Review: The Last Hour of Gann

last hour of gannReviewed by Jen

Epic Science Fiction. It’s not a genre I have heard of before, but it seems to fit here.  This book is sweeping. It has depth. Breadth. It’s dark at times, but there is also hope.  There is love.  And there is, ultimately, an examination of what it means to be human and what truly constitutes a monster.  Epic.

The story follows Amber, a woman down on her luck, who in a last ditch effort to make a future for herself and her sister, secures passage for them both on a space expedition to colonize a new planet.   She is abrasive and overweight; people don’t like her.  But she is pragmatic and fiercely loyal.  Her already bad life gets unbelievably worse when her ship goes way, way off course, and crash lands on a mysterious planet after the passengers took a 200+ year nap.  The ship and most of the people on board go boom, leaving Amber, her sister, and about 50 other humans stranded in an alien world. [Read more…]