Review: Crucible Zero by Devon Monk

crucible-zeroReviewed by Jen

This third installment in the House Immortal series was an action packed ride that kept me invested and engaged from the first page to the last. The story has changed in so many ways from the events of book 1, but at its core, this is still about Matilda’s quest to save the people she loves by embracing her power as one of the galvanized.

Devon Monk really turned everything on its ear at the end of the last book when Matilda’s time travel fractured her world into different realities. It was kind of sad to lose all the people she loved in the first book, but it was so interesting to see them all come back here in new incarnations. I liked how the characters maintained their core personalities as the variables around them shifted. This, as the changes left us so many questions about who to trust and what might happen next. [Read more…]

Review: Infinity Bell by Devon Monk

infinity bellReviewed by Jen

This book ends in such a vastly different place than it began, I have to give credit to Devon Monk for the fearless way she takes things in an entirely new and unexpected direction. Infinity Bell is a bridge between the first book in this trilogy and the last –and it definitely feels like the transition it is. The pacing is a little uneven at times –and it felt like a lot of building to get us ready for the last book. But this journey kept me engaged and rooting for our heroine, all the way up to the twist at the end. [Read more…]

Review: House Immortal by Devon Monk

house immortalReviewed by Jen

I can safely say that I have never read from a world quite like this one.  I became a fan of Devon Monk with her Allie Beckstrom books, and I had no idea what I was getting into here. This series bears absolutely no resemblance to that one, except that they are both unique, engaging, and generally awesome. [Read more…]

Series Reading Order: Allie Beckstrom

This is the reading order for the Allie Beckstrom series by Devon Monk:devon monk

Broken Magic spinoff

Review: Stone Cold by Devon Monk

stone coldReviewed by Jen

I know all good things must come to an end. I have to say, I am sad to leave this world behind, but I am utterly and completely satisfied by this ending.  What a great conclusion! Devon Monk has done such a wonderful job crafting these characters. They are so distinct and nuanced; I really feel like I know them now. I love them.  And for them, this is one of those stories where it always darkest before the dawn.

These books have always been dark, but this may be the toughest one yet. Shame and Terric have to endure new heights of pain here. It’s tough to watch. But it’s not gratuitous. Everything happens for a reason, and it’s worth it in the end. [Read more…]

Review: Hell Bent by Devon Monk

hell bentReviewed by Jen

This book took me to places I never expected to go.  First, let me say that there is no way this series will have the same impact for people who did not read the Allie Beckstrom books before it. Yeah, you might understand what is going on, but I just don’t see how you could have the same kind of empathy and understanding for Shame and Terric. You may not really “get” the Soul Complement thing the way you would if you had been there with Allie and Zay. The changes in magic, the loss of a character, the time spent with Cody: none of it would have resonated the way it did for me, had I not read the previous books.  And that would be a shame, because there are powerful emotions working here. [Read more…]

Review: Magic for a Price by Devon Monk

magic for a priceReviewed by Jen

I can’t believe it’s over. I’m very sad to see the Allie Beckstrom series draw to a close, but I have to give Devon Monk credit where credit is due. The lady clearly had a plan. That may sound like it should be a given in a series like this, but I can tell you that when you get past book 3 or book 5 in an ongoing arc, many (if not most) stories start to lose their way. Threads get lost. The focus changes.  But in this series, it feels like everything was done for a reason… to get us to this place. And I think that’s pretty fantastic. [Read more…]

Review: Magic Without Mercy by Devon Monk

Magic_without_Mercy.inddReviewed by Jen

This book kicks ass. It is action packed. It’s full of danger. And it sets the stage spectacularly for the series finale. If you have been enough of a fan of these stories to make it to book 8, there is no way it won’t get your blood pumping.

It’s a transformative book for Allie. She and her friends are on the run and for the first time, she is stepping in to a leadership position. Maybe it’s the time she has spent leading the hounds; maybe it’s her unique way of looking at things; or her dad’s knowledge… it’s probably all that and a dozen other things, but it feels like a natural progression. Suddenly, her teachers and her friends are following her as the Authority closes in and magic continues to devolve. [Read more…]

Review: Magic on the Line by Devon Monk

magic on the lineReviewed by Jen

I thought this installment of the Allie Beckstrom series kicked ass. It’s a major game changer for the characters I have come to know and love over the course of seven books now. The people are evolving.  More enemies are revealing themselves. And things get worse for Allie than ever before.  That poor woman just can’t catch a break.

The hits begin in chapter one and they just keep coming.  The Authority now has new leadership and the new boss is sporting an obvious grudge for Allie and her friends.  Her hardships begin with a painful interrogation and within hours, Allie has lost her ability to use magic. [Read more…]

Review: Magic on the Hunt by Devon Monk

magic on the huntReviewed by Jen

I feel like I absolutely flew through this book. The reason: basically non-stop action. While the last installment kind of dragged, this sixth book in the Allie Beckstrom series barely gives you a moment to breathe between the trials and tribulations of the main characters. The book actually starts with a well-deserved basking in the Allie and Zayvion reunion, but it only lasts for a very short while.  In virtually no time, they’re brought to their knees and the hits just keep on coming. [Read more…]