Review: Hunting Witch Hazel by Heather Novak

Reviewed by Sara

Hunting Witch Hazel is the first book in Heather Novak’s Lynch Brothers series and the premise caught my attention right away. Hazel is a witch whose life is in ruins since her father abandoned her family and her mother gave into a dark magic addiction. Now, she is struggling to juggle her mother’s debts, grief over her sister’s death, a full college schedule and a job. Grayson, on the other hand, is a retired witch-hunter who’s back in the game in order to collect Hazel’s magic and save his brother. Problem is, Grayson wants Hazel, but stealing her magic will ensure she never wants anything to do with him again. Grayson’s older brother has given him one week to obtain Hazel’s powers or he’ll do it, and he won’t be nice about it.

Hunting Witch Hazel had a lot of potential, but really fell flat for me. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Bite by Rebecca Zanetti

Reviewed by Jen

I was such a huge fan of Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series! These Realm Enforcer books haven’t enraptured me quite as much, largely because the series arc surrounding the Apollo drug didn’t have the same oomph as the possibility of a war among supernatural factions. That being said, this installment is easily my favorite in this spin-off series.

The reason: a cranky introverted Alpha Grizzly named Bear. [Read more…]

Review: Bait N’ Witch by Abigail Owen

Reviewed by Ronelle

What could possibly go wrong when you fall in love with the witch-hunting father of the girls you’re nannying? I mean, it’s not like you’re wanted by his employers or anything…

Except that is exactly the position Rowan McAuliffe is in. Secretly trained in magic by an unusual source, forced into using said magic against others by a power-mad werewolf, and on the run from the Mage High Council who seek answers… let’s just say she’s in a bind. But Delilah of Legendary Consultants has just the plan to get her out of trouble and with no other options, Rowan takes the chance.

Greyson Masters is the Council’s best enforcer–a witch hunter who lays down the law. He’s also raising triplet witches alone. No one understands the powers his children wield and on top of that, his girls are on the cusp of becoming teenagers. He needs help and he needs it bad. Delilah has just the witch for him and before he can blink, Rowan is on his doorstep.

Their attraction is instantaneous but the question is, will their opposing positions allow them a Happily Ever After? [Read more…]

Review: Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane

Reviewed by Jen

I had high expectations going into this book –A– because I have heard great things about Lauren Dane and –B– some of my other bookish friends gave it generally positive reviews. While I didn’t actively dislike it, unfortunately, this wasn’t a winner for me. The worldbuilding is solid and pretty interesting, but I failed to connect with the characters and I didn’t feel invested in their romance.

Meriel is a powerful witch and the heir apparent to her family’s clan. The only thing that is holding her back from reaching her potential is the fact that she has not found her bondmate and ascended with him. Finding her magical other-half happens pretty quickly, though, when she goes to investigate a loner witch who is using her family’s magical font without permission. [Read more…]

Review: With the Dawn by Cassandra Sky West

Reviewed by Ronelle

A witch, a vampire, and a witch walk into a bar… except there’s no bar, just a trio of unlikely friends determined to stay alive.

Alexi Creed wakes up in a morgue drawer, with no knowledge of who she is, where she’s being held, or even why. Only quick thinking and newfound vampiric reflexes allow her to avoid an unpleasant death. But even as she flees the nightclub under which she’d been held, she’s jumping out of the frying pan and straight into a fire that could easily consume her.

Savanna Grace is on the run from another witch bent on her destruction. Worse yet, the other witch is her own mother and the woman is pulling out all the stops to have her revenge. Savanna has been running for far too long and her gift of precognition tells her that Alexi is her only hope of survival. She can’t run anymore. [Read more…]

Review: Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

princess-of-thornsReviewed by Shelly

I don’t like it when a blurb compares its story to another (my expectations will be set) and I’m glad I didn’t read the blurb for this before I dug in. The cover is what drew me in. I’ve been around the bend listening to audiobooks and a friend told me that a good genre for listening is PNR. So here I go.

The first chapter drew me in. It’s from Aurora’s 7-year-old point of view. She, her mother, and brother have been slated for death by the evil ruler. Her father’s already dead so they’re without his support. Aurora’s mother knows of a way to help save her children and she doesn’t hesitate. She gifts her daughter with her fae powers; this gift is by no means without consequences and Aurora’s mother gives the ultimate sacrifice. Even at 7, Aurora feels different after her endowment. There’s a different energy about her and with fervent determination, Aurora is fixed on vengeance for her mother and to regain the kingdom of her father. [Read more…]

Review: Shadowed Blade by JC Daniels

shadowed bladeReviewed by Jen

I know it’s hard to wait for a new book when you love a series. I’m right there with you, griping and wondering if that precious story I want is ever going to get here. This book, in particular, was one we had to wait on. And I hate to say it, but we should have waited a little bit longer. The story is a good one. As it unfolds, there are some major revelations. It unlocks secrets and it changes Kit’s life. It’s a big deal and the ideas are really good. But the book feels so unfinished. By that, I don’t mean that there’s a problem with the ending. I mean, it needed more work. It needed more time, and maybe as fans, that’s partly our fault for pushing so hard for it to come out.  It wasn’t ready, and you’ll be able to tell. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Burn by Rebecca Zanetti

wicked burnReviewed by Jen

Though I haven’t loved the Realm Enforcers books as much as the Dark Protectors series from which they came, I have to say that this third installment was definitely a bigger hit for me than the first two. That’s probably because –A– this heroine is every bit as badass as the hero and –B– the story feels much more tied into the original series and characters.

Rebecca Zanetti has been sprinkling in little teases about the romance between Simone and Nick for the past couple of books. Now, they’re finally the main event. It’s a second chance at love story for these two. They were supposed to be mated a century ago. But a prophet warned Nick that he must take another path or risk Simone dying from a plague only he could help prevent. It forced him to break her heart and live a dark life, but his sacrifices paid off. Now that he has fulfilled his mission, all he wants is another chance with the powerful witch he has loved a lifetime. [Read more…]

Review: The Dragon’s Temptation by Lily Cahill

dragons temptationReviewed by Joanna

I picked this up because I was intrigued by the idea of having five authors write one book as one voice. Can this ever be consistent?

So, to the premise. Felicity and her sister Joy have moved from NYC to Augustus to get away from their famous family, the Valdez, and all the trouble that comes with their name. They now run a tea shop called the Witches Brew where Felicity uses her magic powers to create potions and cool cakes and the like, whilst Joy takes her smokin’ body on drug binges and out night clubbing. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Edge by Rebecca Zanetti

wicked edgeReviewed by Jen

I have mixed feelings about this book and it pains me to say so. I really enjoyed Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protector series. But despite the fact that the Realm Enforcer books exist in the same world with crossover characters, this doesn’t have the same magic for me. I was lukewarm with book one and this second installment gave me as much grief as enjoyment.

My biggest issue is with the Alpha-hole hero. Daire is one of the Dunne brothers, who protect the Coven Nine witches. We established in the last book that they are away from their Irish home, trying to root out the source of a drug that is deadly to witches. They are undercover in a motorcycle gang (though in this installment that connection is almost superfluous.) As the story begins, Daire picks up a beautiful woman in a biker bar and takes her home for the night. He has no idea she is not the human she appears. He finds out quickly, though, when she manages to drug him and ransack his house. [Read more…]