to slip out of his fatally wounded body, Dr. Petra has to slip it back in—unwittingly revealing her ability to see ghosts. Now that Galen knows her secret, he’s convinced she’s part of an ancient prophecy. If the oracles are right, Petra could lead Galen’s army to peace. And if he seduces her on the way to hell and back? Heaven knows—all’s fair in love and war…

Three novellas. Two interlocking stories. One sizzling read.

Nice set up: one spirited woman in Kit Townsend, and two hot buddies, Ryder and Mac, who take turns giving Kit what she needs. It’s the perfect no-strings triangle and while it doesn’t exactly follow the rules, neither does Kit. But when love unexpectedly throws these three friends for a loop, can they still have a happy ending?

And then there’s Mia Malone, a sweet Dallas girl who had big dreams for the future when she first met Texas Ranger Logan Kincaid. That fairy tale was a lifetime ago. Today, framed for drug possession, she’s forced to work undercover at a strip joint where several working girls have disappeared. Then in walks Logan-her protector, savior, and lover.

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Guest Post & Giveaway: Marie Sexton

Hi there and welcome! I’m Marie Sexton, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my excitement over my latest release with Riptide Publishing, Never A Hero. Never A Hero is available now, and today I have a little game that fellow Tucker Springs author L.A. Witt introduced me to called “Fact or Crap”. I hope you enjoy! Follow me on the virtual book tour for Never A Hero all week for more exclusive details about the book, the Tucker Springs series, and more. Plus, leave a comment below with your name and email address, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a $5 gift card to Riptide. Simply leave your comment by 5/17 at 11:59pm to enter.

Tucker Springs: Fact or Crap

Eight of the statements below are fact, but two are utter crap. But which two? Leave your guesses in the comments below. Everybody who has at least one correct answer will be entered in the drawing.

1. Tucker Springs is named for the lovely mineral hot springs located just outside of town.
2. The layout of the Light District is based on Old Town Fort Collins (Fort Collins, Colorado being Marie’s home town).
3. Never a Hero features a sandwich shop called The Vibe, which is based on the real-life restaurant Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins, Colorado.
4. Second Hand started out as a single-author book, by Marie Sexton, but was later handed off to Heidi Cullinan to finish.
5. June Reynolds (Nick’s sister in Never a Hero) was inspired by the 8-year old daughter of one of Marie’s closest friends.
6. Dirty Laundry was originally a free short story, which Heidi later expanded to be part of the TS universe.
7. Nick’s dog Bonny was based on Marie’s not-so-good dog, Padawan.
8. Mojo, from Second Hand, was based on Marie’s brother-in-law’s dog, Tank.
9. June’s arm had to be amputated after a motorcycle accident when she was seventeen years old.
10. The next book in the series, LA Witt’s After the Fall, will feature Nathan (Michael’s receptionist from Where Nerves End).


Never a Hero is available now from Riptide, Amazon, and all major book outlets. Never a Hero is part of the Tucker Springs universe, but can be read as a stand-alone novel. For more information about Tucker Springs, visit www.TuckerSprings.com.

Marie Sexton lives in Colorado. She’s a fan of just about anything that involves muscular young men piling on top of each other. In particular, she loves the Denver Broncos and enjoys going to the games with her husband. Her imaginary friends often tag along. Marie has one daughter, two cats, and one dog, all of whom seem bent on destroying what remains of her sanity. She loves them anyway.

Find out more at http://MarieSexton.net, or download the Marie Sexton app, available free for Android or iPhone.

Interview & Giveaway: Christine Wenrick

Shelly is a big fan of Christine Wenrick’s Charmed Trilogy.  Check out this Q&A they did together!

Shelly: Hello, Christine. Let me start out my saying that I’m a big fan of your work. When I got the chance to do this interview – I was thrilled. So that being said – will you tell us a little about yourself and what (or who) started you on the course of being a writer?

Christine: Thanks, Shelly! I wish I could say I knew I was destined to be a writer all my life, but that’s not the case. I dabbled with writing in college but have been working as a commercial interior designer until four years ago when I decided to write my first novel, The Charmed. I think, like any author, you have to have something that inspires you, and for me it was the ending to this first book. I had a crystal clear image of that ending . . . and nothing else. LOL. So I basically started writing towards that end. Probably not the easiest way to write a book, but it worked out OK.

Shelly: One thing I noticed when I read the first story, The Charmed, was that even though this is a vampire story, you’ve somehow brought a unique and uncommon perspective to the subject. How’d you do that?

Christine: That is certainly a compliment. An uncommon perspective to a vampire story is hard to do these days, but it may be the sense of isolation I put the characters and the reader in at the beginning of the series. I knew I wanted an adult story, a very intimate and personal story between Caleb and Olivia. To me that meant isolating them from the world we see every day, but in a way that makes sense or is familiar to present times. Then you can create those moments of tug and pull, the quiet ones where very little is being said but you can feel the force that is drawing them together. If you can feel passion between two characters in the things they don’t say—the moments outside of the love scenes—then you’ve done your job as a romance writer.

Shelly: Which character, in any of the books, was the hardest for you to write?

Christine: Great question!!! I would say Jax, the coven leader. He has lived for centuries and his character needed to reflect that kind of depth and breadth of life experience . . . and, of course, pain. For me, he represented the emotional soul of the trilogy and as such is one of my favorite characters.

I had several challenges, mostly because when I started I didn’t know much about the piano. But in writing Olivia’s character it was clear that music was at the center of who she was. It’s how she expresses herself best. The hardest part was making sure that held true throughout all three books and did not get too far sidelined by the other events happening to her.

Shelly: I thought Maya was a gem – she’s sometimes come off as meek but when the tire hits the road she’s something else. Which character would you say is most like you?

Christine: Maya is a fun character. One of my favorite things to do is bring a character along for several books so the reader can watch them grow and mature. You will see that with Maya as well.

As for me, I’m not sure I’m really like any of my characters, more like a mix of them. I might latch on to one thing that it similar to me and build a character from there. For example, Olivia will doggedly focus on something once she believes it’s the right decision or course of action. I can be like that.

Shelly: I enjoyed the flow of dialogue – was it a conscious process that the cursing/swearing would be at a minimum for this series?

Christine: Actually, yes it was. Although I myself can curse just as easily as the next person, I’m just not a huge fan of words that can jar a reader out of the story, especially when they’re repeated a lot. Of course, that’s a really difficult rule to follow when one of your characters is a curse-a-holic (Ahem, Lucas . . .)!

Nowadays people curse, men especially it seems, so it needs to be in there. I just try to pick and choose the right moments and infer the rest.

Shelly: What story are you working on now?

Christine: I am putting the finishing touches on book three in my Men of Brahm Hill series, which is a connected five-book series to The Charmed Trilogy. It has taken me longer to write than I hoped because of my obligations for The Charmed, but I am so excited where this series is going I spend just about every hour I can getting it out of my head and onto paper. The first book in the series, Someone Else’s Skye, will be available this fall, and to get the most out of all the little nuggets I have left for the reader I recommend starting from the beginning with The Charmed.

As part of her tour, Christine is is giving away a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card and a signed copy of The Charmed to one lucky winner that follows the tour. Enter to win.

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Spotlight & Giveaway: Blush

Blush Spotlight

From the author of Surrender to Temptation comes a provocative story of overwhelming passion set free with one exquisite touch.…

Madeline Stone is determined to heal from her tragic past, one difficult step at a time…and she doesn’t need any distractions. Then she meets a mysterious and captivating stranger—and over a glass of outrageously expensive wine, her world turns upside down. Try as she might to banish the wealthy business mogul from her thoughts, Madeline can’t fight Alex’s staggering appeal or his enticing offer of intimate discovery.

Alex doesn’t date—at least, not in the traditional sense. Still, he wants Madeline…and his sexual intensity provides her with a much-needed escape. They embark on a tumultuous erotic affair, one that takes them to the pinnacle of obsession and desire. But underneath each explosive encounter lie dangerous secrets waiting to consume them both.…

Lauren Jameson is a writer who lives in the shadows of the great Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. She also writes erotic romance as Lauren Hawkeye. Visit her online at www.laurenjameson.com and twitter.com/LaurenHJameson.

Special Giveaway!  Three lucky winners (US/CAN only) will receive one copy of Lauren Jameson’s sizzling new novel BLUSH. Just leave a comment to enter. Don’t forget to leave your email address!

This contest is closed. The winners are Mirlou, Eva, and MsChris1161.

What’s the Deal with M/M?

You may have noticed that the m/m romance genre really seems to be picking up steam these days.  Lover at Last was one of the most highly anticipated PNRs of the year…. and over at DABWAHA, Stars & Stripes is kicking ass and taking names, beating out Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Storm for a spot in the final four.

I am thrilled by this development.  Especially the popularity of Stars & Stripes.  Abigail Roux is the gold standard for m/m romance, IMO.  I love the Cut & Run books; it’s one of my favorite romance series of any subgenres… and I want to share the love with you!

