Review: Destiny’s Embrace by Beverly Jenkins

Reviewed by Jen

I’ve really struggled with how to write this review. Embarrassingly, this is my first read from Beverly Jenkins, who is a much beloved and prolific author of African-American romance. And I absolutely love how she has created such a wide backlist of love stories, all focused on men and women of color.

It is awesome to see such an underrepresented culture explored in historical romance. Specifically, this book takes us to California in the late 1800s. The heroine, Maria, is a light-skinned black woman who is escaping a terrible life and abusive mother in Philadelphia. The hero is a black man who runs a successful ranch with his Spanish stepmother. The book is filled with fascinating tidbits of information about historical figures and I really got a taste of what life was like in the California of this time.

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Review: Tempest by Beverly Jenkins

Reviewed by Sara

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I love Historical Romances. The majority of the Historicals I read and have read are set in Western Europe. In the past, I’ve found North American Historicals, which, let’s be honest, are more often than not Westerns, to be problematic or even a complete whitewash of history, emphasis on the “white.” However, when I saw a sale on the much esteemed Beverly Jenkins’  highly praised novel Tempest, it seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

This the third book in Jenkins’ Old West Series, follows Regan Carmichael as she arrives in Wyoming Territory to be the mail order bride to town doctor and widower Colton Lee. Regan is excited for an opportunity for adventure as much as she is the prospect of marriage and family. However, her first first impression leaves something to be desired. Thinking Dr. Lee is a bandit, her first interaction with the doctor comes through the barrel of her Winchester in the form of a bullet to the shoulder.

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Shelly’s Favorites of 2017

This year started off well but fizzled out. BUT this was the year I discovered audio books. Yeah, ME!

I’ve been a fan of Beverly Jenkins for years. Too many to count. Forbidden (Old West, 1) is a historical with some slight reference to Jenkins’s Through the Storm which is part of ‘The LeVeq Family’ series. I thought this story read great as a standalone. It was wonderfully captivating and touched on the topic of ‘passing’ told from an emotional perspective. [Read more…]

Review: Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins

Reviewed by Shelly

I wasn’t sure I would like this. I shouldn’t have worried because Beverly Jenkins is still a fantastic writer of historical romances. Even though I read Indigo, too many years ago to mention, I still reread it about once a quarter because it’s one of my favorite and most treasured dog-eared paperbacks. If you read Through the Storm with Sable and Raimond, this is her brother, Rhine. This is a standalone if you’ve not. [Read more…]