Review: Jaded by Anne Calhoun

jadedReviewed by Carrie

This author’s novel, Uncommon Passion, made my Best of 2013 list.  So when a contemporary romance by Anne Calhoun featuring a shy librarian and a small town cop came up for review, I raised my hand.  I have mixed feelings with this slow burn of a romance.

Alana Wentworth is running out of time on her grand experiment.  Alana left her research position at her wealthy family’s prestigious foundation to finally use her library science degree.  After a bad breakup and her family’s disappointment, she accepted a temporary position as head librarian in the small town of Walkers Ford to try to stand on her own feet.  [Read more…]

Guest Post & Giveaway: Anne Calhoun

Hey, Baby…What’s Your Type? 
by Anne Calhoun 

Ty Hendricks, the hero in my latest release, UNCOMMON PLEASURE, is a very specific type of man. He’s a former Marine struggling under a terrible burden of guilt, a loner, working on oil rigs for thirty days at a stretch, then drinking and sleeping his way through the available female population when he’s not off-shore. He loves to dance, and bears more than a passing resemblance to Sawyer from Lost. He’s emotionally shut down, and he’s teetering on the edge of becoming exactly what he never, ever wanted to be.

Sean Winthrop, the other hero, is Ty’s mirror opposite. He’s a Naval Academy graduate with a brilliant military mind who’s on leave after a tour in Afghanistan. He got his twenty-two Marines home safely, and is solidly grounded in family and duty. He avoids dancing at all costs, and while he’s perfectly capable of handling the physical and mental demands inherent in being a grunt, he’s much more comfortable in the library. His only regret in life is breaking up with the woman he had a passionate, whirlwind affair with before he deployed.

Which one would you choose? Does the dark, tormented soul appeal to you, or the more cerebral, thoughtful geeky type? I’m a sucker for Sean, frankly, but so far reader response is coming down heavily in Ty’s favor. Comment with your favorite hero type to win a copy of UNCOMMON PLEASURE! 

This contest is closed. The winner is Kassandra.