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Mae, Cassie
Friday Night Alibi
MacGregor, Kinsey (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
Claiming the Highlander
Master of Desire
Mackenzie, Camille
Mackenzie, Robyn (& Gayle Donnelly)
Infinite Betrayal
MacLean, Sarah
Never Judge a Lady By Her Cover
No Good Duke Goes Unpunished
One Good Earl Deserves a Lover
A Rouge by Any Other Name
The Rogue Not Taken
A Scot in the Dark
MacMeans, Donna
The Whisky Laird’s Bed
MacNamara, Ashlyn
Destined For a King
What a Lady Demands
Madden, JM
Embattled Hearts
Embattled Home
Embattled Minds
Embattled Road
Madison, Juliet
Fast Forward
February or Forever
Madison, Katy
All About Seduction
Madison, Shawntelle
Mady, Elyse
The White Swan Affair
Maguire, Margo
Seducing the Governess
The Warrior Laird
Maitland, Kaitlin
Kiss Cam Connection
Mallery, Susan
All Summer Long
Summer Days
Summer Nights
Mallory, Margaret
The Chieftain
The Guardian
The Sinner
The Warrior
Malone, M.
The Things I Do For You
Malori, Reana
Escape to Heaven
Finding Faith
Second Chances
Stay With Me
Malphas, Jodi Ellen
This Man
March, Ava
Fortune Hunter
March, Tracy
A Shot of Red
Marillier, Juliet
Dreamer’s Pool
Tower of Thorns
Marrow, AD
Chaos and Moonlight
Marsh, Anne
His Dark Bond
Marsh, Nicola
Romance for Cynics
Marshall, Grace
Identity Crisis
Martin, Kelley R.
Sucker Punched
Martine, Hanna
Long Shot
Marvelle, Delilah
All I Want for Christmas is a Duke (with Maire Claremont)
The Duke of Andelot
Forever a Lady
Forever a Lord
Lady of Pleasure
Lord of Pleasure
Master of Pleasure
Mistress of Pleasure
Night of Pleasure
Romancing Lady Stone
Mason, Connie
Sins of the Highlander
Massey, Heather
Lord of Snow and Ice
Queenie’s Brigade
Mathewson, RL
Matthews, Beth
Love’s Last Call
Maxwell, Cathy
The Scottish Witch
The Seduction of Scandal
Maxwell, Gina L.
Fighting for Irish
Rules of Entanglement
Seducing Cinderella
Mayburn, Ann
Jaz’s Warriors
McAfee, Sabrina Sims
Marrying the Marine
McBride, Belinda
McCarthy, Erin
McCollum, Heather
Highland Heart
McCullough-White, Dawn
Cameo the Assassin
Camero and the Highwayman
Cameo and the Vampire
McDaniel, Sylvia
The Reluctant Santa
McDonald, Donna
Peyton 313
McDonald, LJ
The Battle Sylph
A Midwinter Fantasy
Queen of the Sylphs
The Shattered Sylph
McGarry, Katie
Crash Into You
McGier, Fiona
Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled
Prophecy of the Undead
McGreevy, Brian
Hemlock Grove
McGregor, Michaela
Truth’s Evil Light
McGuire, Jamie
Beautiful Burn
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Oblivion
Beautiful Redemption
Beautiful Sacrifice
Walking Disaster
McGuire, Seanan
An Artifcial Night
Ashes of Honor
Chimes at Midnight
Late Eclipses
A Local Habitation
October Daye Short Stories
Once Broken Faith
One Salt Sea
A Red Rose Chain
Rosemary and Rue
The Winter Long
McGurk, Angela
McHugh, Crista
Breakaway Hearts
The Sweetest Seduction
A Waltz at Midnight
McKee, Laurel
Lady of Seduction
Two Sinful Secrets
McKenna, Annemarie
McKenna, Cara
Give It All
Hard Time
Her Best Laid Plans
Lay It Down
McKenna, Elizabeth
Cera’s Place
McKevitt, Virginia
Fracture: The Secret Enemy
McKinley, Brooke
Shades of Gray
McLaughlin, Jen
Lust Is the Thorn
McLean, KD
The Story of Rachel
McQuiston, Jennifer
Diary of an Accidental Wallflower
The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel
The Spinster’s Guide to Scandalous Behavior
McRae, Killian
Pure & Sinful
