Review: Impulse Control by Amanda Usen

impulse controlReviewed by Janell

This is a romance made for television. Russ Donovan is the star of a show called Wild Man, where he goes out in the wild and does dangerous things. He’s living! And surviving! Susannah Stone is a Martha Stewart-in-the-making, only more relatable, because she’s not always perfect. She’s just gotten through a divorce and has a 14-month-old, and she doesn’t have time for anything.

Enter the network. Their boss tells them to combine their shows for a ratings bump…or else. Neither one is interested; Russ doesn’t want to waste his time on a pink princess, and Susannah has a kid and doesn’t have time, remember? But there’s some subtle bribery going on, and soon enough, Susannah’s preparing to snowshoe up a mountain with Russ. [Read more…]