Review: Down and Dirty

Reviewed by Allison

In the second book of the Dare Me series, we meet Galen’s sister, Cat Thomas, the wild child from Down for the Count. Cat is hanging out with her brother and her bestie, Lacey, when in walks a blast from the past, Shane Decker. Shane was her bossy shadow in high school after her brother moved away…but he’s also her unrequited childhood crush. Unfortunately, every detail of his rejection floods the front of her mind as soon as she sees him, and she knows he’s nothing but bad news for her heart – no matter how good looking he is.

Shane has been away for far too long. Cat is all grown up and he can only hope that she is finally ready to commit – preferably to him. He’s waited years for her and now that they’re finally in the same place, the time has come for her to come to her senses. What he doesn’t realize is just how hard he’ll have to work to convince her of their shared destiny.

I really enjoyed Shane and Cat. Cat was a little hard to read at times because she was so stuck in her mother’s past, letting it stop her from having everything and almost losing it all with her stubbornness. She’s got a sexy, attentive, committed man, and all she sees are ties that bind her from being herself, from having a life. Right before you want to smack her upside the head, her mom knocks some sense into her – just in time!

Down and Dirty is a great follow up and I look forward to getting to know the next couple!

Grade: B+

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Down and Dirty
by Christine Bell
Release Date: February 23, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

Review: Down for the Count

Reviewed by Allison

When Lacey goes to search out her new husband on the night of their wedding, she’s shocked when she finds him in flagrante delicto with her best friend and bridesmaid, Becca. As if her hours old marriage exploding in her face wasn’t humiliating enough, a crowd starts to gather…including Cat, her other best friend. Cat’s older brother and her childhood (lifelong, really) crush is in the crowd too.

Luckily, Cat takes charge and gets Lacey out of there. Unfortunately, it’s by means of Galen, the previously mentioned stud, and his very sexy bike. In her first daring act as a woman scorned, Lacey rips off her wedding dress, hops on the back of Galen’s bike and crashes at their family cottage for the night. While attempting to take her mind off the disaster that is all of a sudden her life, Galen busts out the alcohol and conversation turns to truth or dare: “I dare you to take your honeymoon”

And so it begins! Not only does Lacey take her paradise honeymoon to San Juan, Puerto Rico (take me with!) but Galen tags along. I think you, Dear Reader, can see where this leads. If not, I’ll spell it out for you: First taste of freedom + a sinfully sexy and willing man + mojitos, waterfalls, and PARADISE = an incredibly sweet, sexy love story with a power couple you can’t get enough of.

I loved watching Lacey grow into herself as a person and a woman. It wasn’t unbelievable because she didn’t jump all in, she dipped her toe in the pool of wild and crazy and inched in like a normal person. She even sucked at it sometimes! She was real.

Galen wasn’t too hard to read about either. He was sinfully sexy and fell for Lacey so hard I couldn’t help but swoon. Although the amazing places they visited in Puerto Rico made me want to book the next flight out!

Down for the Count was a fantastic read, yet another score by Christine Bell. As it’s the first in her new “Dare Me” series, I can’t wait for the next one!

Rating: B+

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Down for the Count
by Christine Bell
Release Date: October 1, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing