Review: Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs

Reviewed by Jen

The Mercy Thompson series is one which continues to be a winner for me. Mercy is such a fantastic heroine. I love how her gifts keep evolving, while she still considers herself one of the weakest supernaturals in any given room. But what she may lack in brute strength, she makes up for in smarts and her ability to read a situation. This installment is no exception.

In many of the past books, the storyline surrounded a Mercy-in-Danger plot. That’s not so here. There is danger, to be sure, but Mercy is no more at risk than the pack as a whole.

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Review: The Wolf at the Door by Charlie Adhara

Reviewed by Olive

The Wolf at the Door is the debut romance from Charlie Adhara and the start of her Big Bad Wolf series. The books follow a single relationship ARC and, unlike many urban fantasies with romantic elements, each instalment has hot sex and the critical HFN.

FBI Agent Cooper Dayton was attacked by …something… that left him only 70% of his intestine and stuck in the hospital for ages. In order to discover more, he took what he thought would be a lateral career move to the BSI (Bureau of Special Investigations) where he found out werewolves were real and living among us. That was six months ago.

Since then, he’s been partnered with a long standing BSI agent teaching him all about recognising wolf involvement in crime and tracking down the guilty wolves to remand them into local LEO custody. He’s learning that when there’s violent crime with wolf connections, the closest wolf you can find is probably the guilty one. Cooper is bummed at becoming a glorified bounty hunter but still glad to be doing his part. Until he gets called into his boss’s office on his day off to discover he’s been partnered with one of …them…

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Review: Circle of the Moon by Faith Hunter

Reviewed by Jen

Faith Hunter is such a master craftsman of urban fantasy. All of her books in her Jane Yellowrock/Soulwood world are just so dense and layered… in plot, in backstory, and in the characters. The Soulwood books are the spinoffs and if you have not read Dark Queen, the latest Yellowrock book, be prepared for some spoilers because there is some overlap.

Nell, our heroine, has grown so much over the course of this series. She started off as this— I don’t want to say backward, but off-grid woman who has never known I truly modern life. She grew up as part of a polygamist cult and lives in the middle of the woods in a house off the power and water lines. But while she may never truly be free of her upbringing and the impact of its effects, she has now embraced a lot of the modern world in her job as a probationary Psy-Led agent. Not only that, she is bringing her sister, Mud, along with her. Nell is working towards adopting the 12-year-old, but has to make a few more changes to her lifestyle in order for that to happen.

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Review: Queen Alpha by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone

Reviewed by Debz

These books are so seamless, I swear you could just read them as one book. There’s virtually no time lapse between the end of the first book and the beginning of the second. 

Arianna as the new Queen of the wolves has to delve deeper into the death of the Red Queen because it seems like their new foe, the fae, have plans to take over the earth in order to gain and control the powers of the Mecca used by the shifters.

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Review: Moonsworn by Amber Renard

Reviewed by Jen

It has been a while since I read a good shifter PNR and this debut from Amber Renard delivered in spades. It features a dominant, headstrong heroine and an equally dominant, headstrong hero. You can see right away where the conflict will come in.

Kel is heir to her father’s werewolf pack, Steel Valley, but she does not live with them. Instead she is just finishing up her training as a veterinarian. It is her dream to serve as a doctor to the supernaturals in the area. Of course, the school she has to attend is not exactly in her own backyard. It is in the backyard of the neighboring pack, the Pine Richland Wolves, and she had to get permission to be there under somewhat false pretenses. She pretends to be a barren lone wolf and she barters her medical abilities to stay there long enough to finish her education.

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Review: Queen Heir by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone

Reviewed by Debz

Finding this book happened organically and serendipitously. I was bored on New Year’s day (there’s only so much food and drinks you can consume during the Christmas period before you’re over it) and I decided to glance through my recommended books and I found it. The blurb was interesting so I bought the first book to test the waters and I cannot say I regret it. I’ve got amazing judgment skills guys.

The story is like a mix between Harry Potter type fantasy and Hunger Games and all that paranormal fantasy loveliness.  The world building here is fantastic (although sparse at times.) The authors decided to look into shifter mythology through the eyes of the fae. Here, the shifters are distant children from the marriage of a specific species of the fae and humans. Add into this, the source of their power called “Mecca” and it just bring about a lovely and fresh new idea into this genre.

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Review: Stray Moon by Kelly Meding

Reviewed by Jen

If you’ve followed my reviews for a while, you know I am a fan of Kelly Meding. In fact, I finally sat down and read the 2013 Carniepunk anthology recently just to read the short story that sparked this series. And overall, I liked this book. But someone needs to sit down and have a chat with the editor.

No one should have given the green light for this much repetition. I mean, yes, it’s very important that Shiloh has forgotten Jaxon. In book one, I remember being so perplexed about who the love interest in this series would be. And then, at the very end, when she agreed to lose her memories of the person she loved most… boom! Jaxon appeared to be the guy. Add to that, I understand that coming to terms with her feelings despite the missing memories was the big emotional arc here. But for the love of Pete, this must have been reiterated at least once per page. If I didn’t already have a history with this author and an investment in the characters, I would have put the book down. I almost did anyway. And that’s a shame because, otherwise, it was a good book.

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Review: Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert

Reviewed by Caitlin

A Talia Hibbert novella is the perfect antidote to a reading slump or a terrible week or anything bad ever in your life. The heroine is going to be tough and not particularly interesting in being likable. The hero is going to be big and strong and a total fucking cinnamon roll. And the romance is going to be sweet and sexy.

“Mating the Huntress” was Hibbert’s first paranormal story, but it was a typical Hibbert story in every other way. The heroine, Chastity Adofo, is a total badass who can handle herself in a fight. She comes from a line of werewolf hunters, but because of a prophecy that predicted “her first kill would rip out her own heart.” [Read more…]

Review: Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur

Reviewed by Elise

Full Moon Rising is the first in the Riley Jensen series by author Keri Arthur. Keri comes from my neck of the woods, good ol’ Down Under. She is Melbourne based and I’m a bit higher up the coast where the weather is a bit more stable. It’s nice to read a story from an Australian author, more about that later.

The book tells the story of Riley Jensen. Riley is a half werewolf, half vampire crossbreed working for the Guardians in a not too distant future Melbourne. She is a liaison and happy with her job.

The story starts simply. Riley’s guardian brother goes missing. Riley sets out to find him, only to uncover genetic experimentation, betrayal and, like every good urban fantasy novel, a little steamy action. [Read more…]

Review: Lionheart by Thea Harrison

Reviewed by Jen

I can always count on Thea Harrison to satisfy my PNR itch. Lionheart is the third in her Moonshadow trilogy based on the world of the Elder Races. This story features Dr. Kathryn Shaw, trauma surgeon to Dragos Caluebre and his sentinels. Her hero is none other than Oberon, king of the dark fae.

Oberon has been in something like a magical coma for the past 15. Isabeau, Queen of the Light Court, orchestrated an attempt on his life along time ago and she used Morgan La Fae to do it. Oberon tried many things to slow down the effects of the poison that was used, but eventually he had to put himself in stasis to keep from dying. Unfortunately, his power is leaking out and wreaking havoc on his lands. His cousin, Annwyn, reaches out to Kathyrn, knowing if he is not healed, he may have to die to save everything he holds dear. [Read more…]