Review: Muffin Top by Avery Flynn

Reviewed by Sara

I bought Muffin Top, the second book in Avery Flynn’s Hartigans series, as soon as I finished the first book in the series Butterface. Like Butterface, Muffin Top is a sexy, funny, feel good book with great female characters and a story that doesn’t take the easy route. I loved it.

As you can probably guess, based on the title, Muffin Top is about a plus size heroine. Lucy Kavanagh is a big girl and she can take care of herself. She’s also an actual big girl and so attending her high school reunion with all the bullies that made her life miserable seems a little more daunting than the usual problems she solves as Harbour City’s premiere crisis communications specialist. When hot firefighter Frankie Hartigan swoops in to save her from some unsolicited dietary advice, she lets her reunion fears slip and soon Lucy catches herself agreeing to let him accompany her on her road trip home and for the week long reunion events as her “boyfriend.” After miles on the road and facing off against the mean girl of her past Lucy’s fictitious relationship with Frankie doesn’t feel so fake. Maybe there’s more than meets the eye to the handsome firefighter.

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Review: Butterface by Avery Flynn

Reviewed by Sara

Butterface, by Avery Flynn, was released back in July 2018. At the time, the book received a lot of favorable reviews, and people genuinely seemed to like it. I didn’t buy it then, but this past January I noticed it for sale on Amazon, so I picked it up and I’m very happy I did.

Gina Luca knows she’s not conventionally pretty and she’s come to peace with it. She’s got a great set of girlfriends, a protective pair of brothers who love her, a fantastic old, Victorian home she’s renovating and a successful wedding planning business. However, when a kiss cam and a cruel prank leave her up close and personal with hot cop, Ford Hartigan, she wishes she wasn’t the town butterface; everything is great about her “but her face.” After the disastrous night with Ford, Gina’s relieved that she’ll likely never see him again, but things don’t go as planned and soon the two are in a fake relationship, he’s sleeping on her couch and fixing up her home. It doesn’t take long for fake feelings to change to real feelings and for Gina to hope that maybe things with Ford might lead to the happily ever after she’s always dreamed of.

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Review: Enemies on Tap by Avery Flynn

enemies on tapReviewed by Carrie

I picked this book up after someone tweeted that it was about a heroine who ran her family’s brewery.  My family has a long history of owning/running taverns and breweries and being a beer nut myself,  I was immediately interested.  The blurb mentioned that it was a second chance enemies to lovers story and I was a goner. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. [Read more…]

Review: Betting the Billionaire by Avery Flynn

betting the billionaireReviewed by Shelly

This novella is a sexy, fun and fast read. Certainly a story worth reading. Keisha Jacobs has been taking calls from Gabe Campos for the last six months. These are not friendly – I wanna get to know you calls. They’re more the – I’m offering to buy your father’s business – calls that escalate to an in-person visit from Gabe at the worst possible time, during a snow storm. It turns out Gabe doesn’t know a lot about cars, even reading the gauges, and is forced to spend some unplanned time with Keisha. When Keisha finds out Gabe’s true motive for buying, can she save her Dad’s business and keep her attraction to the blue-eyed Gabe under wraps? [Read more…]