Review: Claimed: A For Her Novel by Alexa Riley

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read the duo team of Alexa Riley before but I’ve read mainly the short smut writings. This one has heart. I found myself feeling for both Jordan and especially Jay. This is book 3 in Riley’s ‘For Her’ series and my first read in the series. As a stand alone, I missed nothing.

I get the feeling that this series is about obsession but with heart. Isn’t that the best kind? In this case, Jorden Chen, the IT wiz who knows more than computers, is jonesing over Jay Rose. Jay’s the secretary/right-hand/girl Friday to Mason Osbourne of Osbourne Corporation. Jay’s got a reputation around the office as the one you’ve got to get around if you want to the bossman. I liked Jay. I liked her a lot. She’s pleasantly self deprecating, unknowingly witty, and knows she can pass for cute but not pretty. What’s not to like? [Read more…]

Review: Don’t Go by Alexa Riley

Reviewed by Shelly

The duo of Alexa Riley have a niche that is – if you want HEA, plot-lite, and insta-everything then they have a story that you’ll enjoy. If I ever think about stating my expectations as anything but quick and I’m shocked because ‘that would never happen’ then that’s all my fault. I’ve enjoyed many of Riley’s stories and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so.

This is a novella with insta-love. The hero is a virgin. The heroine is a virgin. I mean real virgins, none of this new fangled back door action to save the vagina for later business. At 28 they knew what they were doing do – especially that Henry. So when the business (you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout) starts, there’re no worries because in this work the baby consequences are all the better. I’m telling ya folks – low expectations are the best. [Read more…]

Review: Unexpected Claim by Alexa Riley

Reviewed by Shelly

No no no. This was supposed to be a good story and I don’t like that it wasn’t. I don’t know why but I didn’t equate ‘adult club’ with sex club.

‘It’s a sex club. It just so happens to be orgy night.’

When that happened, I almost put this down. But I said nay nay and that’s how I ended up here writing a review about a non existent character development story line that in all honesty is a stroke piece.

Ivy, the very petite heroine who ‘probably only comes up to my stomach’ is a virgin. Ivy’s best friend talks her into going to the sex club because she’s a bit of a home body who’s been minding her Ps & Qs. Yeah, that’s the best way to get that v-card over with. Sure it is. [Read more…]

Review: Stay Close by Alexa Riley

Reviewed by Shelly

If you’ve not read anything from the duo that is Alexa Riley you’re missing out. Okay, well that might be a little strong but they’re a fun read. My only warning is make sure you keep your expectations low and here’s why. I think they have a plug and play template. I read this story after reading book 3 in their ‘For You’ series.

This is a novella with insta-love and is book one in the series. The heroine is a virgin. The hero is her bodyguard and is not a virgin. The ‘friend’s young daughter’ thing mentioned in the blurb should have deterred me because I find May/December romance to be…well, let’s just say I’m not a fan. Ivan, of the indeterminable age, grew up in the Russian mob. He was able to get out because of some snitching and ended up working for twins Penelope and Pandora Justice’s parents. [Read more…]

Review: Curvy by Alexa Riley

curvyReviewed by Shelly

I’ve read Alexa Riley’ work before and she always brings the fun. This time it’s in novella form about a young curvy model who gets hired by a rich hedge fund owner (aren’t they all?) for a lingerie ad campaign for a new investment company. Coming back from vacation with her family, Cali Carr gets a call from her manager/agent about an upcoming job. Little does she know that she’s been requested by Flynn Long who after seeing her picture now has a… what I would call ‘stalker’ thing for her.

This is quick read that takes place in a very short time frame. I can’t say it wasn’t good, but then again I had some hesitation about Flynn ‘me Jane you Tarzan’ and Cali ‘okay’ with whatever Flynn said. What I didn’t like about Flynn’s behavior – he was too basic – a bunch of grunts and moans, and he just came off as a rutting bull to me. And Cali – for a girl with her v-card, she thought Flynn’s brutish behavior was perfectly acceptable.  After spending the night at Flynn’s house, she wakes up to a locked, from the outside, door and is agreeable to Flynn’s excuse – “I didn’t want you to leave” excuse. [Read more…]

Review: P.S. You’re Mine by Alexa Riley

ps youre mineReviewed by Shelly

A fun novella by a new to me author. Katie Lovely, a young high school teacher, is a bit shy when it comes to guys – okay, she’s a lot shy. During a class project for which her students are tasked with writing to soldiers stationed overseas, Katie finds her class one student shy. Left with little choice but to send a letter herself, she writes to Sgt Major Mark Gunner (even the name sounds awesome). Mark’s on his last tour. He’s put in his 20 years and is ready to retire from his current role; that’s especially true when he reads Katie’s first letter. [Read more…]

Review: For the First Time (An Anthology)

for the first timeReviewed by Shelly

Title: Sole
Author: Alessandre Torre

This is a follow up from Hollywood Dirt. The author is new to me so I’m not familiar with the initial story. The short piece was fun, though, and was surprisingly witty and captivating. They’re a married couple, he’s a gorgeous Hollywood actor and she’s pretty in an understated way. The story happens during an hour of their lives. [Read more…]