Review: An Unconditional Freedom by Alyssa Cole

Reviewed by Jen

Wow. What an engrossing and powerful book. This is the third installment in Alyssa Cole’s Loyal League series, but the first for me. And it holds up completely as a standalone.

If you’ve read even a handful of my reviews, you know I am a sucker for a tortured hero, and my gosh, Daniel Cumberland is certainly tortured. He was a black man born free who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He spent months being subjugated and abused, until the day he was rescued and delivered to the Loyal League. Their mission: to help take down the Confederacy. Daniel joins their cause, but he does it more for vengeance then altruism.

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Review: Allison Shatters the Looking Glass by CM Stunich

Reviewed by Ronelle

After all her fighting to get to the Looking-Glass and home, when Allison tumbles onto the rug in her parents’ living room, she discovers that all she wants is to go back. It’s more than just the awkwardness of having to explain nine boyfriends, a prophecy, and magic to her family—Topside just doesn’t feel right anymore.

It doesn’t help that a trio of fucking nightmares follows her back to throw down over the one intact Looking-Glass in existence. That’s really just the icing on the FUBAR-cake.

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Review: Dare to Love a Duke by Eva Leigh

Reviewed by Caitlin

Eva Leigh is an auto buy for me, even if her most recent book — Counting on a Countess — wasn’t my favorite (I didn’t quite believe the romance). However, this pairing has been hinted at for quite some time, and I was very, very excited for it. I am pleased to say that I adored this novel, and it got me through a rough couple of days while I dealt with a loved one in the hospital.

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Review: Sterling by Dannika Dark

Reviewed by Jen

This is my first book from Dannika Dark, and I must be the very last person left on earth who had not read her. This author has 10,000 ratings on this book alone on Goodreads. Where have I been that I have never crossed paths with her work before?

In reading this first installment in the Mageri series, I see the spark that earned her such high regard. There is definitely something compelling in this book. Maybe it’s all of the sexy man or the strong emotions that the main character runs through. Whatever it is, I wanted to keep reading, despite a few things that bugged me. [Read more…]

Joint Review: Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid

Reviewed by Caitlin & Sara

Caitlin: I’m a Penny Reid fan, and her last several books have been, in my opinion, her best. Marriage of Inconvenience and Dating-ish were the two best books in the Knitting in the City series by a mile (thanks to a complete lack of slut-shaming that plagued the earlier books), and I’m very much enjoying her Winston Brothers series.

Sara: I’m also a Penny Reid fan and I agree. It’s great when you can see an author grow. Gone is the problematic slut shaming and completely monochromatic cast of characters and in their place are thought provoking commentary on current events and more diversity. I’m really happy with the way Reid’s writing and this series in particular is going. [Read more…]

Welcome Caitlin!

A bittersweet announcement to share. Shelly, a longtime member of Red Hot Books, is hanging up her reviewing hat. And though no one can ever take her place, I am excited to introduce you to our new team member, Caitlin.
Caitlin’s entry into Romancelandia was Regency Historical, but she now loves the whole dang 19th century, contemporary (both angst and comedy, with a soft spot for comedy), reverse harem, erotica, and anything LGBT friendly. She also has a soft spot for heroines who know a thing or two about sexy fun times even before the hero shows up 😉
You can find Caitlin on Goodreads and Twitter (@caitmeister). Her email is

Welcome Debz!

I’m excited to share that we have a new reviewer joining our team. Help me welcome Debz to the blog!

I am a 24 year old lawyer living in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. This does not give me ample time to read outside work so you can catch me reading on my way to and from work, during lunches and dinners with friends and family and trying to force/encourage my friends to read all the books I love so we can talk about them all day.

I am into romance (contemporary and historical), urban fantasy and thrillers. I also love a good serial killer/police procedural book and political romance and I’m always on the lookout for cool indie authors and self publishers.

Review: The Pages of the Mind by Jeffe Kennedy

Reviewed by Jen

I wasn’t sure how much this spinoff trilogy to the Twelve Kingdoms would tie into the original books or if I would enjoy them as much without the focus on the original sisters. I’m happy to report that while this book clearly kicks off a new arc, it feels very much like a continuation of the original installments. Not only that, Ursula has an important part to play here. After all, the heroine of this story is Dafne, her closest friend and advisor.

Jeffe Kennedy does a good job making the transition smooth. The first third of this book is all about Dafne still serving Ursula and helping her navigate through the early days of her rule. We don’t even meet the hero for several chapters. But it’s ok, because once we do, this is a romance, through and through. [Read more…]

Review: Man Card by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby

Reviewed by Joanna

Back to this snort-laugh series for my first read of the New Year. Ashley Power (what a name!) is a thirty-something realtor with a driven attitude to sell sell sell, and dirty thoughts for her most despised colleague, Braht. Yep, Braht. That’s his name.

Ash hates him, but her body disagrees, and very much wants to sleep with him. A lot.

In book one (these work as standalones), they were caught getting down to business in their friend’s pantry, but Ash doesn’t want a repeat. Or does she? [Read more…]

Review: Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt

Reviewed by Jen

The Maiden Lane series has long been one of my favorites in historical romance and this 12th installment had me glued to the pages from beginning to end. I need to tell you before we get too far, though, that this book is dark—darker than anything I have read from Elizabeth Hoyt in the past. That was more than ok with me, and frankly was what I signed up for with a scarred, tortured hero whose father once ran a debauched sex club featuring rape, child abuse, and torture. But still, I’ve seen some reviews that were taken aback by this, so go in with your eyes open. [Read more…]