Meade, Kelly
Black Rook
Gray Bishop
White Knight
Meding, Kelly
Another Kind of Dead
As Lie the Dead
Black Rook (as Kelly Meade)
Gray Bishop (as Kelly Meade)
The Night Before Dead
Requiem For the Dead
Three Days to Dead
White Knight (as Kelly Meade)
Wrong Side of Dead
Meeker, Terri
Angel of the Somme
Mennen, Rayka
Enchanted Destiny
Meredith, Jan
Playing Doctor
Merrill, Christine
Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess
Merritt, Allison
The Convict and the Cattleman
Michaels, Charis
The Virgin and the Viscount
Michaels, Jess
For Desire Alone
Michaels, Kasey
A Midsummer Night’s Sin
Much Ado About Rogues
The Taming of the Rake
Michaels, Lydia
Breaking Out
Breaking Perfect
Coming Home
Falling In
La Vie en Rose
Michaels, Tere
Faith and Fidelity
Michelle, Patrice
A Taste for Passion
Michels, Elizabeth
The Infamous Heir
Milan, Courtney
The Countess Conspiracy
The Duchess War
The Governess Affair
The Heiress Effect
A Kiss for Midwinter
The Lady Always Wins
Once Upon a Marquess
The Suffragette Scandal
This Wicked Gift
Trade Me
What Happened at Midnight
Miles, Cindy
Stupid Love
Miley, Joannah
The Immortal Game
Miller, Harper
Miller, Kristen
Claimed by Desire
So I Married a Werewolf
Vamped Up
Minden, Inka Loreen
Hearts of Stone
Moffett, Julie
Her Kilt-Clad Rogue
Moning, Karen Marie
Beyond the Highland Mist
The Dark Highlander
The Highlander’s Touch
The Immortal Highlander
Kiss of the Highlander
Spell of the Highlander
Tapestry (Into the Dreaming)
To Tame a Highland Warrior
Monk, Devon
Crucible Zero
Hell Bent
House Immortal
Infinity Bell
Magic at the Gate
Magic for a Price
Magic in the Blood
Magic in the Shadows
Magic on the Hunt
Magic on the Line
Magic on the Storm
Magic to the Bone
Magic Without Mercy
Stone Cold
Monroe, Jill
Lord of Rage
Monroe, Melody Snow
Freedom to Submit
Moon, Jeannie
The Second Chance Hero
Unexpectedly Yours
Moon, Kele
Beyond Eden
Crossing the Line
Defying the Odds
Star Crossed
The Viper
Mooney, Laura
Captive Surrender
Moorcroft, Sue
Is This Love?
Moore, Erica
A Dangerous Invitation
Morgan, Victoria
Heart of a Duke
Mullany, Janet
Tell Me More
Munro, Shelley
Playing to Win
Mistress of Merrivale
Murphy, Monica
Owning Violet
Murray, Jeanette
Completing the Pass
Murray, JJ
Until I Saw Your Smile
Myers, Cindi
The Wedding Gamble
Myers, Theresa
The Half-Breed Vampire
Mynx, Sienna
Before Sunrise
Nash, Joy
The Unforgiven
Natusch, Amber Lynn
Navarre, Laura
The Devil’s Temptress
Neal, Tula
Prince, Bewitched
Neill, Chloe
Biting Bad
Biting Cold
Drink Deep
Friday Night Bites
Hard Bitten
House Rules
The Sight
Some Girls Bite
Twice Bitten
The Veil
Neville, Miranda
The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton
Confessions from an Arranged Marriage
Duke of Dark Desires
The Importance of Being Wicked
Lady Windermere’s Lover
The Ruin of a Rogue
The Second Seduction of a Lady
Nicholas, Annie
Starved for Love
Niles, Abby
Extreme Love
Norris, Shana
The Rules of You and Me
North, Evie
Two Days of Temptation
North, Nicole
Laird of Darkness
Oak, Sophie
Back in Bliss
Beast: A Faery Story 2
Beauty: A Faery Story 3
Siren Reborn
Siren Unleashed
Sirens in Bliss
O’Keefe, M
Burn Down the Night
O’Leary, Caitlyn
Isabella’s Submission
Protecting Olivia
Trusting Chance
O’Shea, Patti
Enemy Embrace (Crave the Night)
O’Shea, Silence
His Right Hand
O’Tierney, Raine
Sweet Giordan, Please Remember
Owen, Abigail
Blue Violet
Her Demigod Complex
Owens, Robin D.
