Review: Lost Souls by Chelsea Mueller

Reviewed by Jen

Another great ride in this third installment of the Soul Charmer series. If you are looking for a gritty new Urban Fantasy series, I heartily recommend you give this one a try. (But don’t start here…make sure you pick up Borrowed Souls first.)

This book picks up where the last one left off, with Callie desperately searching for Nate who has kidnapped her mother. The mission is especially pressing since the guy cut off some of her mom’s fingers and sent them as a warning. Callie needs to return the soul she ripped out of him or her mother will pay the price.

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Joint Review: Rogue Souls by Chelsea Mueller

Reviewed by Sara and Jen

Sara: Rogue Souls is fantastic!

Jen: Agreed! No sophomore slump here. I really enjoyed this second installment of the Soul Charmer series. It picks up right on the heels of the first book, so if you have not read Borrowed Souls yet, you should start there. But if you read and liked that book as much as I did, you are in for a treat as Callie’s story continues.

Sara: Chelsea Mueller uses this second book to methodically reveal the many layers of this rich story. Callie and Derek are still working repossessing rented souls from people of Gem City until a teenager shows up dead and mutilated on the Soul Charmer’s doorstep. The murder unveils the criminal element of Gem City’s underground’s not so subtle unhappiness about the Soul Charmer’s monopoly on rented souls and reveals a surprising alliance between the Church and the Soul Charmer. [Read more…]

Sara’s Favorites of 2017

2017 felt like a good year to hide under the covers with a good book. Here’s what did it for me this past year.

UF/Romantic Fantasy

Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
The last (contracted) book in Andrews’ Hidden Legacy series hit it out of the park. Everything from the smoldering romance between Nevada and Rogan to the revelations of series secrets were flawless.
If you like detailed worldbuilding and original plots you should totally read this series. [Read more…]

Review: Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller

Reviewed by Jen

Chelsea Mueller takes a common urban fantasy trope and gives it a fresh spin with her debut novel. It’s the story of an average girl who gets sucked into the world of magic only to find there is something special about her that she never knew existed. But while that may sound familiar, the particulars are cool, the worldbuilding is unique, and the romance hit all the right notes, giving me a book I really enjoyed. [Read more…]

Spotlight: Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller

If you spend much time here at the blog, you know I’m not big on promo posts. But I had to make a small exception to tip you off on a book from a pretty cool lady, Chelsea Mueller. If her name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve been to her blog Vampire Book Club or seen her on Twitter. I’ve hung out with her a few times at book cons and she’s just as much fun in person.

I haven’t read her debut yet, but I plan to. It looks kind of awesome. Check out the deets below and decide for yourself. You can pre-order if it sounds good to you and be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter the giveaway Chelsea is hosting.

borrowedsouls-chelseamuellerCallie Delgado always puts family first, and unfortunately her brother knows it. She’s emptied her savings, lost work, and spilled countless tears trying to keep him out of trouble, but now he’s in deeper than ever, and his debt is on Callie’s head. She’s given a choice: do some dirty work for the mob, or have her brother returned to her in tiny pieces.

Renting souls is big business for the religious population of Gem City. Those looking to take part in immoral—or even illegal—activity can borrow someone else’s soul, for a price, and sin without consequence.

To save her brother, Callie needs a borrowed soul, but she doesn’t have anywhere near the money to pay for it. The slimy Soul Charmer is willing to barter, but accepting his offer will force Callie into a dangerous world of magic she isn’t ready for.

With the help of the guarded but undeniably attractive Derek—whose allegiance to the Charmer wavers as his connection to Callie grows—she’ll have to walk a tight line, avoid pissing off the bad guys, all while struggling to determine what her loyalty to her family’s really worth.

Losing her brother isn’t an option. Losing her soul? Maybe.

  • The Veil by Chloe Neill SIGNED!
  • Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris
  • Hounded by Kevin Hearne
  • 1 custom “Soul Magic” candle (it smells of forest, storms, and cinnamon)

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