For no other reason than the fact that I love these books and I want you to try them, I am giving away winner’s choice of any ebook in the series.  The giveaway is international, anywhere I can gift a Kindle, Nook, or Kobo book.

If you’re new to the series, check out my review of Cut & Run for more deets.  The best part about this series: each book gets progressively better.

Convinced yet? There is no reason not to give them a try now.  Or if you’re already a fan, remember Touch & Geaux (aka The Soul Crusher) is out this week!

Just enter the Rafflecopter form below!

You can select any book from this list as your prize.

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Exclusive: Ty POV & Crave the Darkness Giveaway

Guys, I am so psyched to share this amazing post with you. In celebration of the release of Crave the Darkness, Amanda Bonilla wrote a special Ty POV from a scene in the book.  And you can only read it here.  Check it out and be sure to enter below for your chance to win your own copy of the book (US Only.)

Political functions make me want to gnaw my own arm off. I wouldn’t be at this damned PNT dignitary ball at all if she wasn’t here. The distance between us now is suffocating, and I wonder, how much longer will I be able to bear the separation.Adira is with me tonight, probably not the best idea considering the circumstances, but I don’t have a choice. She can’t be left alone, because if Kade manages to get his hands on her, I doubt she’ll live through the encounter. Adira found me in the desert, moments after I came into existence. She was my companion for centuries. It would be unconscionable to abandon her now, when she truly needs me. She’s addicted to Kade’s deadly touch. If I leave her alone for even a second, she’ll go to him. I’m all that stands between Adira and suicide. Because isn’t it suicide to allow yourself to indulge in something that will surely kill you? And if addiction truly is a means of self-extinction, then what does it say about me? Don’t I crave Darian like a drug? Will she be the death of me?

I catch a glimpse of her across the crowded ballroom and I swear my heart stops beating for a minute. She’s so beautiful, just looking at her makes me ache. Her gaze is cast downward, her shoulders slightly hunched as if protecting herself from something and I wonder if that asshole Xander even notices how uncomfortable she is. How scrutinized she feels. Completely exposed. I doubt Xander sees anything past the emerald green dress that’s hugging every soft curve of her body. The only thing he’s concerned with is the enticing swell of her breasts just above the bodice. He’s damned near humping her leg like a horny mutt. In fact, he hasn’t taken his eyes—or his hands—off her since they walked in the door. The King of Shaedes isn’t a fool. He knows I’m here. Our gazes locked the minute I arrived. And he’s kept one arm hooked around Darian’s ever since. He’s threatened by me, and he should be. Darian is mine. She’ll always be mine, and no amount of courting by the high king will change that fact.

I feel her apprehension through our bond. It’s killing me to know that she’s uncomfortable, and I’m sure it’s killing her to stand around, chatting about nothing at all, when there’s work to be done. Darian won’t rest until Kade is dead, and it terrifies me. He’s dangerous prey, more than she realizes. If he so much as lays a finger on her with intent, she won’t be able to help herself. She’ll go to him willingly. Just like Anya. Just like Adira. And if that happens, I’ll kill him with my bare hands.

My eyes are glued to Darian and my body goes rigid as she leans in toward Xander. He lowers his face to hers, so close her lips brush his cheek as she whispers something close to his ear. Jealousy rages, an inferno burning me from the inside out. I can almost feel the softness of her mouth, the feather light touch of her lips. I down the bourbon in my hand in a single swallow, enjoying the way it ignites a path down my throat. Yeah, I’m drunk, but I don’t give a fuck. If I wasn’t, I would have brought the building down around me an hour or so ago. My senses—not to mention my emotions—aren’t numb, but I’m a hell of a lot calmer than I’d be sober.

Darian pulls away from the Shaede King and my heart pounds against my ribcage. His touch lingers, his fingers trailing down her arm, desperate to keep any sort of contact with her skin, and I can feel the enamel grinding on my teeth, my jaw is clenched so hard. She turns and walks away from him, through the entrance of the ballroom and into the foyer.

Now’s my chance. I deliver Adira into the hands of a group of delegates and murmur in her ear that I’ll be back soon. She gives me a reassuring smile and returns her attention to the conversation. I won’t leave her alone for long. But I have to see Darian. I have to inhale her scent. Revel in the fiery touch of her soft skin. Look into those luminescent green eyes that reflect the depth of her soul. One moment with her—no matter how fleeting—is a soothing balm, and if I don’t go to her now, I’ll lose my fucking mind.

Darian is mine. And it’s about damned time I made her realize it.

OMG!!! To enter the giveaway, just comment below! Be sure to include your email address.

