Reviews by Author: G-L

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Gabaldon, Diana
Dragonfly in Amber
Gabelman, Teresa
The Protectors: Damon
Gabriel, Julia
Next to You
Gael, Chevon
The Bartered Virgin
Gail, Stacy
Nobody’s Angel
Savage Angel
Gaines, Alice
Always a Princess
Galen, Shana
I Kissed a Rogue
Gallagher, Ann
All the Wrong Places
Gardin, Diana
Wanting Forever
Garner, Cynthia
Kiss of the Vampire
Garren, Jax
How Beauty Loved the Beast
How Beauty Met the Beast
How Beauty Saved the Beast
Garwood, Julie
Sweet Talk (DNF)
Geissinger, JT
Make Me Sin
Wicked Beautiful
Wicked Sexy
Gephart, December
Undercover Professor
Gerard, Cindy
Killing Time
The Way Home
Gibsen, Cole
Written On My Heart
Gilchrist, SE
Quest for Earth
Gill, Tamara
A Stolen Season
Gilley, Lauren
Keep You
Price of Angels
The Skelton King
Gilman, Sarah
Out in Blue
Gleason, Colleen
Abandon the Night (as Joss Ware)
Beyond the Night (as Joss Ware)
Embrace the Night Eternal (as Joss Ware)
Night Betrayed (as Joss Ware)
Night Forbidden (as Joss Ware)
Night Resurrected (as Joss Ware)
The Vampire Dimitri
The Vampire Narcise
The Vampire Voss
Gormley, Amelia C
Grace, KD
Grace, Kendall
Grace, MH
Binary Law
Grace, Sable
Before the Fall
Graham, Heather
The Unseen
Granger, Sarah
A Minor Inconvenience
Grant, Donna
Dangerous Highlander
Grant, Susan
The Last Warrior
Gray, June
Green, Bronwyn
The Overlord’s Chosen
Green, Crystal
Green, M. Terry
Shaman, Friend, Enemy
Shaman, Healer, Heretic
Shaman, Priestess, Pawn
Shaman, Sister, Sorceress
Green, Patricia
Liv’s Journey
Green, TD (with L. J. Harris, DaNay Smith, Bette Browne & C. C. Lorenz)
Second Chances
Greenwood, Leigh
Forever and Always
Gregg, LB
Men of Smithfield: Adam & Holden
Men of Smithfield: Mark & Tony
Men of Smithfield: Seth & David
Grey, Amelia
The Duke and Miss Christmas
A Gentleman Says “I Do”
Wedding Night With the Earl
Grey, Andrew
Artistic Pursuits
Love Comes Unheard
Grey, Jeanette
Take What You Want
Greystone, Miriam
Grimley, Lauren
Grooms, Megan
Cupid’s Test
Finding Samantha
Guhrke, Laura Lee
No Mistress of Mine
Trouble at the Wedding
Guido, Emily
Gyland, Henriette
The Elephant Girl
The Highwayman’s Daughter
Hachtel, Leslie
Emma’s Dance
Haines, Jess
Deceived by the Others
Enslaved by the Others
Forsaken by the Others
Hunted by the Others
Stalking the Others
Taken by the Others
Hall, Deanndra
The Groundbreaking
Laying a Foundation
Renovating a Heart
Tearing Down Walls
Halle, Karina
Bold Tricks
Shooting Scars
Sins and Needles
On Every Street
Halverson, Colleen
Children of the Veil
Hamilton, Laurell K
Hit List
Hanover, MLN (Daniel Abraham)
Darker Angels
Killing Rites
Unclean Spirits
Vicious Grace
Harber, Cristin
Winter’s Heat
Harris, Charlaine
All Together Dead
Club Dead
Dead and Gone
Dead as a Doornail
Dead in the Family
Dead Reckoning
Dead to the World
Dead Until Dark
Definitely Dead
From Dead to Worse
Living Dead in Dallas
Sookie Stackhouse: Short Stories and Novellas
Harris, Daisy
After the Rain
Bossy and the Brat
College Boys
Diva and the Frat Boy
From the Ashes
Genius and the Jock
Player and the Prude
Pride and Politics
Townie and the Twink
My Fair Dork
Harris, Edie
Harrison, Kim
Black Magic Sanction
Blood Work
Dead Witch Walking
The Drafter
Ever After
Every Which Way but Dead
A Fistful of Charms
For a Few Demons More
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
