Review: Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre

Reviewed by Elise

This is a Cinderella story with a southern twist. Summer Jenkins is a 29 year old southern girl living in small town Georgia. Cole Masten is an over-pampered, seemingly arrogant actor, used to getting his own way. He meets his match in Summer, an independent and somewhat lonely young woman desperate to leave the town of Quincy. The two are thrown together when Summer is cast as the leading lady in Cole’s most recent film and the sparks fly.

This story was an easy read. It’s the kind of book I would take with me and read at the beach on a hot, sunny day. It was steamy in all the right places. The romantic tension builds in believable increments throughout the course of the novel. It had just enough angst to keep the feels coming but not enough to tear my heart open. There are a number of likable offsiders in the story and this helps diffuse the tension and keep the story moving nicely. It turns out that there is a spin off novella to read more about Brad Deluca and I think I may have to put this on my reading list! [Read more…]

Double Review: Even Money and Double Down by Alessandra Torre

Reviewed by Debz

Debz read both All In Duet books back to back as one long story and reviews both here, starting with Even Money.

At night, Bell Hartley works at The House, a premier and exclusive gambling den in the Vegas Strip for the rich and powerful who don’t want to be seen spending money at their competitors’ tables. A waitress extraordinaire, she does it all for her bosses, Rich and Lance, who she considers family. Bell is also a college student by day and a rape survivor.

Dario Capece is the richest, most powerful owner in Las Vegas. The Italian is a hotel mogul and mob boss on the side and he rules Las Vegas with an iron fist. Married in Las Vegas royalty, Dario and his wife Gwen are a formidable force. There should be nothing in common between Married Dario and Waitress Bell right? WRONG. [Read more…]