Heart Mate
Pace, Lilah
His Royal Favorite
His Royal Secret by Lilah Pace
Pace, Lilah
His Royal Secret
Pace, Pepper
Beast: A Twisted Fairytale
Someone to Love
They Say Love is Blind
Paige, Elisa
Killing Time
Painter, Kristen
Blood Rights
Palmer, Pamela
A Blood Seduction
Ecstasy Untamed
A Love Untamed
Wulfe Untamed
Pang, Allison
A Brush of Darkness
A Sliver of Shadow
A Trace of Moonlight
Paolo, Theresa
(Never) Again
Pape, Cindy Spencer
Motor City Mage
Motor City Wolf
Parker, Olivia
Guarding a Notorious Lady
Parker, Tamsen
Craving Flight
Intimate Geography
Personal Geography
True North
Unchartered Territory
Parr, Allison
Running Back
Parrish, Roan
In the Middle of Somewhere
Patrick, Elyssa
Stay With Me
Payne, Angel
Permanent Marker
Saved by His Submissive
Star of Wonder
Pearce, Kate
Gift of Desire (with Samantha Kane)
Pearson, Gary
Slapshot of Love
Peart, Mary
Marrying Her Rich Asian Widower
Peeler, Nicole
Eye of the Tempest
Jinn and Juice
Tempest Reborn
Tempest Rising
Tempest’s Fury
Tempest’s Legacy
Tracking the Tempest
Perini, Robin
Forgotten Secrets
Perrin, Kayla
Flames of Passion
Until Now
Phillips, Carly
Dare to Desire
Dare to Love
Perfect Fling
Perfect Together
Phoenix, Ella J
Dragon Heat
Raven’s Awakening
Vampire Thirst
Wolf Hunger
Pierce, ER
Fractured Moon
Pineiro, Caridad
The Claimed
The Lost
Polo, Amber
Poole, Kate
Anchor and Storm
Power, Jim
The End of the Line
Prater, Celeste
Prescott, RJ
The Aftermath
The Hurricane
Price, Kalayna
Grave Dance
Grave Memory
Grave Visions
Grave Witch
Pryor, Lindsay J
Blood Roses
Putney, Mary Jo
Not Always a Saint
Quan, Tara
Tower in the Woods
Quick, Amanda
The Perfect Poison
Till Death Do Us Part
Quincy, Diana
Engaging the Earl
Quinn, Cari
Manaconda (with Taryn Elliott)
Quinn, Ella
Three Weeks to Wed
Quinn, Julia
Because of Miss Bridgerton
The Lady Most Likely (with E James & C Brockway)
The Lady Most Willing (with E James & C Brockway)
A Night Like This
The Sum of All Kisses
Quinn, Paula
Conquered by a Highlander
Tamed by a Highlander
The Taming of Malcolm Grant
Rai, Alisha
Glutton for Pleasure
Serving Pleasure
Raines, Harmony
The Princess and Her Alien Rogue
Raines, Hunter
Sight Unseen
Ramsey, Sara
Heiress Without a Cause
Scotsmen Prefer Blondes
Rand, Violetta
Randol, Anna
A Most Naked Solution
Sins of a Virgin
Ranney, Karen
A Borrowed Scot
A Scottish Love
Rayne, Cynthia
Reeve, TL
Their Secretary
Regan, Lisa
Hold Still
Reid, Penny
Friends Without Benefits
Neanderthal Seeks Human
Reisz, Tiffany
Captivated (with M. Hart)
Regnery, Katy
By Proxy
The Wedding Date
Renquist, Zenobia
Harley on the Rocks
Reus, Katie
Alpha Instinct
Avengers Heat
Claiming Her Warriors
Darkness Awakened
Destined Mate
Hunter Reborn
Mating Instinct
Primal Possession
Rice, Heidi
Tempting the Knight
Rice, Lisa Marie
Fatal Heat: A SEAL Novella
Richard, Shannon
Richmonde, Arianne
Forty Shades of Pearl
Riley, Alexa
P.S. You’re Mine
Riley, Eugenia
Missouri Bride
Riley, Lia
Upside Down
Ritchie, Krista (& Becca Ritchie)
Addicted for Now
Addicted to You
Kiss the Sky
Rivers, Mary Ann
The Story Guy
Roads, Abbie
Race the Darkness
Roane, Caris
Blood by Moonlight (with T Garey & J Drake)
Embrace the Dark