The Hollows Insider
Into the Woods
The Outlaw Demon Wails
Pale Demon
A Perfect Blood
The Undead Pool
White Witch, Black Curse
The Witch With No Name
Harrison, Thea
Devil’s Gate
Dragon Bound
Dragos Goes to Washington
Dragos Takes a Holiday
Falling Light
Hunter’s Season
Liam Takes Manhattan
Lord’s Fall
Midnight’s Kiss
Natural Evil
Night’s Honor
Oracle’s Moon
Peanut Goes to School
Pia Does Hollywood
Pia Saves the Day
Rising Darkness
Serpent’s Kiss
Shadow’s End
Storm’s Heart
True Colors
The Wicked
Hart, Kaily
Rise of Hope
Hart, Lena
Because This Is Forever
Because You Are Mine
The Devil’s Bedpost
First Love
Queen of His Heart
Something Old
Hart, Megan
Captivated (with T. Reisz)
The Space Between Us
There All Along (with Lauren Dane)
Hart, Staci
With a Twist
Harte, Marie
Enemy Red
How to Handle a Heartbreaker
Ruining Mr. Perfect
The Troublemaker Next Door
What to Do With a Bad Boy
Hatler, Susan
Love at First Date
Hauf, Michele
Ashes of Angels
Cruel Enchantment (Crave the Night)
Forever Vampire
The Werewolf’s Wife
Havens, Candace
Baby’s Got Bite
Take It Like a Vamp
Havens, Houston
Phantom Desire
Sinful Surrender
Hawthorn, Amy J
Lacey Temptations
Hayley, Elizabeth
The Best Medicine
Haymore, Jennifer
Confessions of an Improper Bride
Highland Heat
Once Upon a Wicked Night
Pleasures of a Tempted Lady
Secrets of an Accidental Duchess
Haynes, Gwen
Don’t Stop Believing
Haynes, Jasmine
Teach Me a Lesson
Heath, Lorraine
The Duke and the Lady in Red
The Earl Takes All
Falling in Bed With a Duke
The Last Wicked Scoundrel
Lord of Temptation
Lord of Wicked Intentions
Once More, My Darling Rogue
She Tempts the Duke
When the Duke Was Wicked
Waking Up With the Duke
Heaton, Felicity
Heger, Amanda
Dirty Work (with H St. George & T Wyatt)
Hegger, Sarah
My Lady Faye
Henry, Lisa
Adulting 101
Henry, Mark
Hepburn, Lucy
2 Busy 4 Love
Higgins, Kristan
The Next Best Thing
The Perfect Match
Hilaire, Tes
Deliver Me from Darkness
Hill, Joey W
Worth the Wait
Hill, Sandra
Kiss of Pride
Hines, Yvette
Bear’s Gold
Love in the Afternoon
Hobbes, Elisabeth
The Blacksmith’s Wife
Hogan, JK
Strong Medicine
Holiday, Jenny
The Engagement Game
80s Mix Tape Anthology (with various authors)
His Heart’s Revenge
Saving the CEO
Sleeping With Her Enemy
Viscountess of Vice
Holmes, EE
Spirit Legacy
Holt, Shelly
Tasting Fire
Hoover, Colleen
It Ends With Us
Hosier, Shanyn
Nine Dates
Hoyt, Elizabeth
Darling Beast
Dearest Rogue
Duke of Midnight
Duke of Sin
The Leopard Prince
Lord of Darkness
Notorious Pleasures
Once Upon a Moonlit Night
The Raven Prince
Scandalous Desires
The Serpent Prince
Sweetest Scoundrel
Thief of Shadows
To Beguile a Beast
To Desire a Devil
To Seduce a Sinner
To Taste Temptation
Wicked Intentions
Huguley, Piper
A Most Precious Pearl
Humphreys, Sara
Hunsaker, Laura
Highland Destiny
Highland Games
Highlander Reborn
Hunt, Loribelle
Kiss of Darkness
Kiss of Twilight
Hunter, Elizabeth
Desert Bound
A Fall of Water
The Force of Wind
A Hidden Fire
This Same Earth
Hunter, Faith
Black Arts
Black Water
Blood Cross
Blood in Her Veins
Blood of the Earth
Blood Trade
Broken Soul
Cat Tales
Dark Heir
Death’s Rival
Have Stakes With Travel
The Jane Yellowrock World Companion
Mercy Blade
Raven Cursed
Shadow Rites
Hunter, Kelly
Pursued by Rogue
Hunter, Madeline
The Counterfeit Mistress
Hunter, Sylvia Izzo
The Midnight Queen
Hunting, Helena
Pucked Up
