Review: Casualties of Love by Denise Riley

Reviewed by Shelly

This is a new to me author and I was a tad bit nervous before I read this – you just never know with new authors. It’s a theme that’s as old as time – friends then lovers with a little ‘I love you enough to save you from yourself’ thrown in for good measure.

Jessica and Tyson went to West Point together. Members in both of their families served and they both wanted to continue the tradition. During their time at USMA, they started as friends, good friends that had each other’s backs, and later moved on to something a bit more intimate.

Told primarily in flashback, there’s a simple goodness about Jessica and Tyson that I really enjoyed reading. The conflict is a bit underwhelming and stems around this secret that Jessica’s kept from Tyson but it gets the job done. [Read more…]

Review: The Luck of Love by Serena Akeroyd

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read this author before. Menage Material, the first book in her ‘La Belle sans la Bête’ series, is splendid. I’ve re-read it a few times it’s so good. A Menage Made on Madison, the first book in her ‘The Federation’ series was decent enough that I didn’t write off the series. I’ve had a few misses, but the hits have outnumbered them.

This is the 3rd, yes I’m keeping score, book I’ve read (not all by the same author) with the following content and no warning. If you’re going to put it in a story, I don’t care but warn me first, please. [Read more…]

Review: Her Survivor by Vonnie Davis

her-survivorReviewed by Shelly

I can’t remember the last time I read a satisfyingly good SEAL story, so when I saw the blurb on this story, I think a hooyah might have escaped my lips. This is my first Vonnie Davis story and I was really excited by a few things – 1) content 2) new author as I’m always looking for another good author to read 3) in your face alphaness (yeah, that’s a word). [Read more…]

Review: Perfect Chaos by Nashoda Rose

perfect-chaosReviewed by Joanna

Georgie was sixteen when Deck, her brother’s best friend and military team leader, paid an awful visit to tell her family their son, her beloved brother, was dead. Sweet Georgie went crazy, hurtling off the rails in her grief. In the following years, Deck kept close to her sassy new persona, pulling her out of trouble and saving her ass on multiple occasions. He made a promise to Conner to look after his baby sister, and especially to not let her date guys like them. Well, that dog just ain’t gonna hunt.

Georgie sasses Deck (she calls the big guy “Sweet Pea”) but deep down has always had a thing for him. But he’s as hard as steel, inside and out. He’s never going to yield to what she really wants, so she needs to cut him off. [Read more…]

Review: Ethan’s Promise: Men of Mercy by Lindsay Cross

ethans promiseReviewed by Joanna

Unloved loner military man falls for intelligence specialist on a protection mission? Yes, please. Ethan has to train Kate for field work including all sorts of physical combat. She wants to learn, but she can’t work out where all these feelings are coming from every time they get up close and personal. Sexy feelings. Mmm.

Ethan’s black ops and his team is about to deploy, but disaster strikes (from Ethan’s PoV) when he’s told he can’t go with his men. He needs to take some R&R and his boss won’t take no for an answer.

To relax, our hero takes a job with a private security firm, providing protection for a senator’s daughter on her wedding day. For story reasons, the security firm also hires a female bodyguard for the job. Enter Kate. Kate’s been shafted by her job with the CIA and aside from the fact she’s not a field operative, she’s perfect for the role. [Read more…]

Joint Review: Fly With Me by Chanel Cleeton

fly with meReviewed by Shelly and Joanna

Joanna: Jordan, a statuesque business woman on a hen do in Vegas meets Noah, a lonely fighter pilot. They grind and kiss on the dance floor, but she decides against a one night stand and leaves him in the bar and goes to bed alone. Poor Noah is left to listen to his buddy, appropriately call-signed Easy, hook up with two of the other bridesmaids all night long.

This book is dual perspective so we get to hear from Noah as well as Jordan. So anyway, the next day, wound-up Noah searches Jordan’s hotel to find her by the pool and they have foreplay during a get-to-know-you conversation in a cabana. As you do. Then that night they get to screw properly. And a lot. [Read more…]

Review: Embattled Home by JM Madden

embattled homeReviewed by Shelly

By far, this is my favorite couple in the series so far.  I might or might not be partial to Chad, but if this gives you any kind of a clue, he had me when he showed such compassion and kindness towards Shannon in Book 1. Then there’s a little Duncan side piece with a young (he might think too young) doctor and what seemed like a little bit of chemistry. But before I get carried away and start with my Duncan fetish, I’ll give you the skinny about Lora O’Neil and Chad Lowell. [Read more…]

Review: Embattled Minds by JM Madden

embattled mindsReviewed by Shelly

The pace in Ember Norton and Zeke Foster’s story is slower than the pacing in book 1 of this series. There’s none of the suspense or action sequences that were prominent, but that doesn’t take away from the emotional content and the investment that I made in caring about what happens to this couple. We were introduced to both Ember and Zeke in Embattled Hearts along with Diego and a couple of other guys. You can definitely read this as a stand alone, but you’re probably not going to appreciate the camaraderie of this group of former soldiers. [Read more…]

Review: Embattled Hearts by JM Madden

embattled heartsReviewed by Shelly

This the first novel (the prequel 0.5 was a very short introduction to the men only) in J.M. Madden’s ‘Lost and Found’ series intrigued me even before I read its blurb. After I read the prequel, I wanted more John Palmer. Actually all the guys were interesting in their own right, but John especially, because he was just so cantankerous. Some might call him angry, but I wouldn’t make that leap, but he is brash and plain speaking, and he’s never heard a cuss word he didn’t like. John’s a bit a loner; it’s always been that way for him (he was dropped off at the orphanage by his mother) until he met Chad and Duncan during their rehab at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in MD. [Read more…]

Review: Strong Signal by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

strong signalReviewed by Janell

This book melted me into a puddle of goo. Take one internet gaming celebrity, add an Afghanistan vet, show all the stages of sex and intimacy, and there you have it.

Garrett is on his third and last Afghan tour. He’s a mechanic, so his days are usually spent on base, away from the fighting. His life is routine enough that he brings a laptop to play an online role-playing game. He’s also got semi-private quarters, sharing a tent with only one other guy. [Read more…]