Review: Getting It Right by AM Arthur

getting it rightReviewed by Jen

This book may be labeled as the first in AM Arthur’s Restoration series, but if you’ve read her Belonging books, you’ll recognize several characters. One of our heroes here was actually a rather unsavory character in those stories: Tag, who it seems is both a psychiatrist and an alcoholic man-whore.  I didn’t read those earlier books, but based on the backstory we get here, I probably wouldn’t have liked him. [Read more…]

Review: No Such Thing by AM Arthur

no such thingReviewed by Jen

This is a sweet little love story about two men who have never had a real relationship.  Alessandro has had plenty of sex, but love has never been part of the equation.  Jaime has never even been kissed.  And while the story starts out following Ale’s plan to teach Jaime about physical pleasure, it ends up showing us how they teach each other about love. [Read more…]