Robert, Katee
Chasing Mrs. Right
A Fool For You
Fool Me Once
Foolproof Love
His Lover to Protect DNF
His to Keep
The Marriage Contract
Seducing the Bridesmaid
Wrong Bed, Right Guy
Roberts, Flora
Just a Step Away
Roberts, Victoria
Kill or Be Kilt
Robson, Cecy
Once Perfect
Sealed With a Curse
Robyns, Claire
The Devil of Jedburgh
Rocha, Kit (Moira Rogers)
Beyond Control
Beyond Jealousy
Beyond Pain
Beyond Possession
Beyond Shame
Beyond Solitude
Marked (with L Dane & V Arend)
Rochelle, Marie
Closer to You
Rodale, Maya
Seducing Mr Knightly
The Tattooed Duke
Rogers, Moira
Anything But Broken (as Joelle Knox)
Archer’s Lady
Beyond Control (as Kit Rocha)
Beyond Jealousy (as Kit Rocha)
Beyond Pain (as Kit Rocha)
Beyond Possession (as Kit Rocha)
Beyond Shame (as Kit Rocha)
Beyond Solitude (as Kit Rocha)
Diana’s Hound
Haunted Sanctuary
Hunter’s Prey
Marked (as Kit Rocha with L Dane & V Arend)
Merrick’s Destiny
Wilder’s Mate
Rogers, Rosemary
Bride for a Night
Romain, Theresa
Season for Temptation
Rose, Nashoda
Perfect Chaos
Torn From You
Rose, Ranae
Hell Without You
Haunted Passions
Rose, Tiffany
Freya’s Journey
Fun with Buster and Other Short Stories
Ross, Juliana
Improper Relations
Rossano, Rachel
The Mercenary’s Marriage
Rossetti, Denise
Gift of the Goddess
Rosso, Nico
The Last Night
Night of Fire
Roth, Kathleeen Bittner
The Seduction of Sarah Marks
Roux, Abigail
Armed & Dangerous
Ball & Chain
Cut & Run
Crash & Burn
Cross & Crown
Divide & Conquer (with Madeleine Urban)
Fish & Chips (with Madeleine Urban)
Gravedigger’s Brawl
Part & Parcel
Shock & Awe
Stars & Stripes
Sticks & Stones (with Madeleine Urban)
Touch & Geaux
Warrior’s Cross (with Madeleine Urban)
Roth, Veronica
Rowan, Lydia
Where You Least Expect
Rowe, Julie
Saving the Rifleman
Rowe, Stephanie
Darkness Awakened
Darkness Reborn
Darkness Seduced
Darkness Surrendered
Forever in Darkness
Rowland, Diana
Blood of the Demon
Fury of the Demon
Mark of the Demon
Secrets of the Demon
Sins of the Demon
Touch of the Demon
Vengeance of the Demon
Roy, Deanna
Stella & Dane
Ruggle, Katie
Fan the Flames
Gone Too Deep
Hold Your Breath
In Safe Hands
On His Watch
Rulon, Genna
Only for You
Pieces for You
Temper for You
Rush, Jamie
Beyond the Darkness
Darkness Becomes Her
The Darkness Within
Turn to Darkness
Ryan, Carrie Ann
Her Lucky Love
Ryan, Cecilia
The Sartorialist
Ryan, Kendall
Unravel Me
Ryan, Reese
Making the First Move
Ryder, Dawn
Dare You to Run
Rylon, Jayne
Wounded Hearts
Salsbury, JB
Fighting to Forget
Sanders, Adrien-Luc
From the Ashes
Sands, Lynsay
The Countess
An English Bride in Scotland
The Heiress
The Husband Hunt
Sattersby, Lauren
Rock N Soul
Schnyder, PJ
Fighting Kat
Hunting Kat
Schroeder, Melissa
Falling for a Santini
A Little Harmless Addiction
Scott, Inara
The Boss’s Fake Fiance
Scott, Jessica
Before I Fall
Scott, Kylie
Scott, Susannah
Luck of the Dragon
Seasons, Jennifer
Playing the Field
Sebastian, Cat
The Soldier’s Scoundrel
Seville, Jane
Zero at the Bone
Sexton, Marie
Never a Hero
Shackelford, Sherri
The Marshal’s Ready Made Family
Shalvis, Jill
Rumor Has It
Simply Irresistible
Shafer, Kerry
Sharpe, Abigail
Who Wants to Marry a Doctor?
