Review: Sinful Seduction by Ann Christopher

Reviewed by Jen

This is my first book by Ann Christopher and it pulled me in from the very start. Alessandro Davies is a broken man after coming home from the war that killed his twin brother Tony. He lives in his family’s sweeping mansion in the Hamptons with his estranged teenage son and his disabled war buddy. The last thing he wants is a visit from Tony’s ex fiancé.

Skylar has tried to contact Sandro many times to discuss the generous bequeath of half of the family home from Tony in his will. In fact, she only wants to give it back to the family, but Sandro won’t take her calls.  That’s what drives her to venture to his home in the middle of the night during a storm. A storm that drops a tree on her car and ends up trapping her on the property while she recovers.

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Review: The Lying Game by Mickey Miller

Reviewed by Ericka

Best friends turned enemies then back to semi friends? I had moments of feeling like I was on a roller coaster with this one. There was so much angst and tension until it felt like a knife could cut right through it.

Carter and Lacy grew up together as best friends. Both of their moms were best friends so it was a given that Lacy and Carter would be too. They each grew up in a single parent household and there was a lot that both families struggled with financially. Lacy accidentally found out a secret about Carter and his mom by overhearing her mom talking to Carter’s mom. Lacy felt like she should tell Carter the secret and that it was wrong to keep something very important from him. Her mom convinced her that it wasn’t Lacy’s place to tell and that in time Carter’s mom will eventually come clean. After a while the secret comes to the surface and Carter finds out that Lacy knew all along. They break up and the friendship ends. Years later Lacy needs a place to stay for the summer while she attends a dance school and Carter’s mom convinces him to let Lacy stay since Lacy’s living arrangements didn’t work out. Now the friends turned enemies have a lot of pent up anger and unfinished business that neither one of them wants to have to deal with.

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Review: Fatal Reckoning by Marie Force

Reviewed by Debz

I knew this was going to be a tearjerker and man did it deliver. I don’t think I stopped crying for the first half of this book, but I would totally read it again and again. It was exceptional as expected.

In this installment of the Fatal series, Sam finally gets to close the case of the person who shot, paralyzed, and ultimately killed her father, Skip Holland. It was not rocket science to guess that Skip would ultimately die in one of the books and the author made it clear about 5 months ago that this was the book it would happen, but I was still floored when I read it. It really put me through the wringer and I enjoyed so much. (I’m a sucker for pain.)

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Review: Private Eye by Katrina Jackson

Reviewed by Olive

Private Eye is the second book in Katrina Jackson’s The Spies Who Loved Her series. It follows cam model and awesome business woman Maya (ThickaThanASnicka) and her favourite private chat client, MasquerAsiaN. Maya has been fantasising about this mysterious client for ages and she doesn’t even know his real name…

Until, that is, her best friend and roommate comes out to her as an assistant to spies that need her help. Her partner in this mission? None other than MasquerAsiaN, aka Kenny. Maya has to decide how to handle all this new information and determine if she can trust her feelings, Kenny, or anything ever again.

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Review: My Not So Wicked Stepbrother by Jennifer Peel

Reviewed by Ericka

“Always the bridesmaid and never the bride” phrase seems to fit Emma’s lifestyle. She feels as if she is cursed especially with her last name being Loveless. She is constantly being set up on blind dates by her matchmaker mom. Emma swears off relationships until her mom feels like she truly has found the “one” for Emma.

Emma gets a text from an unknown number and thinking that it is her best friend messing with her she says things that are definitely embarrassing. She then realized that it wasn’t her best friend texting her but her so called “the one” that her mom tried to set her up with. To make matters worse, it was the love of her life that she claimed a long time ago when they were in school. Emma’s life starts to unravel in a good and bad way.

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Review: Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige

Reviewed by Caitlin

Alayna Withers works at a nightclub. She just graduated from her NYU MBA program and plans to use it to work her way up the ladder at The Sky Launch. She has a lot of great marketing ideas and loves her job.

But Alayna has a past. She has an obsessive disorder that most recently ended up with her stalking someone and getting a restraining order against her. She’s humiliated to have this in her history, and so she’s wary about any guy that might feed into her obsessive instincts.

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Review: The Takeover Effect by Nisha Sharma

Reviewed by Olive

The Takeover Effect is the first book in Nisha Sharma’s Singh Family trilogy. It tells the story of the eldest Singh brother, Hemdeep, who broke his father’s heart when he left the family multinational corporation to create his own legacy. At the start of our tale, sales and profits are down far enough that a buyout offer is made and Daddy Singh has a heart attack. As the Singh brothers scramble to respond without disclosing the health issues, lawyer Mina Kohli shows up to lead the Board committee reviewing the offer.

Mina is trying to rebuild her mother’s legacy, tarnished by her younger brothers when they kicked her out of the firm she started. To accomplish her planned coup, Mina needs to make partner and her uncle dangles that cheery in front of her on the condition that her recommendation aligns with his interests. She can smell a rat but what other option does she have?