Husk, Shona
Dark Secrets
Dark Vow
For the Love of a Goblin Warrior
Kiss of the Goblin Prince
Hutton, Callie
The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage
Ione, Larissa
Base Instincts
Bound by Night
Desire Untamed
Ecstasy Unveiled
Eternal Rider
Eternity Embraced
Immortal Rider
Lethal Rider
Passion Unleashed
Pleasure Unbound
Rogue Rider
Sin Undone
Irons, Isobel
Say Anything
Wake for Me
Ivy, Alexandra
On the Hunt (with R Zanneti, D Duvall, & H Jayne)
Jace, Cameron
Grimm Diaries Prequels 1-6
Jackson, AL
Come to Me Quietly
Jackson, Brenda
A Brother’s Honor
Jackson, Violet
Doctor’s Love
Jacobs, Holly
Just One Thing
Jakes, SE
Catch a Ghost
Dirty Deeds
Free Falling
Long Time Gone
James, Elle
Deja VooDoo
VooDoo on the Bayou
James, Eloisa
The Lady Most Likely (with J Quinn & C Brockway)
The Lady Most Willing (with J Quinn & C Brockway)
My American Duchess
The Ugly Duchess
With This Kiss
James, Hayley B
Water Waltz
James, Judith
The King’s Courtesan
James, Julie
Just the Sexiest Man Alive
Love Irresistibly
Suddenly One Summer
James, Lorelei
Hillbilly Rockstar
Just What I Needed
What You Need
Wrapped and Strapped
James, Maddie
Bed, Breakfast and You
James, Monica
Dirty Dix
James, Morgan (& Ashlyn Kane)
Hair of the Dog
James, Sandy
Rules of the Game
Jameson, Ella
Jameson, Lauren
Surrender to Temptation
Jamieson, Kelly
Her Stand-In Boyfriend
Rhythm of Three
Rule of Three
Jamieson, Trent
Death Most Definite
Managing Death
Jamison, Kayleigh
Leading Her to Heaven
Jamison, Sugar
Gentlemen Prefer Curves
Heart of a Bad Boy
Jane, Missy
Trusting an Angel
Jarecki, Amy
Captured by the Pirate Laird
Jarman, Jessica
All or Nothing
Fate’s Song
Jay, Stacey
Blood on the Bayou
Dead on the Delta
Jaybee, Kay
A Sticky Situation
Jayne, Hannah
On the Hunt (with A Ivy, R Zanneti & D Duvall)
Jewel, Carolyn
My Dangerous Pleasure
Jocoby, Annie
Johns, Rachael
Fire Me Up DNF
Stand-In Star
Johnson, Janice Kay
One Frosty Night
Jones, Darynda
Brighter Than the Sun
The Curse of Tenth Grave
The Dirt on Ninth Grave
Eighth Grave After Dark
Fifth Grave Past the Light
First Grave on the Right
For I Have Sinned
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
Second Grave on the Left
Seventh Grave and No Body
Sixth Grave on the Edge
Third Grave Dead Ahead
Jordan, Sophie
A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin
How to Lose a Bride in One Night
Julian, Stephanie
Strings Attached
K, K Ford
The Concubine’s Gift
Kagawa, Julie
The Eternity Cure
The Forever Song
The Immortal Rules
Kage, Linda
Be My Hero
Delinquent Daddy
A Fallow Heart
Kiss It Better
A Perfect Ten
Price of a Kiss
The Trouble With Tomboys
To Professor With Love
With Every Heartbeat
Kaine, Margaret
Dangerous Decisions
Kallyn, Amber
Kane, Ashlyn (& Morgan James)
Hair of the Dog
Kane, Samantha
Broken Play
Devil in My Arms
The Devil’s Thief
Gift of Desire (with Kate Pearce)
Love’s Surrender
Kane, Stacia
Chasing Magic
City of Ghosts
Close to You
Downside Ghosts: Short Stories & Novellas
Finding Magic
Made For Sin
Sacrificial Magic
Unholy Ghosts
Unholy Magic
Wrong Ways Down
Karns, Lola
Winter Fairy
Kay, Sharon
Tainted Kiss
Kaye, Laura
Dare to Resist
Hard as It Gets
Hearts in Darkness
Kaye, Marguerite
Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah
Rake With a Frozen Heart
Kayn, Debra
Wrapped Around Him
Kelley, Inez
The Bastard
Kelley, Lauren H.