Shayne, Maggie
Mark of the Witch
Twilight Fulfilled
Twilight Prophecy
Shearin, Lisa
Night Shift (with I Andrews, N Singh, M Vane)
Sheehan, Madeline
Sheinmel, Alyssa
Second Star
Sherwood, Kate
In Too Deep
Mark of Cain
Showalter, Gena
After Dark
Awaken Me Darkly
Beauty Awakened
Burning Dawn
The Closer You Come
Dark Taste of Rapture
The Darkest Angel
The Darkest Craving
The Darkest Kiss
The Darkest Lie
The Darkest Night
The Darkest Passion
The Darkest Pleasure
The Darkest Secret
The Darkest Seduction
The Darkest Surrender
The Darkest Touch
The Darkest Whisper
Deep Kiss of Winter (Tempt Me Eternally)
Ecstasy in Darkness
Enslave Me Sweetly
Into the Dark
The Last Kiss Goodnight
Lord of the Vampires
The Pleasure Slave
Red Handed
Savor Me Slowly
Seduce the Darkness
The Stone Prince
Temptation in Shadows
Wicked Nights
Shroeder, Shannyn
His Work of Art
Shupe, Joanna
The Courtesan Duchess
Silberstern, Teresa
The One worth Finding
Silver, Eve
Body of Sin
Sin’s Daughter
Sins of the Heart
Sins of the Flesh
Sins of the Soul
Silver, Lynne
Love, Technically
Simone, Naima
Singh, Nalini
Allegiance of Honor
Angel’s Flight
Angels’ Blood
Archangel’s Blade
Archangel’s Consort
Archangel’s Enigma
Archangel’s Kiss
Archangel’s Legion
Archangel’s Shadows
Archangel’s Storm
Blaze of Memory
Bonds of Justice
Branded by Fire
Caressed by Ice
Heart of Obsidian
Hostage to Pleasure
Kiss of Snow
Lord of the Abyss
Mine to Possess
Night Shift (with I Andrews, L Shearin, M Vane)
Play of Passion
Rock Addiction
Rock Redemption
Shards of Hope
Shield of Winter
Slave to Sensation
Tangle of Need
Visions of Heat
Wild Embrace
Wild Invitation
Siskand, Kelly
A Fine Mess
My Perfect Mistake
Skyze, Amber
Claimed by Dragons
Slade, Shari
Three Nights With a Rock Star (with Amber Lin)
Slatton, Traci
Love of My (Other) Life
Slaughter, Phoenyx
Smith, Debra
Keeper of the Key
Transforming Love
Smith, Lauren
Her Wicked Proposal
Smith, R Lee
The Last Hour of Gann
Snow, Jenika
A Real Man: Volume One
Soliman, Wendy
The Perfect Imposter
A Scandalous Proposition
Of Dukes and Deceptions
Song, Kaylee
Sorenson, Jessica
The Redemption of Callie & Kayden
Sorenson, Jill
Riding Dirty
Spear, Terry
Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply
St. Claire, Tielle
Collective Memory
St. Claire, Tori
Lie to Me
St. George, Harper
Dirty Work (with A Heger & T Wyatt)
Stark, Cami
All She Craved: The Meeting
Starr, Sabine
Bride Gone Bad
Stevens, Amanda
The Abandoned
The Kingdom
The Prophet
The Restorer
The Sinner
The Visitor
Stevens, Keri
Stone Kissed
Stone, Angela
Duty, Honor, Love
Stone, Eleri
Demon Crossings
Witch Bound
Stone, Ella
At Last
Stone, Juliana
The Christmas He Loved Her
His Darkest Salvation
The Day He Kissed Her
King of the Damned
The Summer He Came Home
To Hell and Back
Wicked Road to Hell
Wrong Side of Hell
Strickland, Laura
Daughter of Sherwood
Strohmeyer, Sarah
The Sleeping Beauty Proposal
Stonor, Kayla
Release by Treaty
Stuart, Anne
Never Kiss a Rake
Never Trust a Pirate
Sue Me, Tara
The Submissive
Summers, Regan