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Review: Tomboy by Avery Flynn

Reviewed by Sara

I have been thoroughly enjoying Avery Flynn’s Hartigan series and was thrilled when the most recent book in the series, Tomboy was released in February.

ER nurse Fallon Hartigan loves her friends and would do just about anything for them, but when her friend Lucy needs her to help a sick client, she thinks twice. It’s not that Fallon doesn’t want to help, it’s just that Lucy’s client is the most hated man in Harbor City, Zach Blackburn. The newly acquired defenseman for the Harbor City Ice Knights cost Fallon’s team a mint to bring on and then has not only turned out to be a dud on the ice, but he’s also got a major attitude problem. Fallon puts aside her love of the Ice Knights and her dislike of Zach to help, but ends up way over her head as a paparazzi takes her picture leaving Zach’s and that, plus Zach’s sudden upswing in hockey abilities has her thrust into the spotlight as Zach’s lucky charm. While Fallon is able to work her newfound fame to her advantage, what’s not advantageous are her feelings that seems to be changing where the bad boy hockey player is concerned.

Zach Blackburn never started out to be the bad boy of hockey, he just wanted to play. Unfortunately, he learned the hard way that it’s best not to trust and that sometimes the people that care for us the most can hurt us the worst. When Fallon comes into his life, he does everything he can to push her away, but her resilience, her wit and her indomitable spirit make it difficult for him to keep away. As their attraction grows, Zach has to decide if he’s willing to trust Fallon or if he’s going to let the his past get in the way of what could be a fantastic future.

The Hartigan’s series has been a complete joy for me to read and Tomboy is no exception. Avery Flynn does such a great job taking female characters who are outside the norm. They aren’t traditionally pretty, they’re plus size, or, in Fallon’s case, a tomboy, and gives them the role of heroine. This in itself is great, but what Avery Flynn does that is extra special is that she avoids the make-over cliche and doesn’t pit her characters against the traditional heroines. Fallon isn’t special because she’s, “not like other girls.” She’s special because she’s unique, funny, smart and kind. I love that Fallon, like Lucy and Gina from the first two books in the Hartigan series, doesn’t have to change and that she isn’t competing in some imaginary competition with other female characters.

It would have been pretty easy for Flynn to have mentioned Fallon’s looks and limited how they affected the story to simply Fallon’s relationship with Zach, but thankfully she doesn’t. Love may be blind, but it’s easy to see how a person’s appearance that’s considered outside of the traditional standards of beauty is often fodder for ridicule and derision. In Tomboy,  Flynn takes into account Zach’s celebrity and includes the backlash Fallon faces at the hands of the Harbor City media and Internet trolls. This adds a level of genuineness to the book that takes it from a fun and sexy read to something thoughtful and more than a little uplifting.

Along with what I’ve mentioned above there were so many other elements that I loved. As a Canadian, I know what it’s like to live in or near a town obsessed with hockey/a specific hockey team (Go Leafs!), and Flynn has brilliantly captured what that’s like in Tomboy. I love that Fallon has actual work responsibilities just like a real person. My only real complaint, which isn’t much of a complaint, is that I wanted Tomboy to be a bit longer. I would have loved to have seen Tomboy’s villains get their comeuppance and a bit more of the romance between Fallon and Zach.

Tomboy is a fun, sexy and thoughtful Romance. I look forward to the next book in this great series.

Rating: A

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by Avery Flynn
Release Date: February 18, 2019
Publisher: Entangled Amara

Review: The Wolf at the Door by Charlie Adhara

Reviewed by Olive

The Wolf at the Door is the debut romance from Charlie Adhara and the start of her Big Bad Wolf series. The books follow a single relationship ARC and, unlike many urban fantasies with romantic elements, each instalment has hot sex and the critical HFN.

FBI Agent Cooper Dayton was attacked by …something… that left him only 70% of his intestine and stuck in the hospital for ages. In order to discover more, he took what he thought would be a lateral career move to the BSI (Bureau of Special Investigations) where he found out werewolves were real and living among us. That was six months ago.

Since then, he’s been partnered with a long standing BSI agent teaching him all about recognising wolf involvement in crime and tracking down the guilty wolves to remand them into local LEO custody. He’s learning that when there’s violent crime with wolf connections, the closest wolf you can find is probably the guilty one. Cooper is bummed at becoming a glorified bounty hunter but still glad to be doing his part. Until he gets called into his boss’s office on his day off to discover he’s been partnered with one of …them…

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Reviewed by Debz

This is my third Mariana Zapata book, so I feel like I’m kind of an expert. I’ve read Kulti and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, and I’ll gladly say I enjoyed them immensely. When I heard a new book was out, I very eagerly picked it up and these are some of my thoughts.

As we’ve previously discussed, I consider myself an expert in her work, with this book, I’ve begun to notice a pattern with her male main characters. They’re big. I mean, very large men and that in an of itself is not a problem. When it becomes a tad disconcerting is in the way she describes them. They have ‘ham’ sized fists, their legs are like tree trunks, their clothes are always about to burst due to their size and it honestly just feels a little uncomfortable.

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