Review: Forever Yours by Addison Fox

Reviewed by Shelly

My first by this author is actually the third book in her ‘The Brooklyn Brotherhood’ series. This has so much potential. Defense attorney Jasmine Shane has been in love with detective Cade Rossi since the two were teenagers. Jasmine’s been part of the Rossi family since her friendship with Cade’s younger sister began so she’s had plenty of access to Cade. Unfortunately for Jasmine, Cade’s never looked at her like he’s looked at all the other women he’s dated in the borough.

Circumstances put these two in a restaurant at the same time. They’re there with their respective ‘dates’. Actually the ‘dates’ are more than dates; it turns our that both Jasmine and Cade are dating other people. Semantics but it’s important. [Read more…]

Review: Just In Time

just in timeReviewed by Janell

I learned two things about myself while reading this book: I don’t like small town stories getting in the way of my romance, and I don’t like reunited lovers who reminisce about all the hot sex they had in high school.

This is the third book in a series about Indigo, Alaska, a small town with hot men and a hockey rink. I haven’t read the previous two books, so I kind of skimmed all the catching-up-with-other-couples scenes that dominated the beginning. Avery is a local who works at the hotel, and Roman is her high school sweetheart who left after high school to play professional hockey in New York. He hasn’t spent a lot of time back home since then, but now he’s in town for the wedding of one of his friends. [Read more…]