This contest is closed. The winners are Rebe and Jess1.

Guest Post & Giveaway: HelenKay Dimon

Thank you for having me here today to talk about my upcoming release, NO TURNING BACK, out March 19th. This book is the start of a new contemporary series from Berkley, the Hanover Brothers. I took the sons of a con man and put them all back in the town where their dad launched his first scam…and then put some strong women in their path.

The first hero, Declan, is a just out of the military and looking to find his place in the civilian world. For him, the idea of having a home is pretty compelling. The house he and his brothers inherited from their grandmother provides that opportunity, but nothing is ever that easy.

He’s been deployed and moving from place to place. He’s tough and used to getting his way. And, I have to admit, there’s something about that kind of alpha guy – tough on the outside but mushy on the inside when it comes to the people he loves – that totally appeals to me. One of my favorite parts of a romance novel is watching a hero like that transform. But the first few peeks when you see the hero start to make a move on the heroine are the best.

I thought I’d show you a snippet like this from the Leah’s perspective (the heroines). She’s planned a business meeting and thinks she’s in charge. Then Declan arrives…

The man had been in her house for less than five minutes and she’d already lost control. Technically, he hadn’t even taken the step necessary to enter her family room. He hung by the door, all broad-shouldered with damp hair and a T-shirt that stretched over him and highlighted the trim waist and what she guessed was a super-flat stomach. That tattoo on his biceps peeked out and she had to fight the urge to ask him about it.Yeah, time to put the brakes on anything but contract talk. She had the man’s entire family history spread out only a few feet away. There was no opportunity for anything but work, which was the right answer anyway. Her father would go from heart attack recovery to a grave if she so much as smiled at Declan too long.

She meant to rub her hands together but clapped instead. The sharp whack wiped out the room’s quiet.“Speaking of work—”

“Were we?” One of his eyebrows inched up, and he managed to make the condescending look seem sexy.

“First, I need to know if you speak for all of the Hanovers.”


She clamped down on a growl. Clearly it was going be one of those evenings. “Your brothers.”

“Consider me the spokesperson.” He rolled back his shoulders and managed to highlight every rippling muscle on his arms and chest. Impressive skills, but no way was she getting sidetracked by all that hotness. “Let’s set some ground rules.”

“Yeah, I would have bet money you’d have ground rules.”

Before he could say something else to tick her off, which she assumed was inevitable, she walked to the back of the house. She didn’t know he’d followed until his husky voice hit her in the back of the neck from only inches away. The shiver that ran through her had nothing to do with fear.

The kitchen sat right in front of them. Instead of hanging out in there she took a left and headed into the dining room where she’d already closed the curtains to the deck and set up some notebooks for them. She’d toyed with the idea of having a notary waiting nearby but figured that was a bit presumptuous. No need to spook Declan this soon.

She kept moving until a table separated them. With her hands resting on the back of the chair at the head of the table, she let her gaze wander over him. No wonder Mallory turned into a giggly schoolgirl around him. He had the Holy-Hell-Hot thing down.

He wasn’t pretty-boy handsome. He had a dark edge that went far past his near-black hair. Strength radiated off him. Control oozed until an invisible wall surrounded him and he silently dared her to break through.

Maybe he learned it through the discipline of the Army, or maybe dear old Charlie passed the trait on, though she was starting to doubt that, but Declan’s self-assurance showed in every line of his body. He walked into a room like he owned it and argued as passionately as if he’d sat in on those fancy lawyer classes with Beck.

To keep from getting thrown off by whatever sly thing was bopping around in his head, she grabbed onto the last thing he said. “You gamble?”


That’s what her investigation suggested, but the quick response had her attention. “Not even a lottery ticket?”

“I don’t believe in luck.” He glanced down at the yellow lined notebooks and pens. “What about those rules?”

Following his gaze, she noticed how she had lined up the edges of the paper with the pens. Man, it looked like she used a ruler. Yeah, nothing like a good case of nerves to bring out a woman’s buried compulsions. “The rules are simple.”

“I’m betting they’ll piss me off.”

She wasn’t sure what to say to that, so she launched into her prepared speech. “No straying off topic. No touching. No chit chat. We negotiate and hammer this out, so you can move on to whatever other state suits you. Preferably one on the East Coast.”

Straightforward and in a calm voice, she ticked them off on her fingers despite the circus act spinning and jumping in her stomach. When she finished, her heart thumped loud enough to drown out her voice. That had to be a good sign. A teacher once told her panic was just a sign of her body preparing her to do whatever she feared doing.