Take Me Down
Kellison, Erin
Fire Kissed
Kelly, Mira Lyn
Waking Up Married
Kelly, Vanessa
How To Plan a Wedding For a Royal Spy
Kennedy, Elle
The Deal
The Goal
Hotter Than Ever
Midnight Action
Midnight Captive
Midnight Games
Midnight Pursuits
Midnight Revenge
One Night of Sin
The Score
Kennedy, Kris
Kennedy, Shirley
Wagon Train Cinderella
Kennedy, Stacey
Beg For It
Demonically Tempted
The Score
Supernaturally Kissed
Werewolves Be Damned
Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Alterant (with Dianna Love)
Blood Trinity (with Dianna Love)
Born of Betrayal
Born of Defiance
Born of Fire
Born of Fury
Born of Ice
Born of Night
Born of Shadows
Born of Silence
Claiming the Highlander (as Kinsey MacGregor)
Cloak & Silence
The Curse (with Dianna Love)
Fire and Ice
The Guardian
Love at First Bite (Until Death Do Us Part)
Master of Desire (as Kinsey MacGregor)
Midnight Pleasures (Phantom Lover)
Playing Easy to Get (Turn Up the Heat)
Rise of the Gryphon (with Dianna Love)
Son of No One
Tapestry (Dragonswan)
Time Untime
Kerr, Josie
A Bad Bit Nice
The Best Ever
Kerstand, Lynn
A Spirited Affair
Kert, August
Bring Me to Life
Kery, Beth
Exposed to You
Kessler, Lisa
Hunter’s Moon
Night Demon
Night Thief
Night Walker
Keyes, Julianna
Going the Distance
Khan, Mina
The Djinn’s Dilemma
Kidd, Jillian
Vengeful Bounty
Killough-Walden, Heather
Avenger’s Angel
King, Lucy
Taming the Beast
King, Samantha Ann
Tempting Meredith
Waiting for Ty
King, Thayer
The Matchmaker
Kingston, Sara
Online Menage
Kirby, P
The Canvas Thief
Kirk, Ambrielle
Wolf’s Desire
Klein, KC
Dark Future
Kleve, Sharon
The Wedding Switch
Kleypas, Lisa
Again the Magic
Crystal Cove
Knight, Ciara
The Curse of Gremdon
Knight, Julia
The Viking’s Sacrifice
Knight, Patricia A.
