Review: An Imperfect Match by Bea LaRocca

imperfect matchReviewed by Shelly

The second in Bea LaRocca ‘Dare to Dream’ series picks up directly after book 1. You might be able to read it as a stand-alone, but there were conversations from book 1 that were referenced and that might make it a tad confusing.

Literary agent Claire Brady’s dad asks her to visit potential new client, Zachary Golden. Zach’s publishing company has been purchased by Premier Publishing – the company that Claire’s father owns and who publishes the majority of Claire’s clients. The thing is that Zach is the poster child for a recluse. He lives in the mountains and has very little contact with anyone. After Claire gets stuck during a snow storm in Zach’s cabin things heat up very quickly between these two over the next couple of days. [Read more…]

Review: Dream Date by Bea LaRocca

dream dateReviewed by Shelly

My first read from this new to me author was a long one – 300+ pages filled with a whole lotta sex and a good enough story; or maybe the story was enough but the plethora of sexual activities between Kate and Jason was…well a lot.

Kate Nichols is an erotic romance writer, she 24 years old and lives the life of a recluse. Why? I’m not sure, personal preference I guess because I didn’t find that she had anything in her background that would make her (more than anyone else) a loner. Her best friend and book agent, Claire, tells Kate of an auction to benefit the homeless. How much of the money was actually going to the homeless I’m not sure (does it even matter here?) but what I’m sure of is that Kate is an environmentalist who instead of working with the big bad petroleum company after college, chooses writing instead. It helped that she was financially okay because of some inheritance after both of her parents and grandparents died; she didn’t have the typical student loan albatross. [Read more…]