Review: The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry

Reviewed by Joanna

Fancy a good dose of angst today? This novel of love after loss comes souped-up to the gills with Big Emotion. I just so happened to be in the mood to see two people mangled so this was right up my street.

Lizzie lost her husband, and father of her five-year-old daughter, in a car crash, and for the past year since his death, she’s been away from home, mourning and generally trying to hold it together for her child. Disillusioned by her mother’s constant stream of boyfriends, she returns to her own house, where she and her husband lived together. On the way, she runs over a dog and takes the creature to the vet, it’s angry and wild-looking owner in tow. [Read more…]

Review: On Fire by Ann Christopher

Reviewed by Shelly

This read a lot like the last book in Ann Christopher’s ‘Journey’s End’ series. The only difference is that in this one, the heroine is the one I like… okay, couldn’t stand. Sofia Abbate was introduced in the last book when we met her best friend Reeve (such an awesome name) and she was a flighty then as she is in this one. Be warned – there will be spoilers from book 2.

Christopher seems to run this series with a slight overlap at the end and beginning, if you’re reading them in order. During Reeve and Edward’s story (Book 2), Sofia comes over to Reeve’s apartment to have a ‘I just broke up with my NFL player boyfriend’ meltdown moment. I’ve got to give it to her, as far as meltdown goes it was pretty good. [Read more…]

Review: Hideaway by Penelope Douglas

Reviewed by Joanna

This book has been eagerly anticipated by yours truly for two years, since the first in the dark romantic suspense series—Corrupt—knocked my socks off. So first, I should start with my standard Penelope Douglas warning. This is not a sweet and kind lovely story. It’s mean and brutish, with guys being horrible to girls, physical threats, rape threats, slut shaming and worse. The theme of these books is around the psyche and its link to the inner animal, with pursuit and aggression a key part of the route to love (for both the hero and heroine). If you can handle that you’ll happily drown in the oodles of tension and sexy atmosphere.

Now buckle up and I’ll tell you all about Kai and Banks. [Read more…]

Review: Let’s Do It by Ann Christopher

Reviewed by Shelly

I read a few of Ann Christopher’s novellas and I really liked her writing style. I liked it enough to try a novel. Let’s Do It is the 2nd in her Journey’s End series and continues the story of the Harper brothers. The oldest, James, was the hero to Miranda in “A Journey’s End.” That was an adorable story of a divorced woman with twin boys meeting the man of her dreams in small town USA. I recommend that one. [Read more…]

Review: Bountiful by Sarina Bowen

Reviewed by Joanna

Back to beautiful Vermont we go, with a new couple ready to apple-pick their way to a gentle HEA. Zara Rossi tends the bar at the Mountain Goat, and in previous books she was the ex-lover of Griff and new bestie of Audrey (book one hero and heroine). While this couple was off finding its way to happiness, rejected Zara was enjoying a hot, hot, hot affair of her own, with a handsome red headed stranger who came to her bar. Hurting from Griff Shipley’s rejection, Zara rebounds right onto this new guy, making a rule that it’s all physical, with no personal details shared. He is tall and gorgeous, only in town for a month and up for her game. Perfect.

And boy do they make the most of it. [Read more…]

Review: Dirty Boxing by Harper St George and Tara Wyatt

Reviewed by Elle

Jules and Nick had a hot fling for a few weeks in Chicago, but just as Nick began wanting more, Jules left without explanation.

A year later, Nick, an MMA fighter, has joined a new club and has his eye on the championship belt that will make his career. He thought he’d moved on from the intense feelings he’d developed for Jules during their short time together. That is, until he realises Jules is the new marketing manager, assigned to work on promoting the club. And to make matters worse? She’s the boss’s daughter. [Read more…]

Review: Claiming Janna by Siera London

Reviewed by Shelly

Gah! I’m so glad I’m done with this series. I wanted it to get better. I expected it to get better when I saw that the publisher change from book 2 to 3. But that’s not what I got. If anything, the plot in book 4 of London’s ‘Bachelor(s) of Shell Cove’ is basically a repetition of the first 3 books in the series. The hero seems to be the only one truly in love and the heroine came across as a fantastically unlikable shrew. [Read more…]

Review: Low by Mary Elizabeth

Reviewed by Joanna

I read modern day Bonnie and Clyde on the story blurb and jumped right on this… this romance? Romantic fiction? I’m leaning toward the latter as by the time we meet Low and Poe (Lowen and Poesy) they’re a well-established couple who are doomed to be separated by his going to jail for theft and assault.

Where I enjoyed parts of the story, we don’t actually see the falling in love, and I think that would’ve made a huge difference to how I rated this book. [Read more…]

Review: Legs by Kelly Siskind

Reviewed by Joanna

Rachel is a little bit lost. She careens from job to job with stints at university collecting diplomas, but she’s never quite found her calling. On a birthday night out with her girlfriends, they each make a secret wish, and Rachel decides to sort her life out. She also gets rather drunk, yells Pussy loudly in a gap in the music, and ends up going home with a hot bad boy she pursues to the next bar.

Enter Jimmy. Said bad boy is tattooed, pierced and rides a motorcycle. Oh mama. He is happy with one-night stands as he’s in a hiatus from life and can’t handle anything heavy. Two years ago, he became estranged from his family, got dumped by his fiancé and walked away from his career. Now he works in a bar and wallows in his pit of misery. [Read more…]

Review: The Homecoming by S. Doyle

Reviewed by Joanna

I was excited about this book as I love this series hard, and now we’ve got a new couple in the frame: Ruby and Cody. This is standalone, but go back and start at The Bride for a heartfelt great read.

She’s ranch owner Jake’s unknown sister who showed up out of the blue in the last book. Ruby is scared, beaten up and determined not to make the same mistakes again. He’s the ranch hand and an ex rodeo rider. Cody is big, grumpy, and dealing with an alcoholic father who’s also his foreman. He’s worried about losing his job and he’s worried about Ruby taking his friends Jake and Ellie for a ride. [Read more…]