Hers to Choose
Hers to Command
Knightley, Erin
The Baron Next Door
Knox, Joelle
Anything But Broken
Knox, Kim
Bitter Harvest
Dark Dealings
Synthetic Dreams
Knox, Ruthie
How to Misbehave
Making It Last
Kohout, Jennifer
Master of Tides
Kwan, Coleen
Darke London
Real Men Don’t Break Hearts
Kyle, Celia
Labbe, Marguerite
The Gladiator’s Master
LaFever, Caro
Lord of the Isles
LaFleur, Lynn
Smokin Hot
Lain, Tara
Tackling the Tight End
Lake, Keri
Soul Avenged
Soul Enslaved
Soul Resurrected
Landon, Syndey
Always Loving You
Fighting for You
Lane, Prescott
First Position
Perfectly Broken
Wrapped in Lace
Lang, Emma (Beth Williamson)
Lario, Rosalie
Blood of the Demon
Heart of the Incubus
Mark of the Sylph
Touch of the Angel
Larkin, CV
Ash to Embers
Silver and Dust
Larkin, Emily
The Spinster’s Secret
LaRocca, Bea
Dream Date
An Imperfect Match
Latham, Kat
Knowing the Score
Playing it Close
Taming the Legend
Tempting the Player
Three Nights Before Christmas
Lauren, Christina
Beautiful Bastard
Laurens, Stephanie
And Then She Fell
The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae
In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster
Royal Bridesmaids (with G Foley & L Chase)
Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue
Laurenston, Shelly
Beast Behaving Badly
The Beast in Him
Big Bad Beast
The Mane Attraction
The Mane Event
The Mane Squeeze
The Unleashing
LaValle, Leigh
The Rogue Returns
Lawson, B. Jane
To the Cliffside
Layne, Lauren
Only With You
Lee, Alison
Lee, Georgie
Hero’s Redemption
Mask of the Gladiator
Lee, Jade
50 Ways to Ruin a Rake
Lee, Karalynn
Heart of the Dragon’s Realm
Lee, Rebecca Hagan
A Wanted Man
Lee, Sami
Erica’s Choice
Leigh, Jillian
The Rules of Engagement
Leigh, Lora
Bengal’s Quest
The Breed Next Door
Elizabeth’s Wolf
Harmony’s Way
Kiss of Heat
Loving Lies
The Man Within
Megan’s Mark
Midnight Sins
Nauti Enchantress
Nauti Seductress
Rule Breaker
Secret Pleasure
Soul Deep
Tempting the Beast
Wicked Lies
Wicked Pleasure Part 1
Wicked Pleasure Part 2
Wicked Pleasure Part 3
Lemmon, Jessica
Hard to Handle
Lesley, Allyn
Leverich, Kelsie
Feel the Rush
Lesley, Allyn
Deeper: Descent
Leslie, JL
Demons From My Past
Tease Me
Lewis, Jennifer
Veronica: Stranded With the Sheikh
Lin, Amber
Three Nights With a Rock Star (with Shari Slade)
Linde, KA
Off the Record
Linden, Caroline
All’s Fair in Love and Scandal
Blame it on Bath
I Love the Earl
It Takes a Scandal
Love and Other Scandals
Love in the Time of Scandal
One Night in London
Six Degrees of Scandal
The Way to a Duke’s Heart
What a Gentleman Wants
Lindsey, Johanna
A Rogue of My Own
Lindo-Rice, Michelle
Silent Praise
Unbound Hearts
Lindt, Allison
Roll Against Discovery
Littlefield, Sophie
Liu, Marjorie M
Within the Flames
Lofty, Carrie
Portrait of Seduction
London, Julia
The Devil Takes a Bride
Homecoming Ranch
The Scoundrel and the Debutante
The Trouble With Honor
London, Laurie
Bonded by Blood
Embraced by Blood
Hidden by Blood
Seduced by Blood
Tempted by Blood
Long, Heather
Combat Barbie
Desert Wolf
Have Yourself a Marine Christmas
Marine With Benefits
No Regrets, No Surrender
Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here
Some Like it Deadly
Long, Julie Anne
Between the Devil and Ian Eversea
How the Marquess Was Won
I Kissed an Earl
It Happened One Midnight
It Started with a Scandal
The Legend of Lyon Redmond
Like No Other Lover
A Notorious Countess Confesses
The Perils of Pleasure
Since the Surrender
Longley, Barbara
Heart of the Druid Laird
Lopez, Lolita
Dead Sexy Dragon
Loren, Roni
Caught Up In You
Need You Tonight
Lorret, Vivienne
Daring Miss Danvers
The Debutante Is Mine
The Devilish Mr. Danvers
Finding Miss McFarland
The Maddening Lord Montwood
Tempting Mr. Weatherstone
This Earl Is on Fire
Winning Miss Wakefield
Love, Dianna
Alterant (with S Kenyon)
Blood Trinity (with S Kenyon)
The Curse (with S Kenyon)
Demon Storm
Rise of the Gryphon (with S Kenyon)
Rogue Belador
Tristan’s Escape
Luc, DX
Touch of the Gods: The Wager
Lucas, Cynthia
Blood From a Stone
Luedke, Travis
Angel 6.0: Concubine
Lutchen, Amy Joy
Lyndhurst, Rachel
The Spanish Billionaire’s Hired Bride
Lynne, Alanna
Last Call
Lynn, J (Jennifer Armintrout)
Lynne, Alannah
Savin’ Me