Don’t Bite the Messenger
Falling From the Light
Running in the Dark
Sutherland, Fae
The Gladiator’s Master
Swank, Denise Grover
After Math
Swift, Sophie
Out From Under You
Swynn, Kara
Bound By Her Scent
Tachna, Ariel
Inherit the Sky
Taiden, Milly
Geek Bearing Gifts
Her Purrfect Match
Twice the Growl
Talbot, Julia
Cereus: Building
Talbot, Kendall
Lost in Kakadu
Taye, Kiru
Island Bound
A Valentine Challenge
Taylor, Susan
Secret Desire
Tenorio, Dee
Deceiving the Protector
Tentler, Leslie
Midnight Caller
Terry, Kimberly Kaye
To Have a Wilde
To Tame a Wilde
Thayer, Ella Cheever
Wired Love
Special Occasion
Thomas, Melody
This Perfect Kiss
Thomas, Shawna
Altered Destiny
Thomas-Sundstrom, Linda
Guardian of the Night
Thompson, Ronda
The Cursed One
The Dark One
Love at First Bite (The Forgotten One)
Midnight Pleasures (A Wulf’s Curse)
The Untamed One
Thorne, Rachael
Last Regress
Thurmeier, Heather
The Hook Up Hoax
Tierney, Kathleen
Blood Oranges
Tingle, Chuck
Pounded in the Butt By My Constantly Changing Thoughts on the Ongoing Mystery of Chuck Tingle’s Real Identity
Bless Us With Content
Tomlinson, Christa
Showing Him the Ropes
Topper, Jessica
Louder Than Love
Tortuga, BA
Cereus: Building
Just Like Cats and Dogs
Tranter, Sarah
Romancing the Soul
Treanor, Marie
The Prisoner of Silverwood Castle
Trentham, Laura
Slow and Steady Rush
Turner, Alyssa
By Surprise
Tyler, JD
Cole’s Redemption
Tyler, Lisa
Moonlight Secrets: Werewolf Love Story
Tyler, Lynn
Mate for Two
Urban, Madeleine (& Abigail Roux)
Cut & Run
Divide & Conquer
Fish & Chips
Sticks & Stones
Warrior’s Cross
Usen, Amanda
Impulse Control
Valentine, Lara
Doctor’s Orders
Her Game, Their Rules
Plenty of Love
Vanak, Bonnie
Broken Souls
The Covert Wolf
The Empath
Enemy Lover
Phantom Wolf
Seduced by the Vampire
The Shadow Wolf
Vane, Victoria
Devil in the Making
The Devil You Know
The Devil’s Match
A Devil’s Touch
Hell on Heels
The Jewel of the East
Rough Rider
Sharp Shootin Cowboy
Slow Hand
Treacherous Temptations
The Trouble With Sin
The Virgin Huntress
A Wild Night’s Bride
Vane, Violetta
The Druid Stone (with Heidi Belleau)
Galway Bound (with Heidi Belleau)
Hawaiian Gothic (with Heidi Belleau)
VanGurp, Teri
Love’s Redemption
VanHorn, L
Valkyrie Slumbering
Vaughan, Elizabeth
Vaughn, Carrie
Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand
Kitty and the Midnight Hour
Kitty and the Silver Bullet
Kitty Goes to War
Kitty Goes to Washington
Kitty Raises Hell
Kitty Takes a Holiday
Kitty’s Big Trouble
Kitty’s Greatest Hits
Kitty’s House of Horrors
Vervain, V
To Wed the Fae Prince
Via, AE
Defined by Deceit
Here Comes Trouble
Viguié, Debbie
Circle of Blood
The Last Grave
The Thirteenth Sacrifice
Voinov, Aleksandr
Dark Soul
Wade, Dani
Finding Her Rhythm
Settling the Score
Wade, Rachel
The Gates
Walker, Saskia
The Harlot
Walker, Shiloh
Blade Song (as JC Daniels)
Broken Blade (as JC Daniels)
Bound Temptations
Edged Blade (as JC Daniels)
Final Protocol (as JC Daniels)
Hot in Handcuffs (with S Black & S Day)
