Review: Didn’t You Promise by Amber Bardan

didnt you promiseReviewed by Joanna

Angelina and Haithem are back. This is book two so go back and read Didn’t I Warn You if you like sexy scientists with Big Secrets and Aussie girls who stow away on boats. The rest of this review is spoilery for book one, so be warned.

Our couple is on the run. Haithem’s magical energy-making device is in top secret production in multiple locations, and lots of people want him dead. Oil money is used by bad people around the world from governments to terrorists, and as soon as the energy cell is launched, their power base disappears. You can see why they wouldn’t want that. Phew, not much on the shoulders of our crazy-in-love couple? [Read more…]

Review: Didn’t I Warn You by Amber Bardan

didnt i warn youReviewed by Joanna

The premise of this book annoyed me so much I almost quit it, assuming it was a rich guy / sexy time fantasy with no story. But this isn’t true, and it’s not a bad yarn. This is the tale of Angelina and Haithem. They are strangers who spot each other in a Melbourne café and have one of those Oh Baby moments where they do bad things to each other with their eyes.

She goes off to a job interview and who should be in the lift as it’s descending, but Haithem. They kiss passionately, and then she bolts, having got a handle on herself. So far so good. Then I had issue-city for a couple of chapters. Angelina hails a cab and secretly tracks Haithem to his super yacht. She then chickens out of trying to see him, goes home and goes to a party with her friend. [Read more…]