Review: Checkmate by Annemarie McKenna

checkmateReviewed by Shelly

Eli Graham’s just come back from being on an 8 month assignment. He’s come back to find the the woman he’s had his eye on for years is in a world of trouble. Nikki Taylor is having the world’s worst luck; she’s witnessed a murder, and the bad guy knows who she is.

Eli and Nikki’s story is really fast paced. Now I didn’t read the first story about Eli’s brother and his mate, so I don’t have context, but I really enjoyed this story. Eli’s from a family of shifters, but they live amongst non-shifters and have kept the secret for century without incident, so far. Nikki doesn’t know about this ‘other’ life; she suspects something, but after years of asking her brother, he’s not telling. [Read more…]