Misery’s Way (as JC Daniels)
Night Blade (as JC Daniels)
Shadowed Blade (as JC Daniels)
Wallace, Destiny
Two of a Kind
Wallace, Jody
Pack and Coven
Wallis, Claire
Wally, Jacqueline (& Stephen K Haber)
Duet (DNF)
Walsh, Bernadette
Devil’s Mountain
Walters, NJ
The Gift of Shayla
Ward, JR
The Angel’s Share
The Beast
Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider’s Guide
Blood Kiss
The Bourbon Kings
Dark Lover
The King
Lover At Last
Lover Avenged
Lover Awakened
Lover Enshrined
Lover Eternal
Lover Mine
Lover Reborn
Lover Revealed
Lover Unbound
Lover Unleashed
The Shadows
Ware, Joss (Colleen Gleason)
Abandon the Night
Beyond the Night
Embrace the Night Eternal
Night Betrayed
Night Forbidden
Waner, Kaki
Where the Horses Run
Warren, Rie
In His Command
Stone, At Your Service
Warren, Skye
Below the Belt
Warren, Tracey Anne
The Bed and the Bachelor
The Last Man on Earth
Warrington, Freda
A Taste of Blood and Wine
Watts, Mia
Faking Perfection
Wayne, Aidan
Loud and Clear
Weatherly, LA
Angel Burn
Webb, RM
Webber, Tammara
Weber, Tawny
A SEAL’s Salvation
Webster, K
This Is Love, Baby
This Is War, Baby
Weir, Theresa
Geek With the Cat Tattoo
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen
Seduction of a Highland Warrior
Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel
Wells, Anna
Trust Me
Wells, Jaye
Cursed Moon
Deadly Spells
Dirty Magic
Wells, Leslie
Come Dancing
Keep Dancing
Wenrick, Christine
The Charmed
The Charmed Fates
The Charmed Souls
Guarding Poppy
Leaving Lily
Someone Else’s Skye
West, Melissa
No Kissing Allowed
Wilde, Darcie
Lord of the Rakes
Wilde, LA
Chance the Darkness(DNF)
Wilder, Adrienne
To Adam With Love
Wilks, Eileen
Blood Challenge
Blood Lines
Blood Magic
Death Magic
Human Error
Human Nature
Mind Magic
Mortal Danger
Mortal Sins
Mortal Ties
Night Season
Originally Human
Ritual Magic
Tempting Danger
Williams, Gwen
Williamson, Beth
The Gem
Willingham, Michelle
Seduced by Her Highland Warrior
Tempted by the Highland Warrior
To Sin With a Viking
Unlaced By the Outlaw
Warriors in Winter
Wilson, CL
The Winter King
Wilson, Norah
Saving Grace
Winters, Pepper
Ruin and Rule
Wolfe, Lacey
The Naked Truth
Wolff, Tracy
Crash Into Me
Wood, Abby
Consent to Love
Woodson, Wareeze
An Enduring Love
Worth, Dani
After the Crux
Wright, Kenya
The Burning Bush
Fire Baptized
Wildfire Gospel
Wright, Laura
Eternal Beast
Eternal Captive
Eternal Demon
Eternal Hunger
Eternal Kiss
Eternal Sin
Wyatt, Tara
Dirty Work (with A Heger & H St. George)
Wylde, Anya
The Wicked Wager
Wylde, Joanna
Devil’s Game
Reaper’s Legacy
Reaper’s Stand
Silver Bastard
Wynne, Zena
Fantasy Man
Yates, Maisey
Bad News Cowboy
Crazy Stupid Sex
Part Time Cowboy
Young, Samantha
York, Rebecca
Dark Magic
Shattered Magic
York, Robin
York, Sabrina
Hannah and the Highlander
Z, Cari with DK Jernigan, A Leong, A Anderson, A Sparrow
Zanetti, Rebecca
Blind Faith
Deadly Silence
Forgotten Sins
On the Hunt (with A Ivy, D Duvall, and H Jayne)
Rising Assets
Sweet Revenge
Total Surrender
Wicked Burn
Wicked Edge
Wicked Ride