Review: The Devil’s Bedpost by Lena Hart

devils-bedpostReviewed by Shelly

I haven’t read the prior stories about David and Athena, so I have no point of reference on how this holds up against the other two. When I initially started reading, I actually felt a little lost in their history because of the random reference to something that happened in their past that was maybe told in a prior story. I got through the first and second paragraph and just decided to go for it and see what happened. [Read more…]

Review: Broken by Camille Mackenzie

brokenReviewed by Shelly

This debut novel by Camille Mackenzie is actually quite good. The promise for good stories is there. What I didn’t know about Broken is that there’s a motor cycle gang/club involvement. The hero Roman Gage is a member and from what I can tell some kind of enforcer. The particulars escape me. This is my first and last motor cycle gang/club book because, to be honest folks, that’s not a segment of society I find interest in or certainly not entertaining. Roman is a construction worker by day and does what he does for his brotherhood by night. [Read more…]

Review: Happily Ever All-Star by Sosie Frost

happily everReviewed by Shelly

This is a new to me author. When I started this story, I didn’t realize that this was a full (not novella) story. The kindle version that I’m reading also has these other stories by the same author – “Bad Boy’s Baby,” “Beauty and the Blitz,” “Once Upon A Half-Time,” and “Touchdowns and Tiaras,” a mini-novella. It’s an investment in reading time I wasn’t prepared to give. This was good enough that one day I might go back and read the others, but today I’m only interesting in the story with the blurb. [Read more…]

Review: Silent Praise by Michelle Lindo-Rice

silent praiseReviewed by Shelly

This is the 3rd book in Michelle Lindo-Rice’s Christian IR ‘Able to Love’ series. I read the first one, Color Blind, back in 2014 and didn’t care for that because I couldn’t stand the heroine; then I read the 2nd in the series, Unbound Hearts, and even with a different heroine I still couldn’t stand her. So why not finish out the series, right? I will say I liked the heroine quite a bit more, but this time I couldn’t be distracted by a bad heroine because the writing made me wonder why I even bothered. [Read more…]

Review: Unbound Hearts by Michelle Lindo-Rice

unbound heartsReviewed by Shelly

This is the second book in Michelle Lindo-Rice’s IR ‘Able to Love’ series and is a Christian romance. I read the first one, Color Blind, back in 2014 and found a big problem with that one; the problem I had was that the heroine withheld vital information from the hero. The rich and powerful Saul was a bigot, plain and simple. Saul’s caucasian and doesn’t believe in the mixing of ethnicities (or the races if you must). [Read more…]

Review: Marrying Her Rich Asian Widower by Mary Peart

marrying her rich asian widowerReviewed by Shelly

I don’t normally read stories with a title that’s so… how should I put this… let’s just say explanatory, but I picked this one up because the blurb has promise (I’ve been fooled before) and because I have no shame – the price was affordable.

Self employed Janice Langley owns a floristry. She’s had the business for a few years and is quite profitable, but more important, she loves what she’s doing. After getting an order from David Hattori, of Hattori Vehicle Imports, for flowers for his office, Janice and David begin their friendship. David’s earned billionaire status from a business that’s been passed down from his father – it’s importing luxury cars from Asia. [Read more…]

Review: The Wrong Man by Delaney Diamond

wrong manReviewed by Shelly

The second story in Delaney Diamond’s ‘Love Unexpected’ series picks up a few years after Book 1 and tells Shawna’s friend, Talia Jackson’s story. I don’t remember Talia in book 1, but it’s not relevant to the story and flows well with no history. Although Shawna’s story in book 1 was good, I enjoyed this story much more. As the reader, we get to see both the hero and heroine’s younger life, their history if you will, and we understand a lot more of where they’re coming from. For me, this creates a better bond with the characters and I get to feel a bit more of their ups and downs. [Read more…]

Review: The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond

blind dateReviewed by Shelly

Six years ago, while in town for her last internship with one of the top companies, Shawna meets a persistent yet charming Ryan Stewart. After seeing Shawna across the room kind of thing, Ryan pursues her for about half a block before snagging a date. A date turns into sex and a night turns into the weekend. After their blissful time, Shawna is surprised when she finds out when Ryan lied – he’s not the single man he said he was.

Since their disaster of a weekend and the interim years, Shawna’s fulfilled her singular dream of having her own French inspired boutique. She’s successful and doing exactly what she want to so. But her older sister Yvonne, who is completely happy in her life as a wife and mother, wants Shawna’s happiness to include having a man in her life, so she sets up Shawna on a blind date with a friend of her husband’s. [Read more…]

Review: Deeper: Descent by Allyn Lesley

deeper descentReviewed by Shelly

I’ve been waiting on this follow-up for about a year now and yes, it was totally worth the wait. I got sucked back in, just like that. My mind was doing some serious over time after reading Noah and Avi’s story, so I had some trouble sitting down to do the review. A few hours later… I’m ready now.

Picking update directly after Book 1 ended, Avi and Noah are still reeling from Harry’s death. She’s just lost the father she’d just met and Noah’s missing the father figure that Harry represented. Between them both, there are some serious issues going on. Avi’s still running from the feelings that Noah brings out in her. That actually got a little old with me, because she’s either in or she’s out. I’m still trying to figure out what she thought that Noah really did. I know as the reader looking in, it’s easy for me to see what Noah actually was.  I figured Avi for a smart girl, but maybe I’m being too hard on her. [Read more…]

Review: Because You Are Mine by Lena Hart

because you are mineReviewed by Shelly

Since I discovered this author a few weeks/months ago, I’m having a hard time moving on. I read a few of her other stories, and I enjoyed them for the escape they provided. This is one I didn’t care for as much. It’s good, but I’ve read better stories from Lena Hart so I can’t say that my like is as high.

Cara Sinclair has always liked –you could even say loved– Drake Ross. They met when they we both very young (as Cara’s mom was the nursing aide to Drake’s grandmother) and created a very strong friendship. The story starts off with Cara being assaulted, we don’t know by who, but the assumption is that it’s Drake. Cara’s step-father, that jerk, convinces the sheriff that Drake is the person who assaulted Cara, because her blood is on his hands. Okay, go with me here for a second because that part is so convenient for the storyline that somehow the author thinks that neither this reader nor the local law enforcement doesn’t need actual evidence to convict. But it’s okay, because not a lot of time is spent on Drake’s time behind bars anyway. [Read more…]