He just stood there. The longer the silence stretched, the more she cursed that teacher and her idiot theory.

For what felt like an hour, but probably barely amounted to minutes, he didn’t move. Didn’t show any reaction until his lower lip twitched. “Go back to the second one.”


“The second thing on your list.”

Touching. So much for thinking she’d handled everything well. She tightened her grip on the chair, letting the edge bite into her palm. “You know very well what I said.”

His head dropped to one side. “If this is a business meeting, why are you worried about touching?”

Well, damn. “Don’t read more into that than there is.”

“Is it the idea of me touching you or of you touching me that has you all prickly?”

Talk about a miscalculation. So much for trying to push his attention to business. “Neither.”

“Oh, I don’t think that’s true. You’re a grown woman. We keep running into each other, sparking off each other. Why can’t you admit you’d like to experiment with a little touching?”

If he smiled, she was going to punch him. She might anyway. “Declan.”

“It’s an honest question.” He shot her a you-started-this crooked smile. “A man needs to know these things in advance.”

Sound good to you? Share your comments below for a chance to win a copy! 

This contest is closed. The winner is JYL22075.

Giveaway: Maiden Lane Series

If you haven’t caught my reviews on any of Elizabeth Hoyt’s work, let me tell you how much I enjoy her Maiden Lane books.  Thief of Shadows was one of my favorite books of 2012, and the latest Lord of Darkness is a great read too!

Now is your chance to give the series a try! The great folks at Forever are offering ALL FIVE books in the Maiden Lane series to one lucky winner (US Only.)  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below to win.

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Review & Giveaway: Island Bound

Reviewed by Shelly

I couldn’t wait to read this book. Just because I don’t review a lot of AA novels, doesn’t mean I don’t read ‘em. This is a story of a couple whose marriage has collapsed and is on the verge of divorce. Joshua and Christy have known each other since she was a teenager; he’s six years older. At the time, Joshua worked for Christy’s father. After getting close, this couple definitely had some ups and downs prior to and during their marriage.

After eight years of marriage, Christy has moved out of their home. Joshua decides that enough is enough when he gets the divorce papers three months later. It’s time to bring his wife home. What a great premise right? It wasn’t until the last chapter that I started getting interested in this story.

These two had a lot of growing as a couple to do. I never understood what Christy saw in Joshua other than his looks and same with Joshua’s feelings towards Christy. Basically, Christy came across as a spoiled little rich girl who resented those, including her husband, around her. Joshua came across as a guy who’s trying to get the girl, but his motivation confounded me. I don’t know if he was more afraid of failure or of losing Christy. I so wanted to enjoy this story but the description of this marriage was so very formal and I didn’t understand what would change once the Island get-away is over.

I mentioned that it wasn’t until the last chapter when I started liking these characters and unfortunately by then it was too late for me. There was a sex scene in this one with an adequate mention of ‘channels’. But again, I think I could have appreciated it more if I cared for the characters.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

*Book provided by publisher for review

Click to purchase: Amazon
Island Bound
by Kiru Taye
Release Date: January 16, 2013
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

The author is giving away a randomly drawn $10 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter. Don’t forget to leave your email address!

Guest Post & Giveaway: Anne Calhoun

Hey, Baby…What’s Your Type? 
by Anne Calhoun 

Ty Hendricks, the hero in my latest release, UNCOMMON PLEASURE, is a very specific type of man. He’s a former Marine struggling under a terrible burden of guilt, a loner, working on oil rigs for thirty days at a stretch, then drinking and sleeping his way through the available female population when he’s not off-shore. He loves to dance, and bears more than a passing resemblance to Sawyer from Lost. He’s emotionally shut down, and he’s teetering on the edge of becoming exactly what he never, ever wanted to be.

Sean Winthrop, the other hero, is Ty’s mirror opposite. He’s a Naval Academy graduate with a brilliant military mind who’s on leave after a tour in Afghanistan. He got his twenty-two Marines home safely, and is solidly grounded in family and duty. He avoids dancing at all costs, and while he’s perfectly capable of handling the physical and mental demands inherent in being a grunt, he’s much more comfortable in the library. His only regret in life is breaking up with the woman he had a passionate, whirlwind affair with before he deployed.

Which one would you choose? Does the dark, tormented soul appeal to you, or the more cerebral, thoughtful geeky type? I’m a sucker for Sean, frankly, but so far reader response is coming down heavily in Ty’s favor. Comment with your favorite hero type to win a copy of UNCOMMON PLEASURE! 

This contest is closed. The winner is Kassandra.